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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Warriors 1st Appearance Key Issues Part 4

When it comes to volume 2 of the New Warriors, much of the original team were still members. Turbo was part of the team, Namorita, Speedball, and Nova were solid characters of the team throughout the short-lived 2nd series that only lasted 11 issues if you count #0.

Night Thrasher was a supporting character from time to time but did not rejoin the team in this series. There were only two new additions to the 2nd incarnation of the New Warriors. 

In the 3rd incarnation of the New Warriors team, Night Thrasher is a member and so are Namorita, Speedball, and Nova. There are also only two new additions to the team and they do make their 1st appearances in the very short volume 3 series that lasted only 6 issues.   

Part 4 will be short a one and will uncover these 1st appearances for the volume 2 and volume 3 New Warriors team additions.

Click this link if you missed Part 3, but if you're ready to go, here's the next members to have earned membership into the New Warriors.

1st appearance of Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley has a few 1st appearances as different characters, but he is a mutant and started off in the X-Men world before joining the New Warriors. He is a character that first appears as his regular ole self and is found by Jean Grey and Gambit.

Before joining the New Warriors, he is a student at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, where he learns to control his powers of absorbing and expelling electricity. Chris later becomes Bolt and joins the New Warriors under that code name.

X-Men Unlimited #8 has the cover date of  October, 1995.

1st appearance of Chris Bradley as Bolt

For a while, Chris Bradley was a supporting character for the Maverick comic series and he first appears as Bolt in the series as well. Bolt most likely won't be a character for the New Warriors show.

His rights is definitely with FOX and the character of Bolt has already shown up on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He was played by Dominic Monaghan.

Still, he did join the 2nd incarnation of the New Warriors team in the comics and was a member throughout the 2nd titled series. Estimated print run is around 28,886, and Maverick #8 volume 2 has the cover date of April, 1998.

1st appearance of Aegis

Aegis was the 2nd new member that joined the 2nd incarnation of the New Warriors. He's the only new character of that team to have his 1st appearance actually in the titled series.

He is Trey Rollins and is basically a normal human with no super powers initially. He does find the Aegis, a breastplate that was once owned by Zeus and Athena.

The magical plate can absorb attacks and protects the wearer. The energy absorbed can also be expelled for offensive strikes. It also can generate force fields to protect the wearer or others.

June, 1999 is the cover date of New Warriors #0 volume 2.

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1st appearance of Microbe

Microbe is not a character with very many appearances over-all in the Marvel Comics. I believe he dies during the Civil War comic series as a New Warrior, but he was a prominent member of the 3rd New Warriors comic series.

The 3rd series only lasted six issues, though, so I wouldn't say he's exactly an important or well-known New Warriors member. Still, doesn't mean that the show can't use him, but he is a mutant and no telling if FOX has the rights to him or not.

Microbe is a pretty odd-ball character who has the ability to communicate and even control micro organisms around him. This character could manipulate germs and bacteria to a degree and enough to cause someone illness. On the flip side, he could also keep germs and bacteria away from wounds to better help heal them.

Odd character with a pretty odd but interesting power, and New Warriors #1 volume 3 has the cover date of August, 2005. Print run is around 20,837.

1st appearance of Debrii

Deborah Fields is a telekinetic and was the only member of the team not hand picked by Night Thrasher.  During this time in comics, the New Warriors had a reality show and the producers brought in Deborah since they felt the New Warriors liked each other and got along too much. Some friction was needed.

Debrii would a character who would join The Initiative and not die with the rest of the New Warriors in Civil War #1. She first appears in this issue and did not get a long with any of the team members.

She often made snide remarks about Microbe's powers being useless and constantly argued with Namorita. During the Civil War series, anti-superhero resentments spilled over towards the New Warriors and an anti-New Warriors movement sprung up.

Debrii's secret identity was spread online through a New Warriors hate site, and she ended up joining Captain America's Secret Avengers. After the Initiative Program, she formed Counter Force with Rage, Justice (Vance Astrovik), and Slapstick. 

Counter Force would later become the New Warriors, so she is a character that has remained connected to the team or members of it. November, 2005 is the cover date for New Warriors #4 volume 3, and it has a pretty low estimate print run of around 12,483.

Reports have it that Marvel is shopping around the project, and rumors are the line up will be Squirrel Girl, Justice, Rage, Speedball, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). If true, there will be two comic characters who were never members of the New Warriors - Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl.

So, the first cover appearance of Kamala Khan is the 2nd print variant cover of Captain Marvel #17. She is in the issue briefly at the end on the very last page, but her face is never shown. This comic has been grossly hot this year, but definitely hotter last year. 

Her 1st cameo appearance is in Captain Marvel #14. Like #17 she is unnamed. Her 1st full appearance as Ms. Marvel is being noted by Overstreet and CGC as All-New Marvel Now Point One #1. Her first name is also revealed in that issue. All the early appearances of Kamala Khan are pretty hot currently in CGC 9.8 high grades. 

For the All-New Marvel NOW Point One #1, there is a Steve McNiven cover that's a 1:75 variant and it's quite raw.

If the rumors are true and Marvel finds a home for the New Warriors TV series, I think her 1st appearances have a good chance of rising in value. If the show is a hit, you know how it goes and her 1st appearances will continue to be sought out.

However, just because the main cast will start out with those characters doesn't mean that other New Warriors members will be added or make appearances on the show. With that in mind, we shall move forward and dig up more 1st appearances of members who are or were part of this superhero team. 

Part 5 will be the last to this 1st Appearances New Warriors key issues list. 

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