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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wolverine 3 Called Logan! X-23 Further Hinted At!

Man, there's a lot of stuff going on. All the TV shows and new seasons are coming back. X-Men Apocalypse came out to less than stellar fan and critical reviews.

Comic fans pissed off at seemingly negative reviews of Suicide Squad almost across the board. I haven't covered much to the third installment of Wolverine, and even though I am a pretty big fan of the comic character, the Wolverine movies haven't really impressed me all that much.

Well, Wolverine 3 finally has a title and it's called Logan. The story will be loosely based off of the Old Man Logan comic story by Mark Millar, and I do mean loosely. The film has been reported to take place in 2024.

This time apparently has the mutant population in serious decline and Wolvie isn't exactly in his prime anymore. His powers seemed to be fading as well.

It's pretty obvious and only makes logical sense that the film story will deviate substantially from the comics since the wider Marvel Universe of characters were in play and can't be for the actual flick. In the comics, Old Man Logan is from the continuity of Earth-807128.

This story line based in that Marvel continuity was first told in Wolverine #66 to issue #72 from the volume 3 series.

Caliban has been reported of returning to the big screen and in the Logan movie. He was briefly in X-Men Apocalypse, and I'm wondering if he'll get another bit part or will be a major character in this future X-world.

So, we have a first poster look at Wolverine's clawed hand holding a child's hand. It's been recently reported that the child is a mutant and has two claws instead of Wolvie's three.

Sounds like X-23 to me, and plot details reveal that Logan is mentoring this girl. A little while back, the end credit scene for X-Men Apocalypse hinted at the female clone and speculation went wild about X-23.

Her 1st appearance in NYX #3 literally blew up in demand within days and her very early appearances also saw collectors giving some attention to. Furthermore, set photos included a girl with bloody wounds that appeared to be a very young X-23 as well.

It looks like the chance of Wolvie's female clone has just went up to almost confirmed even though she hasn't been officially confirmed yet by the FOX or Marvel camp.

Logan has been long known to be Hugh Jackman's last time playing the iconic Marvel mutant. He's played the character well and eight times already.

Logan will be the 9th time for Hugh Jackman. Since this is Jackman's last time to play Wolverine, it does make sense to bring in X-23 and actually follow recent comics which has the character take up the mantle. 

I'm still a bit sad about Jackman's departure from the character. It's gonna be hard to see anyone else in the role, but I understand why he's gracefully bowing out.

We'll have to see, though, and if this is the plan for those creatives at FOX, the time-lines don't really match since X-Men Apocalypse was set during the 80s. Then again, I'm sure they can conjure up some hocus pocus to make it happen.

Logan will be in theaters March, 2017. 

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  1. Any information on DAKEN appearing in the movie? I think his first appearance still has room for growth, while X-23 is allready through the roof...

    Max Rebo