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Monday, September 26, 2016

Total Comic Mayhem Site Check!

I got a comment about pop ups being on this site which should not be happening. First time anyone has said anything about this. 

I don't employ any advertising from companies that condone pop ups, and Google is actually cracking down on sites that use pop up advertising either upon visiting or exiting sites.

I checked with Gerry and a few other readers if they ever got pop ups visiting this site. Only one out of five said they did get pop ups but not any of the kind mentioned in the comment.

So, I went to my browser in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Explorer and turned off the pop up blocker options. Then I went to the site and visited at least 50 different TCM pages to see if I got any pop ups. I didn't get any. 

In order to test this out further, I removed all widgets on the sides of the site temporarily in case you haven't noticed. Sometimes third party widgets are the cause of this.

If you are still getting pop ups, especially the virus scam pop up ads in which you should NEVER click on, it might be on your end. You might have gotten malware from elsewhere on the net, or your browser could have installed a plug in and you may need to disable it to see if an add on or extension that was updated to your browser automatically is the cause of this.

I dislike pop up ads. I can't even stand those video ads that show up in the middle of an article you're reading and have refused to use any of those on here. You probably dislike them as much as I do too. 

Every browser should have a pop up blocker, and I suggest you turn it on. They are usually already set to on automatically, but you might want to check in case.

If you use Firefox, go to Tools in the menu bar. If you don't see the menu bar, right click on the top part of the browser and a drop down menu will appear with the "menu" option. Click it, and you should see the menu at the very top to your left.

After clicking "Tools", go to "Options" and click. At the left sidebar, you should see "Content" and click on that. You should see a section that says "Pop-Ups" with a box and the words "Block Pop-Ups". Check the box and that's it.

If you are in Chrome, click the "More" at the very top right of your browser. The click "Settings" and then click "Show Advanced Settings". Under the Privacy settings, click "Content" or "Content Settings". Then under Pop-Ups click the Do not allow any site to show pop-ups option.

Explorer? I don't recommend using Explorer. Explorer has a bad reputation of crappy security and getting malware or viruses, but if you're still intent on using it, open it up and click on either the gear icon or the three dots at the very top right of the browser.

A drop down list should appear, and click on the Settings option. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and there should be a Pop-Up option that has you either slide it on or off.

The instructions do depend on which version of the browser you are using. Some versions are different than others. You may want to google it.

If you've done this and still get pop-ups when visiting TCM, it might be the extensions or add ons that were automatically updated to your browser. Yes, they do this as well and it's annoying. You can try to turn them off and see if you still get pop-ups when visiting this site.

You could also have a virus on your computer that you'll need to remove using your malware or virus scanner, which you should have and run scans daily. Also, clear your browser history at least every night. 

Let me know if you have tried all these options and are still getting pop ups when visiting this site. 

Just letting you all know why the site looks pretty barren. I will be adding the widgets back slowly throughout the week as well to see if one of them may be cause. Thanks for understanding, and I am committed to getting to the bottom of this as I want and have always wanted this site pop up ad free and safe to enjoy.


  1. Yes, it most likely on the client side.

  2. I have viewed this site weekly for well over a year (although I never comment) and I have never had an issue with pop ups.

  3. Everything is fine so far. However, I don' t understand why comments don't get published immediately anymore. Why is there that "censorship check" first? We are not living in China, are we? So far, I didn't see many people that didn't use that site properly or commented in an ugly way.
    Do you have any other experience, Mayhem? When and why came your decision to use that tool?


    1. Heya Ace, there's a reason you don't see negative troll comments or a high number of comments containing spam links to some sites non-comic related and might even be malicious and that's because I delete them. Even when comments were posted immediately, I've still deleted them.

      This has cut down on spam, it's cut down on offensive attacks towards other readers that could cause stupid cyber fights, and it's cut down on bitching and moaning of requested key issues lists that one reader or a few may not be interested in, and it's cut down on comments containing political rhetoric (save it for the ballots).

  4. I've never had any pop-ups or any other issues. Great site! Great info!

  5. Mayhem,
    I've been visiting this site for a couple of years now on both Windows and Mac machines, using Chrome, IE, and Firefox. I've never seen a popup.
    Keep up the good work
    MISTER Hibbs

  6. I visit your site all the time and appreciate the time and energy you put into it. This is just one more example. Thanks for the site.