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Friday, September 23, 2016

New Warrriors 1st Appearance Key Issues Part 6

Alright, this is the last part to this New Warriors 1st appearances mess, and this Part 6 will deal with the 1st appearances of new members from the 5th incarnation of the team. So, in this version of the team, the original members that return are Speedball, Justice (Vance Astrovik) and Silhouette. Their 1st appearance comics are in Part 1 and Part 2 to this series.

There's a new version of Nova for this team. This Part 5 link will bring you back in case you missed it. Otherwise here are the 1st appearances of the 5th team.

  • 1st appearance as Kaine

Another Peter Parker clone? Yep, sure, who doesn't want to be Spider-Man, and there's actually a few clones of Peter Parker.

Kaine is one of them, but since he does end up joining the 5th incarnation of the New Warriors as the next Scarlet Spider, his first appearance goes on here even if it has nothing to do with the New Warriors. So, Kaine started off as super villain, but conformed and became a super hero.

He was created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler, but in the comics, he was also created by Jackal. Kaine is the first somewhat success, but started showing early signs of degeneration. 

He is deformed and mentally unstable and the Jackal quickly dumps him. Kaine essentially has the same powers as Peter Parker, but they are enhanced. He is stronger and faster than both Peter Parker and Ben Reilly, and his spider-sense is also amplified, giving him the ability to see short visions that can show him flashes of the future.

Kaine's wall-crawling ability is also enhanced and he often burns what is called the "Mark of Kaine" in victim's faces, and this ability allows him to burn through Spider-Man's webbing. Two retractable claws in the back of his hands are also weapons of Kaine.

Parker, Reilly or Kaine can set off each of their spider-senses.

This character right's are most likely in Sony's hands at the moment, and even though Marvel/Disney and Sony are collaborating on Spider-Man related movies, it's unclear just how much Marvel is allowed to intervene since Sony still has 100% creative control. Probably won't be seeing any of the Scarlet Spiders on the New Warriors TV show, but still a 1st appearance to get if you're a fan of Spider-Man and all his clone stuff.

Pretty over-looked key at moment, and Web of Spider-Man #119 has the cover date of December, 1994 and originally came polybagged.

1st appearance of Sam Alexander
1st appearance of Kaine as Scarlet Spider

If the character of Nova is considered for a New Warriors TV show, they might go with the Sam Alexander version, who takes up the mantle and becomes a member of the 5th incarnation of the New Warriors team. I still think Richard Rider is slated for the big screen. When is the question though.

Sam Alexander was created by Jeph Loeb, and Loeb is one of the big shots at Marvel TV. His first appearance is in this comic as well as the first appearance of Kaine as the new Scarlet Spider.

Regular cover for Point One #1 has an estimated print run of 113,352. I am not sure if that number also includes the wrap around variant by Nick Bradshaw.

There is a limited 1:100 sketch cover of the wrap around variant, but I can't find any estimated print run info on the regular wrap around cover. Anyway, the 1:100 is probably rare and might be around 1,000 estimated copies.

Point One #1 was released November, 2011 and the cover date is January, 2012.

1st appearance of Hummingbird

Aracely Penalba is Hummingbird, kinda like a Raven character from the Teen Titans. Hummingbird is an empath with psychic powers and a degree of telepathy as well. Levitation? No problem for Hummingbird.

For some reason, she has a special connection to Kaine and is able to read and detect him from great distances. They are good friends in the comics. 

Hummingbird is of Mexican origin and it's been implied that she could be the reincarnation of the Aztec God of War Huitzilopochtli. High Evolutionary considers her a demi-god, and she was trafficked into the United States by the Lobo Cartel. Aracely has no memory of her past or who she was prior.

Regular cover has an estimated print run of 53,410. There are various variant covers for this issue. There are 1:15, 1:25, and 1:50 variants as well as a blank variant cover so fans can get unique sketches from the artist.

The 1:50 cover is by Mike Perkins and should be around an estimated 1,000 or 1,100 print run. The 1:15 is probably around a 3,500 estimated print run and the cover is by Ryan Stegman.

Mark Bagley does the 1:25 cover and the estimated print run should be around 2,000.

Mark Bagley 1:25 cover | Ryan Stegman 1:15 cover | Mike Perkins 1:50 cover

Scarlet Spider #1 volume 2 was released January, 2012 and has the cover date of March, 2012.

1st appearance of Selah Burke (Sun Girl)

Selah Burke is the newest character to take up the name Sun Girl. The character is actually from the Golden Age, and the original Sun Girl was Mary Mitchell, personal secretary to Jim Hammond the original Human Torch. Mary was Hammond's love interest and became his sidekick once Toro left. 

Selah Burke is the daughter of Lightmaster, and 1st appears as Sun Girl in this issue. She builds herself a suit that gives her the ability of flight and to produce light blasts.

 Regular cover has an estimated print run of 76,959, so it's definitely not low. There's quite a few variant covers for this comic as well. 

The limited 1:50 is by Humberto Ramos and should have an estimated print run of around 1,500. For some reason this one is doing the best, but you can still get it for under $100 bucks at CGC 9.8 and for less if you get it raw. 

I don't think these variants are all that sought out at the moment, but there is the more rare 1:100 sketch cover.

Paulo Rivera does the cover for 1:100 variant. Estimated print run should be around 800 to a 1,000. You should still be able to get a CGC 9.8 for under $100 bucks for this variant. Raw is still a cheap buy as well.

But only if you're really into variants and rare comics. As for the 1st appearance of Sun Girl, I don't see the character being talked about a whole lot in the realm of fandom. There are the limited party cover variants as well, and they have Deadpool on the cover. Can't find any info on how "limited" they are.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 was released July, 2013 and has the cover date of September, 2013.

1st cameo appearance of Faira Sar Namora (Water Snake)

Not all the members of the 5th New Warriors team members had 1st appearances elsewhere. Faira Sar Namora made her first appearance in the titled fifth volume series, and she does become a member of the team.

She is connected to the character of Namora and was her servant at one time. She is an Atlantean and has the same powers respectfully. Faira goes by the code name Water Snake.

Estimated print run is around 45,765 and there are several variants for this issue as well. There is a 1:50 variant cover by J. Scott Cambell. A 1:100 limited variant sketch for the variant was also published as well. 

Both variants are extremely rare. The 1:50 is probably 1,000 copies and the 1:100 most likely is at 500 estimated copies or print run. Right now both covers are under the radar for the most part, but a 1:50 CGC 9.8 of the variant last sold for $95 on eBay, and a CGC 9.8 of the 1:100 sketch sold for $125.

High-grade raw copies are still pretty cheap, though the 1:100 most likely will be moving past the $100 mark. Last high grade raw of the 1:100 variant sold for less than $79.99.

I can see both variants steaming up a more in the near future, and especially if casting for the New Warriors TV show starts up. April, 2014 is the cover date for New Warriors #1 volume 5 and was released February, 2014.

1st appearance of Mark Sim (Haechi)
1st full appearance of Faira Sar Namora

Mark Sim, also known as Haechi is an Inhuman and has the ability to absorb all kinds of energy by sucking it into his mouth as if he is eating the energy. This fuels his enhanced strength, speed, endurance, etc.

He can also transform into a large creature that resembles the Haechi of Chinese and Korean mythology. I think he joins the team in issue #8 a long with Water Snake.

Estimated print run is around 26,006 for the regular cover. There is a limited 1:50 cover by Jorge Molina. It should have an estimated print run of around 500 copies.

Mark Sim appears a lot in this comic so there's no confusion about whether this is a cameo, brief or whatever. He was created by Christopher Yost and Marcus To.

In the previous issue Faira Sar Namora only appeared in 2 panels on one page. She definitely makes a fuller appearance in this issue and is seen in 16 panels on 4 pages.

May, 2014 is the cover date for New Warriors #2 volume 5 and it was released March, 2014.

There we have it. 1st appearances of the New Warriors members. Who else will make it to a New Warriors TV show? Good question.

Frankly, I'm pretty skeptical about a New Warriors TV show. Marvel has so far not confirmed anything.

Reports or rumors are saying that this show will be more like Archie with super powers and most likely not all that action-packed. Alrighty then. Don't really see the point to that.

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  1. Hey,

    like the first appearances in part 5 and 6. However I got them, when there was no relation to the New Warriors (Stacey X - nice concept!). I' m not really a fan of this group and I think the fanbase is next to zero, when compared to other comic teams. My recommendation of the week is Cable & Deadpool 50 (last ish of the series). It' s supposed to have the first appearance of Venompool.