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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Flash Season 3 Flashpoint!

I was jonesing after a few months of no comic TV shows, and needless to say, I'm quite happy that all new seasons are finally coming back on. Without a doubt, I am a fan of the CW Flash show, and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next with Flashpoint.

As most already knew, Wally West was finally going to make his debut as Kid Flash, and he does. It was really cool to see him finally suit up in his iconic costume and get some live-action play.

For those who aren't that familiar with the Kid Flash character, Wally West first debuted in Flash #110. His 2nd appearance and first solo story immediately followed in Flash #111, and the character became a long and fan-favorite supporting character in the comic series. 

In his very early adventures as Kid Flash, his costume was identical to the Flash's but a mini-me size. John Broome and Carmine Infantino created the character of Kid Flash.

His first cover and team up with the Flash is in Flash #120. He's still in the Flash rip-off duds. That issue also sees Wally West learn that Barry Allen is the Flash, and Flashpoint episode does see Kid Flash and Flash finally kinda team up. Wish that team up thing in the show would've played out a bit more.

It wasn't until Flash #135 when Kid Flash finally got his own look and iconic costume. Carmine Infantino designed his iconic duds, and both keys are not easy finds in high grade. Actually, neither is Flash #110 in which the comic also has the 1st appearance and origin of Weather Wizard.

Flash #110 | Flash #111 | Flash #120 | Flash #135
The mystery speedster in black that speculation guessed was the Black Racer, Black Flash, and then the Daniel West version of Reverse Flash ended up being neither of the three. The answer was actually a lot more simple.

Giving yet another nod to the Flash's roots, the speedster ended up being the original Reverse Flash of The Rival or Edward Clariss from the Golden Age of comics. In the comics, Edward Clariss is the one who created Velocity 9, which was seen in season two, and became the Rival.

Edward Clariss as The Rival has only one appearance in the Golden Age of comics. He first appeared in Flash Comics #104 back in 1949, and no the show's costume looks nothing like the actual comic villain's duds

For a long time, the character laid dormant as the Silver Age Barry Allen Flash created a whole new mythos. Even during the Silver Age when the resurgence of DC superhero comics brought back many of it's Golden Age characters, The Rival was left on the bench.

His return to DC mainstream didn't come until 2000 in JSA #16. Clariss is seen in both flashback and the main story in that issue, so it is his 1st modern appearance and 2nd appearance ever in comics. I believe he shows up in 6 panels in the issue if you discount the panels when he is a mysterious force zooming around in the beginning of the comic. You can't really identify him though in those 3 panels of him zooming around.

Aside from The Rival, Reverse Flash is still in play on the show, and we get a hint of Doctor. Alchemy as well. Tobin Bell voices the character and it appears the show will be using the Silver Age Albert Desmond version of the villain who 1st appeared as Mister Element in Showcase #13.

Albert Desmond then later appeared as his more commonly known alias of Doctor Alchemy in his 2nd appearance in Showcase #14 back in 1958. The villain has the power that allows him to transmute any element into any other element, including the ability to transform the human body. This includes his own and others as well.

Gonna be a pretty interesting villain to throw into the mix. Will also be interesting to see where Mirror Master falls into season three as well.

Sam Scudder is an early Barry Allen villain and first appeared in Flash #105 which kicked off the Silver Age version's 1st self-titled comic series. The number was continued from Flash Comics #104.

So far, Mirror Master is the only villain from Flash's original Rogues to have yet shown up live-action along with the Top. Both are expected to appear in season three.

Captain Cold, Heatwave, Pied Piper, Weather Wizard, and the Trickster have all appeared on the Flash TV series so far. Captain Boomerang showed up in the Arrow show that the Flash crossed over into and the recent Suicide Squad film released this year.

Although we've set to see these other characters, casting reports have confirmed that others speedsters will be joining season three as well.

Savitar was confirmed a bit back. The villain is actually a Wally West Flash foe that first appeared in Flash #108 volume 2. He was finally named in the next issue that features his 2nd appearance in flashback that also reveals the origin of Savitar.

How they fit this character into what's going on in season three will be interesting to see. Fans are also speculating that we'll finally get to see Jesse Quick on the show as well.

In the comics, the character is known as Jesse Chambers, the daughter of Golden Age heroes Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick, not to be confused with the Earth-3 Johnny Quick of the Crime Syndicate of America. Jesse Chambers' 1st appearance is in Justice Society of America #1, volume 2 back in 1992.

She appears as her civilian self in that issue and is unnamed. Her name of Jesse Chambers is given in Justice Society of America #4 volume 2. That is also the character's 2nd appearance but does not suit up in that issue. 

Jesse Quick finally gets her first costume in Justice Society of America #8, but the character isn't given the superhero name of Jesse Quick until Justice League Quarterly #12. Well, at least, she is finally called Jesse Quick in that issue.

Justice Society of America #1, #4, #8 vol 2 and Justice League Quarterly #12

As we all know, the character is quite different in the Flash show. She is not Jesse Chambers nor related to the Golden Age Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Instead she is the Earth-1 daughter of Harrison Wells in the Flash TV universe and played by the gorgeous Violett Beane.

I thought Flashpoint was a good episode to kick off the season, and it was good to see the most of the cast again. Despite what happens at the end, the Flashpoint theme is still continuing. Can't wait to see how Barry screwed things up once again and how all these characters are affected by the events of season three's premiere episode.

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