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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Warriors 1st Appearance Key Issues Part 2

Part 2 to this New Warriors 1st appearance key issues list. Basically, it's just a 1st appearances list of all the full members of the New Warriors team.

Right now, we're still on the original team from the 1st comic series. We'll get into the other team's line ups in future parts of this series. 

This Part 1 link will take you to part 1 if you missed it. Without beating around the bush too much, here's the next batch of key issue 1st appearances for the many members of the New Warriors. Enjoy!

1st appearance of Speedball

Speedball is also a long-time member of the group and has been largely associated with the New Warriors in the comic books. Robbie Baldwin first appeared as Speedball in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22. I always thought the name was funny as it's the name of a concoction of drugs also, namely the mixing of cocaine and heroin.

This character came out when I was still collecting and actually reading comics, and since I'm a Spidey and Daredevil fan, I picked up this comic up. I immediately thought Speedball was lame with him bouncing around all over the place like a buffoon.

This power was actually a kinetic energy field that surrounded him and could absorb any other type of kinetic energy it came in contact with. It basically protected him from harm of any kind.

Speedball is another Steve Ditko creation. Oh my! Tom DeFalco also co-created the character. I actually gave the character a 2nd try with his 1st limited series, but to no avail. 

Perhaps the character got better when he was able to control his powers. Dunno, issue #2 was the last of his 1st comic series I followed, before spending my dollars elsewhere.

There is a different incarnation of Speedball as well, but I'm not even going to get into that. Speedball is rumored to be in the main line up of the show, and I definitely think this character will be in the show if it happens.  

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 has the cover date of September, 1988.

1st appearance of Silhouette 
1st appearance of Midnight's Fire 

The characters of Dwayne and Donyell are connected to another member of the New Warriors known as Silhouette. She first appeared in New Warriors #2 volume 1. Her brother Midnight's Fire also makes his first appearance in that issue, and he is a villain. Silhouette is the daughter of Andrew Chord, mentor of Night Thrasher and the New Warriors. Andrew Chord also first appeared in Thor #411.

It was later revealed that Andrew Chord had killed both Dwayne and Donyell's father, Daryl Taylor. Silhouette has connections to the Darkforce Dimension much like Cloak of Cloak and Dagger. Thus, she can teleport through this dimension like Cloak. She can also shadow-meld, meaning melt into any shadow or area of darkness to become virtually invisible like Nightcrawler of the X-Men.

New Warriors #2 of the 1st series has the cover date of August, 1990.

1st appearance of Rage

The character of Rage and Darkhawk became members of New Warriors during the volume 1 series and are notable characters of the team. Well, Rage was seen often in volume 1, but Darkhawk wasn't. Rage is Elvin Haliday and was exposed to toxic waste at the age of 13.

The exposure caused Elvin in grow in strength and size and give him the appearance of a man in his mid-30s. We call that steroids.

With his newfound strength, Elvin sought to join the Avengers and even chastised Captain America for the lack of Black members in the iconic superhero team. However, Elvin was just a teen, so Cap refused his admission into the team.

Instead, Cap sent him to the New Warriors as an Avengers trainee. Rage first appeared in the Avengers #326 volume 1. Like Night Thrasher, Andrew Chord would become his legal guardian when Elvin's grandmother was later murdered. 

Avengers #326 of the 1st series has the cover date of November, 1990.

1st appearance of Darkhawk

Darkhawk is Christopher Powell. His father was a cop, and while young Christopher witnessed his old man taking a bribe from a crime boss one day, he also found an amulet.

This mysterious amulet would transpose him into the Darkhawk armor, and he vowed to be a crime fighter. The character did start off with his own on-going comic series that lasted 50 issues.

His first comic book appearance is in Darkhawk #1 volume 1. Both Darkhawk and Rage joined the New Warriors in issue #22 of the 1st New Warriors series, and Darkhawk #1 has the cover date of March, 1991. 

1st appearance of Squirrel Girl 
1st appearance of Monkey Joe

Since Squirrel Girl has been speculated on for quite a while now, most know that her 1st appearance is in Marvel Super-Heroes #8 volume 2. Despite being considered a "joke character" by quite a few comic fans, she has been talked about quite a bit in the last few years and was created by Steve Ditko and Will Murray. 

Squirrel Girl wasn't a member of the New Warriors and is  connected to The Great Lakes Avengers and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Actually, if it wasn't for reports about the character being the focus of a New Warriors TV show, I would not put this character on this New Warriors key issues list since she never joined the team.

In the comics, she did always want to join the team mostly because she has a mad crush on Speedball. I wonder if that will be her connection in the TV show?

Perhaps, she'll be the fan of the team like in the comics and pursue Speedball's affections? 

Who knows? Once again, she was never a member of the team in the comics though she longed to join. Then again, she longed to join the Avengers also.

So Squirrel Girl is Doreen Green, and like her name suggests, she can communicate with squirrels. Actually, she does so effectively that she has been able to beat major super villains with her furry friends. Errr...yeah.

Squirrel Girl also has superhuman strength and agility and her claws help her to climb. She carries a utility belt that she stuffs with nuts for her squirrel friends and these pouches on her belt are humorously referred to as her "nut sacks".

She was created to be a light-hearted superhero with a more comedic tone. Her sidekick is a squirrel named Monkey Joe.

Squirrel Girl was the nanny of Danielle Cage, daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. In the comics, she is a member of the Great Lakes Avengers.

The character tries to impress Iron Man in this issue, hoping to join the Avengers as the result of wowing him with her abilities. However, she is only 14 and too young, but Iron Man promises to put a good word in for her when she is older.

Marvel Super-Heroes #8 volume 2 has the cover date of December, 1991. 

1st appearance of Turbo

There are some characters that 1st appeared in the titled series. Silhouette is one and the character of Turbo is one of them as well. Both did become a full-fledged members, and like already mentioned in the listing for the 1st appearance of Alexander Power, Turbo and Alex were asked to be full members in issue #60 of the New Warriors.

Kinda odd since Turbo has been fighting a long side of the New Warriors for quite a while since issue #60. So Michiko Musashi is obviously a character of Japanese descent.

She wears a body of armor called the Torpedo armor that her friend Mike Jeffries found in the attic of his house by mistake. They were both going to a party and Mike preferred his own home-made costume instead of the somewhat goofy-looking Torpedo suit.

So Michiko ends up wearing the suit to the party, but finds out that it's really a suit of armor that does stuff instead of looking goofy. Not knowing that it was the original battle suit that the character of Torpedo wore, the two decided to share the suit.

This suit contained both Earth and Direwraith (from the Rom Marvel Comics mythos) technology and was able to fly at speeds at supersonic levels. The suit also generates a force field while in flight and also concussive blasts, Turbo-Punch.

While the New Warriors were a very diverse superhero team in Marvel Comics during the 90s, the call for diversity in Hollyweird is still strong. Michiko as Turbo is a strong contender in being part of the line up for the show, and there's a good chance her character may be one of the core cast.

Mike Jeffries does share the armor, but Jeffries was never officially offered membership. Strange since he wanted to be a superhero more than Michiko, but Michiko was seen as Turbo a lot more than Jeffries in the comics.

New Warriors #28 has the cover date of October, 1992.

1st appearance of Slapstick

The character of Slapstick or Steve Harmon did not appear in the 1st series of the New Warriors as a member of the team. It was later retconned that this character had joined the original team in the Avengers Initiative comic series that came out in 2007 and lasted until 2010.

This was revealed in the Avengers Initiative #10 issue. If Loeb has the plan of making the New Warriors show more of a comedy, then I can definitely see this character being used. I think most of us can.

Slapstick is depicted as good friends with Speedball, so he might have a good chance of being cast in the show if it truly happens. Maybe a guest-appearance in an episode or so.

The character has recently regained interest among comic fans, and Slapstick #1 has the cover date of November, 1992.

eBay | ComicConnect | Amazon

As mentioned in Part 1, Speedball is rumored to be in the show, and I think Speedball might be a given for the show.

Silhouette would be great for the show. She is connected to Night Thrasher through Andrew Chord (his daughter) and shares the Dark Dimension deal, which could easily be connected to Cloak since a Cloak and Dagger show in the works. Great way for some guest-starring crossover for the two shows if Silhouette is in the TV series. 

She could still be in the show without Night Thrasher, but it would be weird without Thrash. His first appearance is in the same issue that has the 1st appearance of the New Warriors. Thor #411 is steaming up slightly.

Then again, this is basically the original team and there are different incarnations. Dagger guest-starred and teamed up with the New Warriors in the comics, but she declined membership.

Dagger 1st appeared in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64.
I'd love to see Turbo, both Mickey and Jeffries, be in the show. Whether they are though is up in the air. Their firsts are very much under the radar currently and still cheap.

As for Darkhawk, I'd like to see him on the show even if he isn't a member of the team all that much. Speaking of Darkhawk, his 1st brief appearance is in Marvel Age #97, in which he had a 5 page preview as stated on the cover. His 1st is still being noted as Darkhawk #1, and that just might become a 1st full appearance.

There are rumors that Rage will be a main cast member for the TV series, but who knows which extra members will be added or guest-appear in later episodes. It is a TV show after all. 

More New Warriors members and their 1st appearances in Part 3

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