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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Warriors 1st Appearance Key Issues

Speaking of other TV show ideas that have somewhat made news is the report that Marvel TV is considering a New Warriors TV show that centers around Squirrel Girl. Never mind a Moon Knight live-action appearance or bringing Blade back, but let's go with the New Warriors.

Most reactions to the proposed superhero "comedy" show? Less than positive. Quite a few have even commented about not being interested in a superhero show like that at all.

But a few are also keen to the idea. New Warriors has been a comic team that has sustained over the years, and the younger kids who got into comics at the time were avid readers.  

Might be a good show for the earlier teen crowd. There are teens who are comic fans currently just like there were then

The team has had quite a few series but most of them short. Ultra short for the volumes after the first one.

There have also been quite a few members that have joined the team as well, so this key issues list will mostly comprise of 1st appearances rather than keys pertaining only to the titled comics.

I am not going to showcase reserve members who decline full membership or were never asked to fully join. They will get mentioned though.

So, if New Warriors does end up happening, here's some first appearances of those who achieved full membership in the volume 1 comics.


THE MIGHTY THOR #411 & #412
1st cameo and full New Warriors
1st appearance of Night Thrasher
1st appearance of Andrew Chord
1st appearance of Tia  

Okay, I know this is probably less older than some of the 1st appearances that will be featured. I do like to keep the cover dates of issues in numbered order within ke issues lists, but I feel it's weird to not start off with the 1st appearance of the actual group that's spotlighted in the key issue series. This one should and will be featured first even if the cover dates won't be in perfect order.

So, the New Warriors 1st appeared in The Mighty Thor #411 in a cameo on the very last page, and Night Thrasher also shares his 1st cameo appearance in that comic as well. This version of Night Thrasher is the original Dwayne Taylor version, and rumor has it that he will be in the show. It would actually be strange if the character wasn't.

They were created and seen like the junior counter-part to the Avengers, much like the Teen Titans are to the Justice League of America. The original New Warriors had the line up of Night Thrasher, Namorita, Marvel Boy, Nova, Firestar, and Speedball.

Andrew Chord is a character directly tied to Night Thrasher or Dwayne Taylor. He is his legal guardian and a mentor to the New Warriors.

Tia is the mother-in-law tof Andrew Chord. She is another character tied to Night Thrasher, and in the beginning, was a goodie that served as a mentor and ally to the New Warriors. Tia has magical powers.
However, there would be a twist for both Andrew Chord and Tia, and they would be revealed as baddies for Night Thrasher as well as the New Warriors. That, of course, would be revealed in a later issue.

Thor #412 is now and recently widely regarded as the first full appearance of the New Warriors and most likely the first full appearance of Night Thrasher also. I think money is still on issue #411 but CGC notes #412 as a first full. 

Overstreet also notes it as a first full appearance as well. Thor #412 has the debut of Marcy Masterson also and is the bitter ex wife of Eric Masterson, also known as Thunderstrike.

Before that, he merged with Thor for a spell and first did so in Thor #408. You may have remembered this character or might not of, but Thor #411 & #412 both have the cover dates of December, 1989. 

1st appearance of Namorita

Onward to Namorita. Namorita first showed up in the Bronze Age and has her first appearance in Sub-Mariner #50 back in 1972. She is the cousin of Namor the Sub-Mariner and the daughter of Namora, whom is also Namor's cousin.

Actually, Namorita is a clone of Namora. Namorita has been a long-time supporting character and member of the New Warriors and has been a member for most incarnations of the group. She even led the team at one point, so definitely an important character for the New Warriors. 

Like her cousin and her genetic original, Namora, she is half-human and half-Atlantean. She possesses many of the same powers as Namor and Namora.

Sub-Mariner #50 has the cover date of June, 1972.

1st appearance of Spider-Clone

Ben Reilly is one of those characters who have multiple firsts. Yes, he is a clone of Peter Parker Spider-Man and was created by the Jackal as a villain and tormentor of Peter.

Reilly first appeared as Spider-Clone was not given the name Ben Reilly until another comic issue from a different series. Reilly does eventually become a good guy and was asked to join the New Warriors in issue #62. 

Highly doubtful that this character would be in the TV show. Most of Spidey's characters are probably owned by Sony, but it would be kind of cool if Scarlet Spider was in the show. Highly unlikely though.

October, 1975 is the cover date for Amazing Spider-Man #149.

1st appearance of Vance Astrovik Earth-616

Marvel Boy is Vance Astrovik, the younger version of himself, and he was Major Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Actually, I should say his future, alternate reality, self is Major Vance Astro.

In the comics, the character of Vance Astrovik 1st appears as Major Vance Astro in Marvel Super-Heroes #8 volume 1. That issue also holds the very first comic appearance of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, but Marvel does treat the future Major Vance Astro and the younger Vance Astrovik as separate characters. His future self is considered from an alternate timeline or different universe, and he even convinced his younger self not to become an astronaut.

This, of course, created two separate timelines and worlds for the character. Young Vance is from the regular Marvel continuity of Earth-616 while Major Vance Astro is from the alternate timeline Earth-691. I know, confusing.

Alright, Vance's younger self, the one who ends up becoming Marvel Boy and later Justice in the New Warriors, has his 1st appearance in Giant-Size Defenders #5. In that issue, Vance meets his younger self or should I say young Vance meets his future self that's a Guardians of the Galaxy member.

Vance is a mutant with the powers of telekinesis. His 31st Century self didn't fully develop his powers, but young Vance did since he was convinced not to become an astronaut and had the time to develop his powers. His 1st appearance as Marvel Boy is also in Thor #411 I think.

Rumor has it that Vance will be in the New Warriors TV show as Justice. Giant-Size Defenders # 5 has the cover date of July, 1975.

1st appearance of Nova (Richard Rider)

So Nova is Richard Rider, and most of us know his first appearance is in Nova #1. The Nova Corps are already on the big screen in Guardians of the Galaxy, so it's less than likely this character will be on the show. I think we're still anticipating the character to show up in the movies.

Then again, James Gunn has talked of a chance of a Nova movie in the MCU recently. Kevin Feige even reported that Richard Rider was actually suppose to appear in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie but was cut.

Nova is definitely a Marvel cosmic character and is part of the Nova Corps obviously. Much like Hal Jordan's Green Lantern origin, Richard Rider is chosen by a dying alien named Rhomann Dey from Xandar to replace him.

Given the uniform and powers of a Nova Centurion, Rider becomes the cosmic superhero known as Nova. Rider would star in his own self-titled comic series that lasted 25 issues before he would join the ranks of the New Warriors. 

Nova #1 has the cover date of September, 1976.

1st comic appearance of Firestar 

Firestar's first appearance in comics is in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends #1. I remember 1st seeing the character in the cartoon series that also guest-starred Iceman from the X-Men. I loved watching Iceman travel on his ice slide in the cartoon, and I geeked out when that was finally portrayed live-action in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Okay, I'm getting off topic here.

So there was a comic called Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1. It was a one-shot comic and was an adaption of the episode "Triumph of the Green Goblin" from the animated series.

The character does have a canonical mainstream 1st appearance, and you'll see that in the next listing below. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 has the cover date of December, 1981.

1st appearance of Alexander Power 
1st appearanace of Power Pack 

 Although he is widely more known as a member of Power Pack, Alexander Power did become a full member of the New Warriors during this series. Homeboy has the power to control or manipulate gravity, or that was his original power.

His sister is Katie Power, who was also a member of Power Pack. In the New Warriors, he adopted the  code names Powerpax and Powerhouse in the comic series for a bit.

He is in the comics by issue #47, but does not join the team as a full-fledged member until issue #60. Michiko "Mickey" Musashi or Turbo also became a full-fledged member of the New Warriors in issue #60, despite being in the comics since issue #28, her 1st appearance.

Alexander Power would be a member of the New Warriors for a brief time and would later rejoin the Power Pack. Power Pack #1 has the cover date of August, 1984.

1st mainstream appearance of Firestar

So, it's obvious that previous comic is not part of Marvel mainstream continuity or canon, and since it is based off the carton, it's in a different alternate reality. In actual Marvel mainstream canon of Earth-616, the character of Firestar and her 1st appearance is in Uncanny X-Men #193 of the 1st series. She appeared as a villain and part of the Hellions in that comic and did go up against the X-Men in her first canonical appearance in comics.

She is a mutant in Marvel Comics, and her real name is Angelica Jones. She does suit up as Firestar in that X-Men issue and shows up enough as to not worry about whether it's just a cameo or a minor appearance. It is definitely a 1st.

Uncanny X-Men #193 has the cover date of May, 1985.

I remember the New Warriors back in the day, and even tried a few of their comics. I never really got into them though. 

I like Namorita, and for some reason, I always thought of Joey Lauren Adams looking like the character or reminding me Namorita. This is back in the 90s, of course, and after seeing Mall Rats for the 1st time.

I'd love to see Namorita in the show since she is a long-time member of the New Warriors and quite respected in their ranks. Actually, I'd just love to see any hint or connection to Sub-Mariner.

When it comes to the cast, this one is especially hard to speculate on. Squirrel Girl is obviously in there since most reports say the show is centered around the character, and her 1st appearance will show up in the next part to this series.

If it's more "comedy" driven then I'd have to say Speedball will probably show up in the show as well. Having Speedball back when he couldn't control his powers? I could see that being comedic on the small screen, and we'll be seeing his 1st appearance the next parts of this New Warriors key issues list as well.

Rumors or not, Night Thrasher should be in the show. He is an integral part of the New Warriors. In the 1st comic series, his backstory and mythos is actually deeply connected to the team.

It's revealed that Tia and Andrew Chord are part of a cult called the Dragon's Breadth. During the Vietnam War, Daryl Taylor and Andrew Chord were serving in a unit.

Their unit was scouring the area north of the Se Kong river looking for a good place to create a landing base. This unit ended up stumbling upon the Temple of the Dragon's Breadth in which they met Tia.

The members of the unit were then told of how they needed to marry and mate with some female members of the cult in order to produce offspring that would one day rule the world. This was to be called The Pact, and members of this Pact would also achieve fortune and power themselves.

Andrew Chord agreed and married Tia's daughter Miyami. Five of the others also agreed and married other female members of the cult, but Daryl refused this pact. He was already married to Melody, Night Thrasher's mom.

This is all revealed in New Warriors #23 and #24. Issue #24 reveals the origin of the Dragon's Breadth and the Well of All Things and continues Andrew Chord's origin. Apparently this well has powerful energies that Tia and her ancestors draw from.

So the creation of the New Warriors was the plan of Tia all along, and they were to be used as sacrificial lambs for the well. It's an actually odd story and twist in the comics.

I'm pretty sure the show will rewrite all that Dragon's Breadth stuff and most likely the reason why the New Warriors were founded will be vastly different. I'm just saying that it would be strange if Night Thrasher was not cast in the show as he is a well-known as a member and leader of the group.

If the character is part of the main cast, which he should be, the next question will be which one - Dwayne or Donyell or both? After all, a jealous brother makes for some pretty good drama. I can see Donyell popping up on the show somewhere.

 Nova or Richard Rider has a less than great chance of being on the show since he'll more likely pop up on the big screen in the Marvel movies.

Alex Power? I think FOX has the rights for most of the mutant library. I hope Firestar is cast and should be in the main cast. Once again, she's a mutant so not sure if FOX has the rights to the character or not. She is not in the rumored line up.

Marvel Boy or Justice? Rumor has it that he will be Justice and a main cast member

So we got more New Warriors and their members 1st appearances coming up. The first couple of parts to this series will deal with the original members and then it will showcase the other incarnations of the team. I will be separating 1st appearances by each team version. 

Just makes it easier.


  1. So if you were going after one Firestar book which would you chase? I'm not saying she'd ever match Harley Quinn in popularity, but I look at the price difference in BTAS Harley first appearance vs her first canonical appearance, and I wonder if I should pickup the Amazing Spider-Man and His Friends book.

    1. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends might be a harder book to find than Uncanny X-Men #193. Not %100 sure about that, but I'd go for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

  2. Been a while since I have come here (crazy busy with work been travelling a lot). Catching up on everything :). Hope things are good on your end Vic. I think Nova #1 is a great investment and a lot of potential (on big screen) but of course 9.6 or 9.8 as I wont invest in raw copies. Trying to snag these as and when I can. What do you think?


    1. Heya, Sid, yeah it's been awhile bro! How have you been?

      Things are going okay over here. Nova #1 has been sliding down recently for 9.8s. I think hype has fizzled for the comic currently. Not sure how it will bounce back if Richard Rider does finally show up on the big or small screen.