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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Daken Key Issue Comics

While Daken's 1st appearance is well on the radar for most collectors, speculators and comic investors, many of his keys are quite over-looked. He has yet be confirmed for live-action, but I think it's only a matter of time.

Regardless of live-action hype or not, the character has become popular among comic fans since his introduction, and he is probably one of the few Modern Age characters I'd actually consider investing in. Maybe this has to do with him being highly connected to Wolverine and more because I actually think of these issues more as Wolverine keys since I'm more a fan of Wolvie than the actual character featured.

But I did recommend X-23's 1st appearance back when CGC 9.8s were just nearing the $200 range, so this character does have potential. Whether that potential plays out is a different story though.

So, here's a pretty brief key comics list concerning Daken, but it should cover most of the note worthy key issues for the character. Many are over-looked currently.

1st cameo appearance of Daken as baby
1st mention of Wolverine's son
1st cameo of Romulus (in shadow)

Daken shows up in one panel as bundled up baby, and this is the issue that first mentions that Wolverine has a son. I believe there is a panel that shows Daken as a kid as well.

Well, there is a boy that calls Wolvie daddy in some kind of vision. Not 100% sure it's Daken but it very well could be.

So, it's revealed that Wolvie has a son in this issue, meaning Daken. He is shown as a baby and bundled up. The unknown figure who is carrying him ends up being Romulus.

Sources say he's in shadow, but he's really just concealed by a large red robe. Anyway, it's him carrying baby Daken and it's later revealed that Romulus cut Daken from his dead mother's womb.

Although over-looked, this is a pretty important issue concerning both Daken and the character of Romulus. It begins the whole Wolverine has a son thing.

This comic definitely does not have a low print run for sure. Estimated print run for this comic is around 120,220, but do not feel daunted just yet by that number. The Gary Frank variant and the regular cover are a 50/50 split, so that 120,220 estimated print run includes both covers. That means that the regular cover and the Gary Frank variant are each around half of that total.

So both the regular cover and the Gary Frank variant each have an estimated print run of about 60,011.

There is a Phoenix Comic Con Samurai Comics limited edition variant of the sketch cover, and it is limited to 1,000 copies.

Not an easy find, but it's easy to spot as it clearly states it is a Phoenix Comic Con variant near the UPC.  I am not sure what the print run estimate of the regular retailer sketch variant cover is, nor could I find any info on that.

Wolverine Origins #5 has the cover date of October, 2006.

1st appearance of Daken
1st meeting of Daken and Wolverine

Although this is considered the 1st appearance of Daken, he is not really identifiable. He's shown from behind, has a profile shot in shadow, couple of panels that show his sneer or lips and that he has a mohawk-like hair, but he's not plainly visible.

Daken is not named either, but in hindsight it's obviously him even if you don't get a clear view of the character. Since issue #5, it's been known that Wolverine has a son, and in this issue, Wolverine meets him for the 1st time.

Pretty big Modern Age key and a good one for any Wolverine fan to have from this era, but being a Wolverine key comic, the regular cover is far from rare. Estimated print run of this comic is around 97,876 and most likely in the 100,000 range or nearer to it.

There is the 3rd Claw Variant that is pretty sought-after, and it is a 1:100 deal. Some sources say it has an 800 estimated print run, but I'd actually lean more towards a 1,000 concerning that variant and if you round up from 978. Regular cover only depicts two claws.

1st appearance of Daken is already on the radar since past rumors speculated that he might be in the 3rd Wolverine movie. So far nothing is confirmed, but that doesn't mean the character won't show up on the big screen in the future.

After all, Deadpool is a pretty hot movie franchise now. Daken could pop up in future movie starring the Merc With A Mouth. Wolverine Origins #10 has the cover date of March, 2007.

2nd appearance Daken

In this comic series, Daken is a character that gets a slow build. By this issue, all we really know about the dude is that he is Wolverine's son and has claws and healing factor like him.

Actually, the healing factor bit was revealed in issue #5 of the series. We do get a sense that he is a baddie, or, at least, not entirely one of the good guys.

This is Daken's 2nd appearance, but he is clearly visible in this issue, meaning that we fully get to see what the actual character looks like. Not so much in Wolverine Origins #10.

Just saying that comic could be considered his 1st full, and if so, just minus one on the appearance numbers to the key notations after this listing. So, issue #12 would be his 2nd appearance then, and we'll have to see how industry calls it in the near future.

Print run for this comic is far from low and is estimated around 78,886. This issue marks the first comic in the series that was not issued at least one variant. Wolverine Origins #11 has the cover date of April, 2007.

3rd appearance of Daken
Name revealed for 1st time

In the 3rd appearance of Daken, he is finally called such over the phone. Wolverine has yet to know about his super code name, but us comic readers finally know what to call him.

He does reveal his code name to Wolverine in the next issue, however. His real name is not revealed until his origin story is told in a later comic within the Wolverine Origins comic series.

Estimated print run for this comic is around 74,745. I do not think there are any limited variants for this key. Wolverine Origins #12 has the cover date of May, 2007.

1st Daken cover
4th appearance of Daken
1st Wolverine & Daken battle

In terms of Daken key comics, I'd say this is a pretty big one. First, it's Daken's 1st comic cover appearance. 2nd, it's the 4th appearance of the character.

3rd, this issue finally sees father and son go at it, and we have the 1st battle between Daken and Wolverine. Daken does give Wolvie a beat down in their first bout.

So, a lot going on in this issue other than having the 4th appearance of Daken or being Daken's 1st cover appearance. Estimated print run for this issue is around 70,891. June, 2007 is the cover date for Wolverine Origins #13.

1st meeting of Daken and Deadpool

When it comes to popular X-Men characters that are tied to the Weapon X program, Wolverine and Deadpool are probably the most popular in comics. However, when it comes to those with mutant healing factor, it's pretty obvious that Daken would have to meet Deadpool sooner rather than later.

This issue sees the Merc With A Mouth meet Daken for the 1st time. Deadpool and Wolverine are at odds, and Daken shows up. While Daken does cut off Deadpool's hand in this issue, they do not brawl or go at it until the very next issue.

Cover by Simone Bianchi is pretty bad ass, but no variants for this one either. The next issue would have one though. 

If Daken were to show up in a Deadpool or X-Force flick, this one might see some heat. This issue is pretty over-looked currently.

Wolverine Origins #24 has the cover date of June, 2008. Estimated print run for this issue is around 49,289. 

1st Daken and Deadpool battle

Daken and Deadpool finally go at it in this issue, and it's the first time the two duke it out in comics. Daken definitely shows that he can hold his own against Deadpool in this issue, and Daken cuts off both of Deadpool's hands in this confrontation.

Since both Deadpool is a very hot character and Daken does have potential, this one might be one to consider snagging in high grades before it gets on the radar more. If Daken does end up in a Deadpool flick and the two go at it, this one might see even more heat.

Estimated print run for the regular cover of this key comic issue is  around 52,891. There is, however, a Skrully variant and basically the same as the regular cover except Daken is painted Skrull green on the cover.

This Skrully variant is said to be a 1:15 deal retailer incentive, and if that 1:15 ratio is true, it's estimated print run is probably around or should be around 3,500. Couldn't find too much info on just how limited the Skrully retailer incentive is for this comic, but comicbookrealm notes it with that ratio.

Wolverine Origins #25 has the cover date of July, 2008.

Origin of Daken
1st time real name is revealed
1st appearance of Akihira 

We finally get the origin of Daken in this issue, in which he is found by his adoptive father Akihira. He is named Akihiro by his adoptive parents but named Daken by the village. It means mongrel or half-breed in Japanese.

Overhearing his adoptive mother Natsumi claim that she has no love for their adoptive son, Daken kills his adoptive parent's one-year-old baby, and is renounced by Akihira. Natsumi tries to kill Daken, but this awakens and triggers his mutant claws. 

Daken kills his adoptive mother, and his adoptive father commits suicide. Pretty over-looked Daken key issue at the moment, and it's estimated print run is around 48,041. 

Wolverine Origins #26 has the cover date of August, 2008.

1st self-titled series
1st costume

For a while, Daken was a supporting Wolverine character, but he finally gets his own titled comic series starting with this one. This issue also sees Daken get his own costumed-look as well.

We do see him suit up at the very end, but he is not wearing his mask. He is in full garb on the cover, however.

Estimated print run for this comic is around 48,819. There are two variants for this comic and one 2nd printing.

The first variant is a 1:75 retailer incentive with a cover done by Marko Djurdjevic. Estimated print run for this variant by Djurdjevic might be around 650 to 700 copies.

The 2nd is a variant cover by Gabrielle Dell'Otto, and it is a 1:25 retailer incentive. Estimate print run is around 2,000 copies for that one.

Both variants are pretty over-looked currently and could be still snagged for under $100 for high grade raw copies. Under $200 for high grade slabbed copies.

1:75 variant cover | 1:25 variant cover | 2nd printing variant cover

The 2nd printing and Dell'Otto variants aren't easy finds online currently. Not sure why, but I do like the Dell'Otto cover better.

November, 2010 is the cover date for Daken Dark Wolverine #1.

X-23 #8 VOLUME 3
1st Daken and X-23 meeting
1st Daken and X-23 battle

Well, if there's another character who is hot and tied to Wolverine and Daken, it's X-23. The clone of Daken's father and his son meet in this issue for the 1st time.

They also begin the pair's very first battle with each other as well in this issue. The battle is continued in Daken Dark Wolverine #8.

No telling how or when this could play out live-action. X-23 is in the 3rd Wolverine flick called Logan. It is set in the future, and by 2024, Wolverine could've had a son anytime between then.

I don't see why they can't change Daken's origin and have him an earlier test clone. I think he'd make a pretty good villain for an upcoming X-movie.

It is Hugh Jackman's last film as Wolverine, and there's no telling how FOX will transition the character. Will they replace Jackman with another actor or just hand the mantle off to X-23 like in the comics.

Also, if Daken doesn't show up in the Logan movie, he could just appear in another X-related movie. Personally, him, Deadpool, and X-23 would be pretty cool to see together on-screen.

Who knows though? I think it's just too good to pass up, but that's just my opinion. Estimated print run for X-23 #11 is around 27,745 and it is a pretty low print comic.

May, 2011 is the cover date for X-23 #8 of the 2010 series.

While Daken hasn't been confirmed for a movie just yet, I don't think that should take away that the character is still quite popular or that any of these keys aren't good Modern Age comic investments to consider. Many are still over-looked Daken key issues.

Once again, there are some sources out there that say Wolverine Origins #11 is Daken's 1st full appearance, and so far Overstreet nor CGC has given into that debate. If this ends up being the standard in the future, then just round down all the appearance numbers after Wolverine Origins #11.

Whether this happens or not, his 2nd appearance in issue #11 is still widely over-looked as well as his origin in issue #26. 

As for other keys that are not featured on this list, Daken does take the mantle of Wolverine in Dark Avengers #1. This team was put together by Norman Osbourne, and the comic does have Daken's 1st appearance as Wolverine.

I don't think he takes up the mantle for very long, but he also becomes a member of the Dark X-Men as Wolverine around the same time. These comics both came out in 2009. 

In 2012, Daken forms a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in Uncanny X-Force #26 and #27. The group does not last very long.

As already listed in the Wolverine key issues series, Daken's mother, Itsu 1st appeared in Wolverine #40 of the 3rd series.

Like X-23, Daken is a legacy character. He makes a pretty good villain and a sub par hero, but he is quite a well-known character in the X-world of comics. 

If X-23 does take over the mantle for Wolverine in the movie-realm, I'm expecting Daken to at least show up as a possible villain for the female clone. Too good to pass up, but we shall have to see.

Hope you enjoyed and good luck on your hunt or selling. See you soon for more comic goodness.


  1. Awesome!!! Thanx for the research. I knew there was still something to invest in that Daken guy. Not easy though to forecast which issues the market will flock to. Guess we have to buy all copies an see... Just have to ad the Wolverine Origins 10 Suydam Cover. What do you think about this one?

    Max Rebo

  2. Good call - isn' t the Suydam Variant basically Daken' s first cover appearance? Maybe Mayhem can clue us in.


  3. Special request here by Ace: Could you make a Squirrel Girl key issue list? Just found out that her 2nd appearance is in West Coast Avengers 46, which is hot by itself - the Great Lake Avengers just got a solo book. Could become a fan favourite...


  4. Sure, let everyone have claws and cheesy dialogue, doesn't make wolverine look so special anymore if all he has all these clones now. I don't read this garbage anymore I just make money off of them selling them to fanboys.

  5. Now this was an awesome thread. Detailed analysis and lots of good meaty tidbit. The one that stood out for me was Wolverine Origins 5 B&W variant from Phoenix Con. I picked up a copy and that is definitely the first appearance of young Daken as a boy and not as a baby. After I picked up a few more copies, it disappeared from Ebay and everywhere else. Very hard to find and a sleeper that has not caught on yet. Thanks for the great report.