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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Official 1st Iron Fist Trailer Dropped at NYCC

New York Comic Con is in full swing this weekend, and if you're in that area, I definitely doubt you're reading this and enjoying the con. Seems like some interesting things are happening and NYCC dropped a first official trailer of Iron Fist.

So, if you haven't seen it there, Netflix also debuted it on their youtube channel as well, and I'll post here to save you the trip.

So what do we get from this trailer so far. Well, other than getting to see Finn Jones in action as the titular hero, we see villain Joy Meachum played by Jessica Stroup, and the character is the daughter of villain Harold Meachum who was the business partner of Danny Rand's father. Of course, Harold would end up betraying Rand's father, and I wouldn't doubt that Meachum's kiddies do the same to Danny.

In the comics, Joy was a foe of Iron Fist, but turned over a new leaf and was even Rand's lover for a time. Her character debuted in Marvel Premiere #18. Not sure if the same will play out in the Netflix series, and it seems that she might be one of the main baddies in the series.

We also get a glimpse of Ward Meachum played by Tom Pelphrey. In the comics, Ward Meachum is the brother of Harold Meachum and uncle of Joy Meachum. The show will take liberties and Joy and Ward are brother and sister instead and childhood friends of Danny Rand.

Ward Meachum 1st appeared in Marvel Premiere #19. In the comics, he was known for hiring Steel Serpent, Shades and Comanche, and other goons to battle Iron Fist. 

Our first glimpse of Colleen Wing is shown, and just like the comics, she is an ally to Iron Fist although the trailer really doesn't hint at that even though she is one of Iron Fist's earliest recurring and supporting characters. Colleen Wing also first debuted in the pages of Marvel Premiere #19 a long with Ward Meachum.

Played by Jessica Henwick, a hint of the character was present at the very end of Luke Cage when Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple pulls off a strip on a flyer that had martial arts classes with Colleen's name on it. 

Madame Gao from Daredevil looks like she'll be a heavy in the show, and that's pretty obvious. Aside from other villains except for the Meachums, Madame Gao and some Yakuza gangsters, this trailer doesn't reveal much.

IMDb states that Lewis Tan will be playing Zhou Cheng, a very brief foe and character in the Iron Fist comics. The character debuted in Immortal Iron Fist #17 back in September of 2008. Estimated print run is around 32,832 for that issue.

The trailer does hint at an origin story, and I'd be pretty disappointed if Davos or the Steel Serpent is not part of that origin story in the Netflix series. After all, he is one of Iron Fist's main nemesis even as a child in the mystical kingdom of K'un L'un.

As Steel Serpent, he is perhaps one of the only notable super-villains in Iron Fist's rogues gallery. That's speaking of the comics though.

The IMDb page also states that Simone Missick as Misty Knight is part of the Iron Fist cast. Makes sense since Misty Knight and Colleen Wing in the comics are long-time partners and friends of Danny Rand. 

As mentioned before, Misty Knight was actually a supporting character of Iron Fist in the comics before she met Luke Cage. She made her 1st appearance in Marvel Premiere #21, and has already been confirmed to be in the Defenders show.

Looks like Iron Fist will be ready for binge watching on Netflix in March of next year.

Not really related to Iron Fist but is Marvel Netflix news, New York Comic Con also confirmed that legendary actress Sigourney Weaver will be joining the Defenders cast as a baddie.

Funny cause I was just watching the Aliens marathon on AMC just earlier. Well, I stopped at Aliens. 

Anyway, no confirmation of who she'll be playing, but speculation has it that she could be Mephisto. New York Comic Con has one more day of festivities, so for all you readers out that way, enjoy the con.

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  1. Hey Mayhem,

    know I remember why I got Marvel Premiere 18 in the first place. Nice one to have. Plus I like the actor playing Danny. Guess that means sayin goodbye to Marvel Premiere 15... Wish I' ve gotten that one before :-(

    Speculation Jones