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Monday, September 12, 2016

Deathstroke Key Issues Part 3

Part 3 to this Deathstroke key issues list is here, and we've got some 1st one-on-one battles with some famous Justice League members to take a gander at. Not so rich on 1st appearances or anything, but it is what it is.

Gonna keep this intro short, so if you missed Part 2, that link will bring ya back if you missed it. Otherwise, here's more key Deathstroke comics for ya comic fans.

1st battle with Wonder Woman

The Dark Knight tried to get a piece of Deathstroke, and it's only fitting that others somehow have to cross paths with the super merc too. While Batman was a pretty logical choice, it's odd to have Wonder Woman be the 2nd DC superhero to take on Deathstroke.

Well, actually, it's more of a surprise that the two did not engage earlier since Wonder Girl is a prominent member of the Titans and tied to Wonder Woman's mythos, but it seems that the creatives did a good job of not making this happen until this issue as far as I can dig up. If there is an earlier scrap between the two, do let me know.

So in this issue Wonder Woman hires Deathstroke for a mission but the two get into an argument that leads into a fight. In the end Wonder Woman does win but it's not the most impressive of battles. Here's the fight near the end.

The story is carried over into Wonder Woman #63 volume 2. For some reason, Wonder Woman #63 volume 2 is more valuable than Wonder Woman Special #1. This Special has the cover date of May, 1992 as is a cheap buy currently.

1st battle with Superman

Batman and Wonder Woman got their shot in at Deathstroke, and now it's time for the Man of Steel to get his shot. Deathstroke is a wanted man and Superman is on the hunt for the mercenary.

After helping Supe's cause in the Panic in the Sky story event, it seems that there is no benefit of the doubt for Deathstroke. The Terminator gets involved in a gun fight with the police at the airport and Lucy Lane is shot by accident.

Everyone suspects the Terminator, and like Batman before him, Superman wants to take Deathstroke in. Here's the battle pages contained in this comic.


It's actually a pretty uneventful battle if you even want to call it that, more like a cat and mouse game.  Pretty disappointing, and Deathstroke admits he's no match for the Man of Steel at the get-go in this weak confrontation.

I shouldn't even call it a battle, so this confrontation ends with Deathstroke in a Superman choke hold. The story itself is pretty meh, and in the end, Deathstroke is arrested. June, 1992 is the cover date for Superman #68 volume 2.

1st battle with Aquaman
1st battle with Hal Jordan
1st battle with Flash (Wally West)

Deathstroke duked it out with Batman in Deathstroke the Terminator #7 and then Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman Special #1 and Wonder Woman #63 comics. Superman had a go with Deathstroke in Superman #68, and now it's time for other Justice Leaguers to get a first taste.

As mentioned in Part 2, Deathstroke has been featured either in or fighting along side other heroes in story events prior to this comic, but never was seen in a brawl with any of them other than the Teen Titans and it's membership. This story takes up where Superman #68 left off, and Superman takes in Deathstroke.

However, Deathstroke escapes and is on the lamb. A huge news alert is broadcast and a bunch of heroes take up the cause of bringing him in.

There's a few nobody characters like Hemp and Shuriken who have a team that goes after Deathstroke. I am not sure if that's the same Shuriken in the Samurai Squad, who were a very brief enemy of Batman and the Outsiders.

That Shuriken was an enemy of Katana and first appeared in Batman and the Outsiders #1. So, dunno about the one that appears in this issue, and if it is the 1st appearance of another character with the same name, who cares?

A very, very, very obscure and minor character anyway, but this issue does see Deathstroke battle both Hal Jordan and Aquaman in this issue. Actually, he outsmarts both and Aquaman is actually written with respect in this issue.

Deathstroke definitely does not undermine him and knows he's a powerful dude as well, so it's another cat and mouse game between the two. However, there are blows exchanged a bit more than with the Superman confrontation.

Funny how Aquaman boasts how he's stronger and quicker in true comic book fashion. Then it's Wally West's turn as the Flash to duke it out with the Terminator.

In the end, Deathstroke bests them all and escapes. Pretty entertaining fights and story all together.

Whether Deathstroke will meet these characters in the DCEU is up in the air at this moment, but I suppose the idea can be entertained in the meantime. Deathstroke the Terminator #13 has the cover date of August, 1992.

1st appearance of Sweet Lili
1st cameo appearance of Rose Wilson

Slade Wilson's family doesn't just extend to Adeline Kane, Grant and Joseph. It seems he had an affair with the headmistress of a Bordello in Cambodia named Sweet Lili, real name Lilian Worth. The result was a love child named Rose.

This issue does have the first appearance of Sweet Lili and tells the story of how they met and did the hippity dippity. Rose also does show up but only in two panels on one page. She's obviously the white-haired girl.

Not sure if Overstreet or CGC would just simply note this as a cameo appearance or whatever. Overstreet doesn't note it and I could not find any CGC copy examples for this issue. 

However, if talking about the way these two note comics, it's more than likely that Rose Wilson appearance will just be noted a "cameo", but I'll give it a bit of leeway and note it a 1st cameo.

However, it is a dangerous move since she does show up again in just two panels in Deathstroke The Hunted #0. Sigh!

Deathstroke The Terminator #15 has the cover date of October, 1992.

1st Deathstroke & Deadshot battle
1st Deathstroke & Deadshot team up

Two of DC's most lethal assassins in a story together? Yep, and it's right in this issue.

Okay, the two apparently teamed up in War of the Gods #4 along with a whole slew of other characters, but in this issue they team up in a non-event story. Actually, Peacemaker teams up with two as well.

However, since Deadshot and Deathstroke are part of the DCEU, I think there's a more than decent chance we could see the two on the big screen together. Deathstroke was a member of the Suicide Squad briefly, and it would be pretty cool to see these two go at it.

It would make perfect sense since both are in the same line of work, and Deathstroke has the major flaw of constantly trying to establish himself as the best in the business. I can see it happening.

So, while this most likely isn't the first time the two met, it is the first time they are actually seen working together in a team up outside of a DC event story. You know, where they actually interact with each other.

So Deadshot is hired by Kobra to kill both Peacemaker and Deathstroke. They fight briefly and Deathstroke tries to hire Deadshot away from Kobra's contract.

Deadshot does not agree until Kobra troops arrive and also fire upon Deadshot. No, not that Cobra from G.I. Joe.

Kobra is a villain in DC Comics and was created by Jack Kirby when he defected from Marvel during the Bronze Age. Showcase '93 #8 has the cover date of August, 1993.

1st appearance of Gunfire
1st appearance of Ragnarok
1st appearance of Ben Nakashima
1st appearance of Yvette DuBois

Alright, the 1st appearances contained in this annual aren't supporting characters in the Deathstroke mythos. They're all actually supporting characters for Gunfire.

However, Gunfire did 1st appear in a Deathstroke comic, so this is a key issue in a Deathstroke comic. Gunfire and his supporting cast of Ben Nakashima and Yvette DuBois are pretty obscure characters in DC Comics and without many appearances at all.

This is part of the Bloodlines crossover event that ran through a bunch of annuals before it concluded in the 2 issue limited series Bloodbath.

Pretty minor key Deathstroke key issue and Deathstroke the Terminator Annual #2 is a 1993 annual.

1st Deathstroke & Green Arrow team up

Ok, once again, I think this is Green Arrow and Deathstroke's 1st team up outside of a crossover event. The pair were both in the 2 issue Bloodbath conclusion of the Bloodlines story event. I am not sure if they meet there or they are shown fighting along side each other, but if they are, it's most likely with a bunch of other heroes.

I doubt this is their first meeting either, and they either met somewhere off panel or in the Bloodbath comics. They team up in this issue as a pair kickin' much ass, but don't duke it out.

Green Arrow knows very little about Deathstroke, so it's apparent that it is an early meeting between the two. It's also the 2nd time Deathstroke shows up in the Green Arrow comic series.

He first appears at the end of the previous issue in #84. Green Arrow #85 has the cover date of April, 1994.

Okay, just in case you're into the Vigilante or the Pat Trayce version, I'll showcase the cover to Deathstroke the Terminator #10.

Don't quite agree with the notation that Overstreet tacked onto issue #9 and #10 compared to Hawkgirl's in both Flash Comics #5 and Flash Comics #24. To me, it's a contradiction, and I think some changes are in need.

Like I mentioned in the article either give Deathstroke #9 a 1st appearance label and Deathstroke #10 a 2nd appearance label or give Flash Comics #5 a 1st brief label and Flash Comics #24 a "1st full" label. Yes, I do understand that Pat Trayce is introduced as the new Vigilante in issue #10, but what's the difference of that and "Shiera Sanders becomes Hawkgirl"?

With other keys that I think needs to be addressed, The New Titans #83 is the issue where Deathstroke is forced to kill his son Jericho. His son is possessed by the souls of Azareth, and these souls attempt to claim each Titan's bodies.

Deathstroke saves the Titans in that issue, and this would give Adeline Kane another grudge to hold against Slade Wilson. While I think it's important to know, I don't know if it's an important Deathstroke key issue to go crazy over necessarily

Jericho does pop back up again in the comics later. No surprise there.

If you're interested in the two issue comic series Bloodbath, here are the covers for both of those issues as well. I do not know how much of a part Deathstroke plays in the crossover comics, or how important that series actually is.

Issue #1 does have a first full appearance of the Taker and the deaths of a few Bloodline parasites. Issue #2 doesn't appear to have any key worthiness going on, or anything I could find out just yet.

Also, as mentioned before, there is the Part 2 battle between Wonder Woman and Deathstroke in Wonder Woman #63 of the 2nd series. The Cheetah is also in this issue.

However, Wonder Woman and Deathstroke do not battle in issue #63, nor is it really a team up together. They are on the same misson, and the two are seen together briefly in one panel. 

No idea why that comic has sellers jacking up the prices. The comic follows Wonder Woman Special #1, but some say it's Brian Bolland's 1st Wonder Woman cover. 

Some also say it's scarce in high grade due to the white cover. Perhaps, no one has bothered to clean and press the comic 'cause it's under the radar or not seen worth doing?

No idea, but the story is pretty awful and unmemorable. 


  1. That Deathstroke guy sure does come around. However, when I see all that DC comics I realize I' m more a Marve guy. Plain and simple. Just bagged a Nick Fury Agent of Shield 1 in 6.0 for 30. What do you think? Good buy or poor buy?

    Max Rebo

  2. Thumbs up! I think it' s a bargain. Probably worth 50. Here are my wet dreams (Top 5):

    1. Batman Adventures 12
    2. New Teen Titans 2
    3. Incredible Hulk 180
    4. Amazing Spiderman 121
    5. X-Men 94

    Maybe I can complete the list before I
    turn 60. Would cost me at least 1.000
    bucks, I guess.


    1. The cost will depend on the condition you would want on those. All are great books. I've owned 4 of the 5 on your list. Definitely would have been better for you to buy them 5 or 10 years ago, but that happens to all of us.

  3. Lucky man!!! Which one was never in your possesion? At least the first 3 could have
    been had for peanuts 5 years ago :-(


  4. I don't know about you guys but I fir oe think that either Overstreet board of advisors with all their vast knowledge need to get their collective asses together and come up with a definitive solution to what constitutes a first appearance!!!! I mean either say across the board that a 1 2 or 3 panel appearance is a cameo appearance for all comics and a FULL APPEARANCE is just that A FULL APPEARANCE throughout the book!!! They REALLY NEED a overhaul on the entire industry and get their shit together don't ya think? I can never understand why Overstreet can't come out with a quarterly magazine that focuses directly on the current values on comic books and get rid of the OUT-DATED OVERSTREET GUIDE!! For those who want to focus on Golden age put out a guide specifically for that niche in the colector world. The market these days for SILVER BRONZE and MODERN age comics is so volatile and ever changing it Warrants a major change in how comics are perceived and priced... your opinion please.

    1. I'm especially tired and a bit frustrated about determining what to label a cameo, brief or 1st or 1st full appearance, especially for keys that Overstreet and CGC have yet to note or are clued in. I think some kind of set standard needs to be put in place and known to comic collectors just like the grading scale.

      It would sure make my job easier in determining 1st appearances that aren't that known or currently over-looked by the comic collecting industry. That's a good idea...a guide book for just Golden Age comics.