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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Warriors 1st Appearance Key Issues Part 3

Part 3 of this New Warriors 1st Appearances of major and minor members of the superhero team. Not much else to say except that if you can click this Part 2 link to go back if you missed it.

Otherwise, here's more 1st appearances of the 1st team from the 1st comic series.

1st appearance of Mike Jeffries (Turbo)

This is the first appearance of Mike Jeffries, and his first appearance in the Torpedo armor as Turbo.

I do believe he doesn't show up as Turbo all that much, but the character does show up in the comic series here and there. The suits origin was revealed in New Warriors #73. That issue retells the history of the Torpedo armor.

It tells how each and everyone who wore the suit acquired it. New Warriors #73 also reveals how Mike Jeffries found the suit as well.

I seriously hope that Jeffries is included in the cast as well, and with a TV shows continually introducing characters all the time, it would be shame if they didn't use the aspect that the Torpedo suit was shared by two characters. 

March, 1993 is the cover date of New Warriors #33 volume 1.

1st appearance of Hindsight Lad

Carlton LaFroyge is a character that shares no super human abilities. He basically had some skills with computer programming and research.

He was great at analyzing events that had already occurred and how they could've played out different if certain alternative actions were taken. He takes the name Hindsight Lad and started out as an associate of the Warriors and actually was a neighbor of Robbie Baldwin, also known as Speedball.

LaFroyge finds out Robbie's secret as the costumed hero and uses that info to blackmail the hero into the Warriors. Baldwin doesn't play a long, but Carlton does end up weaseling his way in as an associate.

He becomes a long-supporting character in the first comic series and ends up becoming a full-fledged member. Eventually the Lad was dropped from his name and he was just known as Hindsight. 

New Warriors Annual #3 is cover dated May, 1993. It originally came polybagged.

1st appearance of Bandit (Donyell Taylor)

The 2nd version of Night Thrasher is Dwayne Taylor's half-brother Donyell Taylor. Their father apparently had an affair and paid Donyell's mother to keep their one-night stand and illegitimate child a secret. Yep, their father was actually well-to-do!

Donyell grew up jealous of Dwayne and was first known as the costumed vigilante the Bandit. His first appearance is in Night Thrasher #3 volume 1 and under that very code name. He is a long-supporting character of Night Thrasher and does become a leader of the New Warriors like his brother.

The character adopts the mantle of Night Thrasher in New Warriors #1 volume 4. Donyell is a mutant with bioelectrical powers like that of an electric eel, and has special wristbows that can fire wire-tethered quarrels for longer-range attacks. 

His brother Dwayne is just an enhanced and a skilled fighter, but is not superhumanly enhanced in strength. He does wear armor that can enhance his strength but not to superhuman levels.

Not sure which version they'll use as Night Thrasher or even if they'll use the character of Night Thrasher. Would seem odd if they didn't, but who knows what Jeph Loeb is thinking when it comes to this show.

October, 1993 is the cover date for Night Thrasher #3 volume 1.

1st appearance as Scarlet Spider

Well, after Ben Reilly adopts or appears as Ben Reilly in Spider-Man #51, he takes on the superhero identity of Scarlet Spider, and it is Scarlet Spider who is asked to join the New Warriors #62. Not really a New Warriors key issue, but it is a 1st appearance for a member that joined the New Warriors in the 1st series comics.

Unlike Slapstick, he was actually shown joining and in the actual comic series. He wasn't all the sudden included as a member by some stupid retcon years later.

Regardless, he was not a member for very long at all. By issue #67, he was no longer part of the team. I think by that time, he actually took up the mantle of Spider-Man.

Anyway, although the was asked to join, he was not really accepted by the team since he would not reveal his identity. Still, this is a decent Web of Spider-Man key to own. Maybe not a great New Warriors key, but a decent Copper Age Spidey key for sure.

Definitely won't be on the show since Sony has the rights to Spidey's catalogue of characters. November, 1994 is the cover date for Web of Spider-Man #118.

1st appearance of Timeslip

Another character that first appeared in the series is Timeslip. She is Rina Patel and is of East Indian descent.

I actually think her power is really cool and would make an interesting character on any superhero TV show as a matter of fact. She is able to exchange her consciousness with her past or future self.

This ability was already shown in X-Men Days of Future Past where a future Wolverine's consciousness inhabits his younger self. That ability could be really interesting for a character on a TV series.

Not saying she has a good chance of being a main cast member or anything. Her character first appeared pretty late in the comic series, so as a New Warrior, she doesn't show up as often.

In my personal opinion, I think the character and her power would be a great for a show. Imagine all the fun one could have if they had Timeslip's ability.

New Warriors #59 has the cover date of May, 1995.

1st appearance of Helix

Helix was not a member long and it's unclear whether he officially joined the team or not. He's a pretty cool character, though.

Helix is Rafael Carago and Latino, and in the New Warriors comics, he only speaks Spanish. He forms a friendship with Mickey Musashi or Turbo because she has college-level Spanish skills.

Helix's 1st appearance is in Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Issue Alpha. Some new form of the Carrion Virus strain was released in the town of Springdale, Pennsylvania and it wiped out the entire population of that town. The only survivor was Rafael.

Apparently he also gained the powers of adaption, in which he could recode his DNA to any threatening outside stimuli. Basically, he's able to alter or evolve his body subconsciously to any threat. Pretty cool!

Anyway, there is a Gold Edition variant for this comic and it's only limited to 2,000 copies. For those who are looking for rare variants and are Spidey fans, this might be a good one to snag currently.

Regular cover has a box in White that holds the Alpha text. This one has that box in gold. Otherwise, the covers aren't much different. 

August, 1995 is the cover date for Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage #Alpha.

1st appearance of Ultragirl
New Warriors guest-stars

Like Slapstick, Ultragirl never showed up in the 1st New Warrriors comic series and she was retconned to have joined the team during the Avengers: The Initiative comic series. I believe it was the same issue #10 that also revealed her and Slapstick joined the original New Warriors somewhere off panel and in continuity.

Unlike Slapstick, though, Ultragirl was seen fighting along side the original New Warriors team. Ultragirl makes her first appearance in her self-titled 3 issue series, but the New Warriors also guest-star throughout this series.

Ultragirl? She is Suzanna Sherman and is a Kree. Her real name is Tsu-Zana.

I'm gonna say this character has a high chance of popping up on the show with her Kree background. Jeph Loeb is a producer for the Agents of Shield TV series and one of the heads of Marvel TV, and it would be easy to have this character in the mix and to connect with Shield.

Just speculating, but the connective tissue is there concerning Ultragirl being a Kree and the connection with the New Warriors in the comics. Ultragirl was created by Barbara Kesel and Leonard Kirk, and Ultra Girl #1 has the cover date of November, 1996. Estimated print run is around

That's pretty much it for the New Warriors team from the 1st series. The 2nd incarnation of the team in New Warriors volume 2 had a slightly different line up. Speedball and Namorita were members as well as Nova

The reports about a New Warriors TV show is pretty recent, so whoever is used in the show is speculative. Actually, many of these keys or 1st appearances are hard speculation snags. I do think Timeslip would be an interesting live-action character.

Short-term might be good. Long-term investments are questionable to a degree. Depends on how long-term one has in mind.

There's really not that much positive reactions to the news of a New Warriors show. I'm wondering how big the actual fan base is for this kind of comic-based show. 

I am skeptical of it, but who really knows? More New Warriors 1st appearances of members, and Part 4 will deal with the 2nd incarnation of new members that joined the team. It will be a short one. 

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