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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ramblings of A Comic Geek: Hiatus!

So this is another episode of Ramblings of A Comic Geek entitled "Hiatus!" Yeah, it's a lot better than naming it Part 1 or 2 or 3, because I actually forget which part I'm at honestly.

The episode is exactly what it states. Yes, I am taking a hiatus until about the 6th of September due to family affairs abroad, so there most likely won't be any new posts until maybe the 7th or 8th of September.

No, I won't be bringing no laptop. This will be a time to give my hands and fingers a break from the arthritis and stiffness that's been getting slowly but surely worse little by little.

In that regard, I might as well talk about some new developments in the world of comic media. So the new mystery speedster in Flash Season 3 is still mired in confusion.

It was said he was Black Racer, Black Flash, or Daniel West as a different incarnation of Reverse Flash. Then a few days ago, it was said the mystery speedster in black was actually Savitar. Yes, that comic character who looks nothing like the mystery speedster.

Greg Berlanti has gone on Twitter and said it's not Savitar and the character hasn't even been cast yet after some reports claimed that the mystery speedster was the supposed Flash villain. New reports are saying that Savitar is teased in the new promo trailer. If you've yet to see it, the video is posted below:

Now, it's recently being reported that Todd Lasance has been cast to play The Rival. The character is also known as the Reverse Golden Age Flash and is the first Reverse Flash character in DC Comics even though he only had a single Golden Age appearance.

The Rival first debuted in the Golden Age of comics and was a foe of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. Not sure how true those confirmations are though, but his 1st appearance is in Flash Comics #104.

Overstreet notes that comic as scarce but doesn't note the 1st appearance of the Rival in that comic. It's already pretty valuable and a CGC 6.0 sold for $2,181 on eBay back in 2013. A CGC 4.5 for $1,300 also in 2013.

Other news concerning the Flash Season 3 is that Mirror Master has been apparently confirmed and that actor Grey Damon will be playing the Flash's Rogue. Mirror Master is a very early Silver Age villain for the Barry Allen version of the Flash and a well-noted member of the Rogues.

The character 1st appeared in the Flash #105, the issue that began Barry Allen's first comic book series as the iconic Silver Age Flash. The numbering did continue from the Golden Age Flash Comics #104.

Somehow, I'm not expecting the traditional get-up from the comics for this character. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mirror Master in a very different look for live action, but you never know.

Also, another cutie female villain has been confirmed for the show, and that villain is The Top. Well, the character is from the actual comics, but in the pages and panels of comic books, The Top's alter ego is the male Roscoe Neyle Dillon.

Actor or actress Ashley Rickards will play Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, the female Top for the show. There is no female version in the comics as of yet, but despite that, the villainous Top 1st appeared in The Flash #122 and is yet another Silver Age DC baddie.

Yep, the character in the comics learned how to spin around fast enough to deflect bullets, and instead of detaching his brain from his skull, the fast spinning actually increased the Top's intelligence by some miracle. The Top also uses actual spinning tops to plant explosives or release toxins.

The character is part of the Rogues, and so far the show has featured Captain Cold, Heatwave, Trickster, Pied Piper, Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard, Golden Glider and Captain Boomerang in Season 3 of Arrow in which Green Arrow and the Flash team up.

The casting of Ashley Rickards as the Top completes the Silver Age line up of the Rogues. I am thinking the Rogues will come into play sooner or later as the team of super villains are iconic to Flash's mythos. Well, more like thinking that could be a logical appearance in a future episode entitled, "Rogues".

As I've mentioned the 1st appearance of the Rogues before in Flash #130, and some don't really think that issue should be counted as their 1st appearance since it's the imposter Paul Barrett posing as the Trickster, Top, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang in that issue.

The only two Rogues who actually really shows up in the issue are Mirror Master and the Trickster, both in prison. The actual Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Top, and Trickster are still behind bars and are not actually seen together nor in the issue. Well, Paul Barret disguised as them do show up.

They are all first seen together as a single unit in Flash #155, and even though Overstreet still notes #130 as the 1st appearance of the Gauntlet of Super-Villains, the story in Flash #155 is actually entitled, "The Gauntlet of Super-Villains" and they do show up together as a team in that issue.

The debate rages on, but I do think both issues are important. If Flash #130 remains the 1st appearance of the Rogues, then I do think Flash #155 should be considered a 1st full appearance and the 1st time the Flash battles the Rogues as a team.

It is what it is, though. Onward to other out-of-the-box comics that could relate to the show or are important in the history of comics. Since we all know that Kid-Flash is appearing in Season 3, Flash #120 is a more than meets the eye key issue.

That's issue has the 1st Kid Flash or Wally West cover, and it's the 1st team up between Kid Flash and the Flash. Oh, wait, it's got a third key notation for that issue and that's the 1st time Wally West learns that the Flash is Barry Allen, which already played out in Season 2.

Also, will the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Arrow shows feature Abra Kadabra at some point in the future or near future? Maybe in Legends of Tomorrow since the character is originally from the 64th Century, but the character is a known Flash villain in the comics.

Who knows? Just thinking ahead here, and if you feel like taking a chance on that one, Abra Kadabra's 1st appearance is in Flash #128.

Back to some confirmed villains for the show. Magenta has been cast and actor Joey King will play the villain. She recently tweeted her look on the show somewhat, but it just reveals her magenta eye contacts and some magenta hair-coloring.

Whether she suits up in an actual comic-like costume is up in the air. Would be cool if she did, but definitely wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a generic one.

Magenta is Frankie Kane and a one time girlfriend of Wally West, and the female villain can control and create magnetic fields. Her 1st appearance is in The New Teen Titans #17 of the 1980 series.

No big secret, but pretty cool recent news is that Lance Henriksen of Aliens fame has bee cast to play Obsidian in Legends of Tomorrow. Obsidian is the biological son of Alan Scott and Rose Canton, who is the villain the Thorn in the Golden Age of comics.

Obsidian, also known as Todd Rice, is the brother of Jennie-Lynn Hayden who is the superhero Jade. Both Jade and Obsidian's appearance is in All-Star Squadron #25 along with the 1st appearance of Infinity, Inc.

As stated in the Flash key issues series, Thorn 1st appeared as a villain for Jay Garrick in Flash Comics #89. Obviously in the comics, both Jade and Obsidian are Earth-2 characters, but whether that's true for Obsidian in Legends of Tomorrow might be a different story.

Another comic character will be in Legends of Tomorrow and that's the JSA member of Stargirl. Her 1st appearance is in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E #0 as the 2nd Star-Spangled Kid.

Her actual 1st appearance as Stargirl is in JSA: All Stars #4. She will be played by the lovely Sarah Grey. 

Alright, that's all I got for now. Gotta get ready for the trip and apologize I couldn't write more. 

See ya when I get back and take it at ease!


  1. Hope you can also get some good R & R on your trip. Take care. Gonna watch the scene an immediately report any important incidents in the market.


  2. Hope you have a good trip brother man!! Enjoy the time off.


    A few weeks ago TCM reported that he had "slung" his Silver Surfer 44 in the market and made some profit. Wise decision? I think TCM acted like a young stud on his prom night. He made his move to early. Silver Surfer 44 can now be seen for up to 150 bucks on ebay. Why? People now treat this as the first appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet and an important key to the Thanos saga. Actually I was never really fond of first appearances of things like first adamantium or first Chaos Cube and so on, but I guess we have to make an exception here. Silver Surfer 44 is definitely on the rise.


  4. Mayhem reported he sold his low grade copy he got as a kid last year. High grade copies are rising but holding onto a low grade copper age comic far from rare? I would have done the same during a peak.

  5. Hey people,

    would recommend Silver Surfer 34 instead right now. Still cheap & more room for growth than number 44.

    Max Rebo

    1. I agree Max. That book is the comic when Thanos returned from a long hiatus in comics. Also has him on the cover as well. It is the starting point of the whole storyline that leads up to the Infinity Gauntlet saga. The second best single issue in the series after number 44. I recommend the newsstand edition because it's about 3 to 4 times rarer than the direct edition.

    2. Hey,

      just wanted to ad that this little gem has the first meeting between Thanos an the Surfer, plus, in a way, their first battle. What can I say? It' s a classic!

      Speculation Jones

  6. Seems that Ben Affleck's teaser video has given a little boost to New Teen Titans #2.

    1. Yeah I'm still upset at myself for selling my raw 9.0/9.2 range copy back in 2014. Should have held onto it a little longer.

  7. Hola amigos,

    in the absence of the master himself we gotta keep the business a runnin'. I heard about the Chrononauts by Mark Millar becoming a major movie. Anyone heard about that too? So far the comics are moving like heavy bricks, which means next to no movement.



    OK friends, it' s Ace here with another installment of MARKET WATCH by ACE. As you all know, TCM has taken some time off, so I wanna report about some hot comics in the meantime, if I come across any. So far Justice League 40 has caused some ruckuss, having the first appearance of Grail, Darkseid' s daughter. With Darkseid coming to the screen soon, the only way for this baby is up. I have seen copies goin for 22 bucks, which have basically been 2 dollar books just a few weeks ago. So, just think a minute about this one. I think it' s a good deal if you can find it cheap. Until then, good huntin' and good night. Not many more nights to sleep, I guess, before Mayhem is back.


    1. No disrespect Ace but your a little behind the 8 ball on this one. That book was been hot since the beginning of the year. If your going to pick up a copy I would suggest the 1:25 variant or the combo pack variant over the regular edition. Unless like you said you can find one on the cheap.
      Can't wait for Mayhem to get back and crank out some more great post's.

  9. I dunno about you folks, but I' m getting a little tired about all these new character introductions. Most of them issues have a lame story which does not support the main character. So instead of reporting about the next Deadpool or Harley Quinn clone, I wanted to bring your attention to a classic Iron Man story. For me that is Iron Man 128, the famous alcoholism issue issue. I think this one stands next to the iconic Spiderman comics we all like to collect. It' s not a cheap bargain but concerning character development and significance, this one will never be a failure investment.

    Max Rebo

    1. I agree Max they don't write stories like that anymore. One of the best covers and stories in the 1st Iron Man series. I put it up there close to Amazing Spider-Man 96-98 and Green Lantern 85-86. Both classic story lines for there time that are always great reads and are good investment books as well.