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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hot Key Comics of 2016 Part 20

And we're back for a brief moment with another episode of more hot key comics of 2016. This is Part 20, and I've got one comic I've yet to mention on this site, but Speculation Jones has in a recent comment.

So, I thought it would be interesting to explore that, and the findings were what I expected. There's quite a bit of current buzz around this character, so I thought what the hell. 

Best to record some values, and then if the character takes off and sustains, we'll have a record to look back on. Anyway, here's the next batch of them.

1st Gwenom cover appearance

Oh, boy, and I thought the gimmicks were bad in the 90s. The amount of creativity and rehashing of characters and previously popular story lines is amazing in the world of comics concerning the Big Two this era.

Spider-Gwen, Silk, Gwenpool, Lady Thor, the female Iron Man, Asian Hulk, Miles Morales Spider-Man. Maybe it's all for fun. 

Maybe it's a lack of creativity to actually create original characters. Maybe they're just gimmicks to keep or appeal to new readers.

Who knows? Actually, I heard that some fans liked this cover so much and the idea that they demanded for the creatives at Marvel to take this cover and run with an actual character. Whether that's true or not, Marvel is going to introduce this Gwenom in an actual story arc in Spider-Gwen volume 2 later this year.

Whoopy! So, this comic is heating up again somewhat. It came out last year and did okay, reaching $30 to $50 bucks.

However, this variant cover by Rob Guillory flooded the market shortly after release and now prices are selling below $30 for some raw copies currently on eBay. Slabbed copies is a different story, though.

When it comes to CGC 9.8s, they have done better on average this year as opposed to 2015. Sort of.

9.8s broke into the $100 range a few times this year and almost seemed like they were going to nestle in there, but then fizzled a bit by May. It got a short bump by later May and later in June, but by the end of the month, it ran out of steam and landed in the $80 range.

9.6s have done slightly better on average as well compared to 2015 and this year, moving into the $40 range. The sale in $100 range just might be an impulse or fluke buy at the time of purchase, meaning that copy may have been the only one on eBay at the time.

Once again, slightly better and I mean very slight. I really wouldn't call this a hot comic. Simmering is more like it, but we will have to see when Gwenom actually debuts in a comic story later this year and if fans take to it.

I mean fans here, not speculators just looking for a quick buck and dishing it off as soon as possible. Gwenom might be a breakout character like Gwenpool, or she might not.

The real question is will there be more speculators jumping on this variant and her 1st appearance or actual fans that like the character? If it is speculators, expect the market to be flooded with her actual 1st appearance in a comic story from speculators flipping.

I'd also be on the lookout for any 1:whatever variants of Gwenom's 1st appearance if you're into the whole speculation flip for a quickie. I cannot find any print run information on this Gwenom variant, but the CGC Census has a total of 129 graded copies so far.

There are seventy-six 9.8s and thirty-five 9.6s currently, and this comic has the cover date of August, 2015.

eBay | Amazon | ComicLink | ComicConnect

The Walking Dead #1 comic cover
1st appearance of Rick Grimes
1st appearance of Shane Walsh
1st appearance of Morgan Jones
1st appearance of Duane Jones

Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles almost two decades earlier, the world of the Walking Dead became a phenomenon. Not too many comics break out like this in the Modern Age on pure fandom without mass speculating involved.

While I'm sure some speculation is involved, there is no doubt that the Walking Dead has a huge fan base for the comics and the TV show. Gerry watches it religiously I think. I've never seen an episode.

I admit, when this comic was at the $2,000 mark back in 2013 for 9.8s, some asked me if they should invest in this comic, but I didn't trust no Modern Age comic regardless of popularity or a lower than average print run. Looks like I was wrong and fully admit to being so.

When it comes to the Walking Dead #1 at slabbed 9.9s, demand and values have been pretty much all over the place in the last 3 years or so. It's hard to determine what's a fluke buy, and I'm pretty sure this grade doesn't come to market as often as 9.8s. 

Still, this year saw 9.9s hit above the $20,000 mark from a CBCS sale of only $11,250 only 4 days apart. The average of this year so far with the two sales is $17,035.50.

2015's average of sales is at $8,254.20. The sales average of 2014 is around $8,989. and 2013's average value is around $15,135.

Not sure how this will go concerning the rest of the year. I see a 9.9 on eBay for $18,000 with a Best Offer option, and there is another one with the same sales price as the most recent March sale of this year.

Walking Dead at CGC 9.8s have finally broke through into the $3,000 range this year. Wowza!
I am not sure if they had already done so before 2013. At least on eBay and concerning sales in that market place, this comic at slabbed 9.8s have never hit the $3,000 mark from 2013 to 2015.

However, there is a 2014 Heritage sale which saw this comic and grade sell for $3,346.00. The oldest sales Heritage's archives go back to is 2012 and both those were in the $1,000 range.

So, CGC 9.8s on eBay hit the $3,000 range four times this year, and once back in June, twice in July, and the most recent in August. However, the only CGC 9.8 sale at Heritage this year only sold in the $2,000 range.

Like any comic and grade that keeps getting flung back in the market, 9.6s have been pretty volatile as well. This grade did hit the 2,000 range three times this year.

It only it the hit the 2,000 range once and that was back in December. Actually this grade did hit the $2,000 range four times if you count the Heritage Auction sale this year August 6th, and it sold for $2,270.50.

eBay sales prior in 2013 to 2014 did not see The Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.6s ever hit the $2,000 mark or over, so not bad.

THOR #132
1st cameo appearance of Ego the Living Planet
1st appearance of the Grand Commissioner  
1st appearance of Sir Porga
1st appearance of Recorder 211

This one was brought to my attention by Gerry a little while back. Rumors about Ego have circulated for a bit, but now it has been confirmed that Ego the Living Planet is confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Well, kind of. Actually, Kurt Russel will be playing Ego, and it turns out that Ego is Starlord's father. As for the planet thing, I dunno and we'll have see how they twist this character.

I have been keeping an eye on this one, and waiting to see how this comic would be affected if rumors ended up being true. Looks like Gerry was right on getting this one when he did.

So, as written in the Marvel The Collector & Elders of the Universe Key Comics list done back in May of this year, Thor #132 has the 1st cameo appearance of Ego the Living Planet. He appears on a full page at the end of the story and is named.

Let's take a look at how movie hype confirmation affected this comic this year. 

Looks like a pretty big increase since August of 2015. Compared it to August of this year, the comic at CGC 9.8s jumped up via bidding auction by $972 bucks.

CGC 9.6s had more of a gradual growth, but it's clear that by July of this year and the confirmation at SDCC, this comic at this grade got a kick in the ass in terms of demand, considering that last year in February you could've got this comic for $143 or in that range at this grade.

9.4s for this comic doesn't seem to be overly affected just yet. Look at 9.2s later July sales and logic might say that they will be soon enough, especially if you look at the gap between 9.4s and 9.6s value wise.

Then again, it does matter how many copies there are at the grade and how much speculators are willing to pay. It also depends on how ridiculous the prices are that sellers currently have it at in the market currently.

This comic has recently moved into the hot zone and we'll have to see when or if it starts to cool off. Gerry's written up a post recently about Thor #132 as well if you wanna check it out.

eBay | mycomicshop | Amazon | ComicConnect

When it comes to Thor #133, 1st full appearance of Ego, it's pretty much being over-looked while the 1st cameo is hot currently. Sellers have bumped up the price, but no one is really biting that key this year.

Maybe that will change or maybe it won't. Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.4s are threatening the $2000 range and have sold this year in the higher $1000s. Well, at least, the most recent sales on eBay have, or that's been recorded by GoCollect.

We'll have to see how this Gwenom thing turns out. Initial hype of her 1st appearance in an actual comic story will most likely be strong, but it could fade like the Gwenom variant. Once again, depends on how many speculators jump on that and if the character breaks out in actual fandom. I'd look for the rarer 1 for whatever variants as soon as they pop on the market. They could or might get crazy or not.

As for a somewhat unrelated topic, the Vulture has been confirmed as a baddie in Spider-Man Homecoming. At SDCC, Brie Larson has also been confirmed as Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel.



  1. Hey Mayhem,

    thanks for picking up that "Gwenom Phenomenon" - didn' t know that Marvel is going to introduce this character in the future. In terms of speculation I would rather recommend a classic like Watchmen 1. The prices on gocollect are rising steady in all grades. I guess it has to do with the move into regular DC continuity. If DC does it right, these characters can become real powerhorses...

    Speculation Jones

    1. Definitely S.J. I would go with a Watchmen 1 over that Gwenom book any day.
      I think Watchmen is a classic series and has a decent cult following. Hope that there intro into the DCU helps it become more popular as well.

  2. Hi team,

    we all know that variant covers and covers from special artists are all the rage these days. For instance Adam Hughes covers for any title are going through the roof (Catwoman 51, 70 or WW 184). I guess it has to do with the grading trend and the fact, that the only thing you gonna see from a graded comic is just that - the cover! To make a long story short, is there allready interest in the first cover art of a certain artist? Take Adam Hughes for instance, what was his first cover and are collectors taking notice?


    1. I think his 1st cover work is Maze Agency #2.

    2. Oops...Maze Agency #1, but not 100% sure.

    3. Or it's Amazing Heroes #154...they both have the cover date of December, 1988. But Amazing Heroes #154 has a preview of Maze Agency so I'm figuring that it's their 1st brief appearance and precedes Maze Agency #1 or is suppose, so I think Amazing Heroes #154 is Adam Hughes 1st comic cover work.

    4. Thanks for diggin' this up, man! I took a shot at the Amazing Heroes 154 comic. What the hell, it' s cheap, probably rare and for me it has a significance. The problem with early pro work is, that the companies and characters involved are often not that interesting. Adam Hughes first interior art was in Eagle 9 (pinup) and in Star Ranger 9 (6 pages) plus Death Hawk 1. Now, the titles alone let you know what you can expect. Probably the real AH can be seen first on the cover to "The A1 True Life Bikini Confidential". Don' t ask me what this one is about...


  3. I think Justice League America 31 has the first mainstream Hughes cover - it' s not your typical Hughes cover though, so I doubt it that price increases are possible.

    Max Rebo

  4. I think right now there is not much a market for current comic artist 1st works. Seems people aren't that interested. Of course this is different when it comes to Gold and Silver Age books with 1st comic art by a classic artist. More of a market for those. Will just have to wait and see if this trend changes or not.