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Friday, September 23, 2016

New Warriors 1st Appearance Key Issues Part 5

This is Part 5 of this series that showcases the 1st appearance of characters who joined or were members of the New Warriors. This 4th incarnation is actually interesting, and being an X-Men fan, I'd rather see this version in a TV show than the any other.

Yes, all the members, minus Night Thrasher and two supporting character, are from the X-Men titles. The Night Thrasher that leads this team is Donyell Taylor, half-brother of the original Dwayne Taylor.

So this team is mostly comprised of muties and most likely have zero chance of being on the New Warriors show, but like I said, I'm an X-Men fan so have zero problem discussing them. If you missed Part 4, that blue link will bring ya there, but if you didn't, here we go.

1st appearance of Jubilee

We all definitely know this character won't be popping up in the show as the rights are owned by FOX. She's already made bit appearances in the X-Men movies and recently showed up as fodder in the recent X-Men Apocalypse movie.

I still have no idea what the point of throwing Jubilee in that movie. She was just there, not an integral part of the story with maybe two lines the most in the whole movie.

While she most likely won't be in the show unless FOX picks it up, I'd rather have Jubilee in a TV series and she'd probably be more integral in a New Warriors setting as she is just a teen herself. Besides, her powers are kind of stupid and goofy.

Jubilee started off as a side kick to Wolverine. She is definitely more known in the X-Men world of comics, but she was a New Warrior and joined the volume 4 incarnation of the team as Wondra. She was depowered during M-Day, so upon joining the New Warriors, she was given a battle suit that gave her super strength.

However, the character's first appearance is in this comic, and Uncanny X-Men #244 has the cover date of May, 1989.

1st appearance of Chamber

Jonothon "Jono" Evan Starsmore was first known as Chamber and debuted in the Generation X comic series beginning with issue #1. Like how Havok is portrayed in the movies, Chamber can project energy blasts from his chest.

Generation X was an X-Men junior team similar to how the New Warriors is to the Avengers. In the New Warriors, he was given technology that gave him sonic abilities by Night Thrasher.

With this tech, he was able to build constructs (think Green Lantern) made from solidified sound and went by the name Decibel. He would later become a teacher at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning after his tenure with the New Warriors. 

Generation X #1 has the cover date of November, 1994.

NEW X-MEN #117
1st appearance of Beak

Barnell Bohusk did not have a great mutation and gave him a bird-like appearance. His face was bird-like and his arms grew feathers. Beak's bones were light and hollow which allowed him to glide for short distances.

He was considered a freak among regular humans and his mutant peers at the Xavier school. The character would befriend Angel Salvadore, and they first met when the other students bet her to kiss him.

Beak and a few other students with lesser abilities were moved into a special class. Beak thrived in this class and the other students began to look up him as a leader.

Beak was depowered during M-Day, gaining a normal appearance. He was given the Blackwing suit that allowed him fly and to produce energy blasts. The first to take up the mantle of Blackwing was Joseph Manfredi and a member of the Maggia.  

New X-Men #117 has the cover date of October, 2001. Estimated pre-orders for this comic is 136,919, so it's definitely not a low print key issue.

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NEW X-MEN #118
1st appearance of Angel Salvadore

If you watched X-Men First Class, you'll remember this character as Angel. The one Charles and Magneto find in a strip joint and has wings.

Well, the character is from the X-Men and her first appearance (unnamed) is in this issue here of New X-Men #118. Definitely know that FOX owns the rights to this character. Zoe Kravitz played the character in the flick, and, yes, she's the daughter of Lenny Kravitz.

This comic character does become a member of the 4th incarnation of the New Warriors, but goes under the code name of Tempest.

During the M-Day event, Angel loses her powers or insect wings. As a member of the New Warriors, she had a body suit that simulated the powers of fire, ice, and wind powers that also permitted her to fly.

Angel is married to Beak or Barnell Bohusk, and they have children together. Estimated pre-orders by North American comic shops for this this issue is 127,670. November, 2001 is the cover date for New X-Men #118.

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1st appearance of Stacy X

Created by writer by Joe Casey and artist Tom Raney, Stacy X first debuted in the Uncanny X-Men comics. Her real name is Miranda Leevald and she is a mutant with the ability to control people's pheromones via skin contact and give them sensations. She could also increase the adrenaline of her team mates and give them extra stamina.

When she joins the New Warriors, she is given a suit that had extensible metal tentacles. She went under the name Ripcord as a New Warrior.

Stacy X was considered as a character in X-Men The Last Stand by director Mathew Vaughn, but when he was replaced by Brett Ratner the character was also replaced by another one.  

Uncanny X-Men #399 has the cover date of December, 2001. Estimated pre-orders of this comic by North American comic shops are around 118,197, so quite a bit of copies of this issue as well.

NEW X-MEN #126
1st appearance of Radian
1st  appearance of Tattoo
1st  appearance Redneck

Christine and Christian Cord are mutants and started off in the X-Men world of comics. However, they were recruited by Donyell Taylor as the 2nd Night Thrasher.

This issue is the first appearances of the characters. It also holds a bunch of other mutant firsts as well, but pertaining to the New Warriors, these two in this issue are the only ones to have become members.

Radian and Tattoo are the 1st code names the two acquired, but they do go under different code names as New Warriors. As New Warriors, Radian (Christian) is Phaser and Tattoo (Christine) is Longstrike.

Christian had the mutant ability to generate a multi-directional flash of ultraviolet light from his body that could be controlled in various degrees and intensity. That means he could either blind you or completely burn you.

Christine had chameleon skin that could form patterns for camouflage. Because she could form patterns, she could also form letters and words on her skin, hence her first code name.

Her 2nd ability is phasing, in which she could disrupt the neuro-chemistry of people she phased through as well as alter their molecular structure.

However, both were de-powered after M-Day. Christine gained an armored suit based off of Stilt-Man's armor. Christian also received some kind of armor as well.

Redneck also makes his 1st appearance in this issue. He later becomes Skybolt in the New Warriors after being depowered as well. He originally had the ability to generate intense heat from his hands, and he nor Tattoo or Radian are not named in this issue.

Longstrike formerly Tattoo would die as a New Warrior, and because it's an X-Men title, it has a pretty high print run at around 110,718. New X-Men #126 has the cover date of July, 2002.

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1st appearance of Sofia Mantega
Origin of Sofia Mantega

We've got a New Mutant member here, and she is Sofia Mantega. In the New Mutants she was known as Wind Dancer and could control the movement of air.

She once assumed leadership of the New Mutants, but had major confidence problems in the role. As most of the mutant team members on this team, she loses her powers.

As a New Warrior, she was given a suit with six mechanical tentacles that discharged surges of energy from its claws. The suit also had a force field, and Sofia assumes the code name of Renascence.

New Mutants #1 volume 2 has the cover date of July, 2003. Estimated print run is around 56,640.

1st Beak & Angel as Blackwing & Tempest
1st Tattoo & Radian as Longstrike & Phaser
1st Stacy X & Chamber as Ripcord & Decibel
1st Redneck as Skybolt & 1st Jubilee as Wondra
1st appearance of Grace and Kaz

Yes, there's a lot going in this issue. First, the two members of Grace and Kaz are two out of the three members who make their 1st appearances in this New Warriors series.

Grace and Kaz are techies. Kaz is a wiz and builds tech and weapons based on Night Thrasher's ideas. Grace is also a technology wiz and helps to run the New Warriors behind the scenes.

Both are orphans and runaways like Aja, who shows up later but apparently has been around since Jubilee joined the team. Night Thrasher had stumbled upon them and saved each from some horrible path. Grace, Kaz and Aja are definitely loyal to Thrash even when some of the team questions whether he can be trusted.

All the other characters like Night Thrasher had their first appearances in other comics. As mentioned in an earlier part, the character of Donyell Taylor first appeared as Bandit in Night Thrasher #3 volume 4.

The X-Men characters, depowered after M-Day, all make their first appearances as their New Warriors characters in this issue. However, Wondra does show up in issue #1, but is not identified and in a cameo. She shows up in another cameo in issue #2 and so do the others but they are blurred and also not identifiable.

This issue definitely clearly identifies each member and their new looks, so might be considered a 1st full. Sofia Mantega has yet to join, but she is present through issue #1 to this one. The New Warriors are trying to recruit her, but she is reluctant. Sofia finally shows up as Renascence in issue #9, and Aja makes his first appearance, although mentioned in previous issues, in New Warriors #10.

Estimated print run for this issue is around 42,657. New Warriors #3 volume 4 has the cover date of October, 2007.

While I don't mind talking about the X-Men, many of these 1st appearances are of characters that aren't really that popular. Jubilee got a bump when she was confirmed to be in X-Men Age of Apocalypse, but once again, she was just a wooden character with no significance of even being in the film.

As for a New Warriors TV show? I doubt any of these characters will make it from the X-Men side of things. Maybe Grace, Aja, and Kaz have a chance since most every team needs a team of techies in TV shows today. Still, a big gamble there.

Actually, a big gamble for speculating or investing in any of these characters and their 1sts. They might make it if a New Mutants or X-Force thing happens, but a lot of the estimated print runs for the New X-Men 1sts on this list are pretty high.

Well, we got one part left and that's all I'm gonna get into concerning New Warriors members and their 1st appearances.

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