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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Logan 1st Official Trailer!

So the Logan trailer has recently hit the net, and quite a fans are already excited about this. Of course, some are confused and some are panning it.

We shall get to why in a moment but if you've yet to see it, take a look below.

We clearly are told that most mutants are gone and Wolverine had something to do with it in the first seconds of the trailer. Some are completely confused by this, and some understand it.

So this movie takes place in 2024 which is one year after Days of Future Past (the future part where mutants are being wiped out by Sentinels). As we all know, Wolverine is sent back to stop the killing of Trask.

However, Hank McCoy, who is none other than Beast, says in Days of Future Past, "There’s a theory in quantum physics that time is immutable. It’s like a river — you can throw a pebble in and create a ripple, but the current always corrects itself. No matter what you do the river just keeps flowing in the same direction."

Now, Wolverine may have changed the fact that mutants weren't slaughtered by Sentinels, but that doesn't mean that time didn't correct itself and gave mutants another disastrous fate when Logan changed the past. Obviously, the movie picks up where Days of Future's Past left off and X-Men Apocalypse takes place in the past in 1983.

When Wolverine wakes up at the end of Days of Future Past, I believe it's 2023 or it should be. Wolverine is also captured in 1973 by William Stryker who is Mystique in disguise.

X-Men Apocalypse does show Wolverine as Weapon X and how Stryker has messed with him, turning him into more of a raging animal and screwing with his memories. That scene is the best Wolverine fight scene to date, and it's the closest we've seen to Wolvie's beserker rage in comics on screen.

Now, there is controversy running around about Marvel's conspiracy in sticking it to FOX who owns both the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men world of mutants. First, was Marvel cancelling the Fantastic Four comics.

This is Marvel's first family here, the first superhero comic that was branded under the Marvel name. The decline of mutants in Logan is happening again in Marvel's recent comics as well.

Some are saying that Marvel is phasing out mutants in their comics to try to regain control of the movie rights to the character. Might be. Might not. Who knows?

Whether it's true or not, FOX is making this work and Logan is actually and loosely following what's going on in the actual comics concerning the decline of mutants.

If anyone remembers M-Day in Marvel Comics, it's basically when Scarlet Witch flips out and strips nearly the entire mutant population of their powers. So a scenario like that did occur in the comics, and there's little to zero chance that plays out in Logan, meaning Scarlet Witch is responsible.

In recent comics taking after Secret Wars, mutant's are severely in decline due to the effects of the Terrigen Mist (Inhumans), in which causes mutants to become sterile and unable to have children if exposed. This premise is part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel reboot, and the degenerative disease is called M-Pox.

Of course, if Logan goes this route, it's obviously not the Terrigen Mists that cause a decline in the mutant population. It could be any kind of virus intended or unintentional in Logan. In X-Men 3 The Last Stand, if you remember, Worthington Labs produced a drug of sorts that suppressed the mutant gene.

Days of Future Past had Beast create a serum or drug that suppressed Xavier and his mutant gene. However, Nathaniel Essex was hinted at in X-Men Apocalypse and Essex Corp may have something to do with the decline of the mutant population in Logan.

It is clear that the Logan movie is loosely based on the Old Man Logan comics as well.

It's already been confirmed that Boyd Holbrook is not playing Mr. Sinister but will be Donald Pierce. In the comics, Donald Pierce is a member of the Hellfire Club, but it doesn't look like Logan will have the Hellfire Club involved.

Donald Pierce does show up in X-Men #129 in a cameo in shadow. His character is fully identified in X-Men #132, and he does show up more fully in that issue. Some sources say his first appearance is in X-Men #130, but I don't quite agree with that claim. If the character does show up, it is a cameo and very briefly.  

X-Men #129 Newsstand | X-Men #130 Newsstand | X-Men #132 Newsstand

Despite whatever the character's 1st appearance is, there are newsstand editions for all three comics. They are seen above.

The distribution for Marvel newsstands vs. direct market during 1980, which all three comics came out is between 94% and 80%. Newsstands still had higher distribution than direct market at this time, but as far as I've found in my continued research, 9.8 and 9.6 newsstands for the most part have hit the market in the last 2 years a lot less than direct market.  

There's a good chance that 9.8 and 9.6 newsstand editions are lesser in existence than their direct market counterparts during 1980. Although DC did participate in the direct market and have newsstands editions during the 80s, I believe they were less invested in it, so the rough percentages of newsstand and direct displayed in this article are for Marvel Comics.

Looks like Donald Pierce will be hunting mutants a long with the Reavers in Logan. The Reavers are actually characters from the X-Men comics, and they first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #229.

The first Reavers to appear in comics were Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, and Skullbuster. The Reavers are cyborgs and mechanically enhanced. 

They have been enemies of the X-Men, and are known to hunt them. Donald Pierce is not seen as a force behind the Reavers in their 1st appearance, but the Hellfire Club member would hook up with them and hunt them down in later Uncanny X-Men comics.

Uncanny X-Men #229 does have a newsstand edition and the comic came out in 1988 with the cover date of May, 1988. By this time newsstand editions may have been 20% to 30% of the market for Marvel's distribution.

I do not think there is a Canadian newsstand edition. By Uncanny X-Men #210, Marvel stopped printing separate newsstand editions for the Canadian market during the 80s. Uncanny X-Men #210 came out in 1986.

Instead, they combined both the U.S. and Canadian newsstand editions into one, meaning the Canadian price variants ended for that era and both of U.S. and Canadian prices are displayed on the U.S. newsstand versions.  

Donald Pierce does head the group in the actual comics, and this is revealed at the end of Uncanny X-Men #247. Donald Pierce's Reavers in the comics has the main cast of Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster and Lady Deathstrike, the last being a well-known Wolverine foe.

Bonecrusher, Skullbuster, Pretty Boy, and Lady Deathsrike

Lady Deathstrike 1st appeared as Yuriko Oyama in Daredevil #197. The character then makes her debut as Lady Deathstrike in Alpha Flight #33.

Daredevil #197 & Alpha Flight #33 Direct Edition covers

Daredevil #197 U.S. Newsstand | Alpha Flight U.S. Newsstand | Alpha Flight Canadian 95 Cent

The Newsstand Editions of the 1st appearances of Yuriko Oyama and Yuriko Oyama as Lady Deathstrike came out during 1983 and 1986. Direct and Newsstand Edition distribution during those times for Marvel Comics are roughly:

 YR  |  NS  | DM
1982 | 80% | 20%
1986 | 50% | 50%

Lady Deathstrike has appeared live action before and was played by Kelly Hu in X-2. Not quite sure if the Reavers will be actually named or identified individually in the Logan movie.

And, yes, X-23 has finally been confirmed as being the little girl that Xavier sends Logan to find and help. Dafne Keen is playing the role. 

I've yet to be impressed with a Wolverine flick so far, but I do have to admit that I like this trailer for the Logan movie and it does look quite interesting. I like the tone, and the imagery so far. My interest in this film just picked up a notch. What do you ladies 'n gents think?


  1. Deathstrike premiered in X2, not Origins.

  2. Thanks for puttin' this on your radar. Hope you manage to see the Doc Strange movie to report as well.

    Max Rebo

  3. Damn gonna miss me some wolverine. JW

  4. Love it mayhem!! Nice synopsis. I hope (if the have lady death strike in the movie) they do her justice. She's one of my favorite wolverine foes.