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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Bit About Ego the Living Planet

Okay, for all of you scratching their heads about Kurt Russell playing Ego the Living Planet in human form for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 flick, it isn't really as absurd as it sounds. Well, kinda, if we're basing our judgements off the comics which we all know isn't Starlord's pops like the movie will have him as.

We should all know that Hollyweird likes to twist things around, so we can expect Kurt Russell's Ego to deviate from the comics slightly or a lot. This post is going to cover a little bit more about Ego the Living Planet, and it isn't just Hollyweird who likes to muck stuff up as you'll soon see.

Okay, we should all know about Ego's 1st cameo appearance in Thor #132 and his 1st full appearance in the next issue of Thor #133. Actually, CGC is noting issue #133 as Ego's 1st full. Not sure if Overstreet has changed the notation in the new price guide just yet, but Thor #133 also has the 1st cover appearance of Ego as well.

Regardless, like Jimmy Olsen #134 and the 1st cameo appearance of Darkseid, the market seems more interested in Thor #132 currently. It is what it is, and as most know, Ego the Living Planet was created by legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

So we are going back to Thor #161 here where Ego and Galactus continue their face off from issue #160. Thor eventually fights with Galactus as well and is knocked down to the surface of Ego himself.

On Ego's surface, Thor and his comrades, the Wanderers, construct a weapon that channel's Ego energies through Thor's mighty hammer. Galactus is defeated and tucks tail and runs.

At the end of the story, Ego takes on a humanoid form and thanks Thor and his comrades as seen in the panels below. Thor's comrades the Wanderers would end up staying, but Ego would eventually consume them in a later comic.

Thor #161 panels
This is not the last time we see Ego the Living Planet take human form in comic books. In Fantastic Four #235, the members of the Fantastic Four encounter Ego as a threat who comes to Earth searching for his nemesis, Galactus, The Eater of Worlds. The two would share a rivalry for some time in earlier comics.

In issue #235, the Fantastic Four get caught on Ego's surface and he takes human form again as shown below.
Now feel my wrath! So Ego can manipulate his matter down to the molecular level. I'm sure that aspect of the character will play a part in the film. What's even more interesting about Fantastic Four #235 is that this issue also has a different story of Ego's origin that ignores his 1st or previous origin in the pages of Thor.

From the pages of Fantastic Four #235
Fantastic Four #235 also shows that Ego has innards as well and a brain. The FF battle with Ego's antibodies as well.

So a different origin of Ego by legendary comic artist and writer John Byrne. Byrne wrote issue #235 and did the artwork as well.

Ego's very 1st origin story is presented in Thor #228 in a story entitled "Ego: Beginning and the End!", and he was depicted as a humanoid named Egros and part of an ancient alien race. Below this block of text are the panels where he turns into Ego in Thor #228, and that issue debuted in 1974. Fantastic Four #235 and the John Byrne origin would come out later in 1981.

This 1st origin of Ego in Thor #228 written by Gerry Conway is pretty different than the origin told in Fantastic Four #235, in which Ego was created during the Big Bang. CGC nor Overstreet note Thor #228 as the 1st origin of Ego, and it probably doesn't matter much since it was later revealed that this memory was an illusion or false.

So, the 1st origin of Ego in Thor #228 is discounted as incorrect in canon by later writers. Fantastic Four #235 and the Big Bang origin would also be changed as well in later canon.

We'll get that after I take care of another character that is making the rounds on the web and is being mistaken for Ego the Living Planet. This other creation tied to Ego is the character of Ego-Prime. Ego-Prime was a sample taken from Ego the Living Planet. The character 1st appeared briefly in Thor #199 and was named. 

Panels are shown below of the character's 1st incarnation and appearance, and he is not in human form nor is he or ever was a planet.

The character of Ego-Prime is shown again in Thor #201 in the same non-human-type form in issue #199. This issue also holds the origin of Ego-Prime, and he shows up in 7 panels on 3 pages. Not sure if that counts as a 1st full appearance to Overstreet or CGC.

So, apparently, this Ego-Prime gained it's own consciousness although being a small part of Ego the Living Planet. In Thor #202, Ego-Prime tells our heroes his ultimate plan for Earth in true comic villain fashion. The character also shows up in human form for possibly the first time also.

So Ego can transform into human form in comics. The first seen was on the surface of his own planet. 2nd time was also on the surface of his planet, and he did the same thing to the Thing as he did to Thor by getting inside ole Blue Eye's head and telling him of his origin. Ego has telepathic abilities as well.

The kicker is that both times, Thor and the Fantastic Four were on the surface of Ego when the living planet manipulated his matter into human form. Not sure if he ever has ever done so on Earth in the comics.

In terms of Ego-Prime, he is his own conscious despite being a tiny fragment of Ego and can apparently also take human form. However, he was never a living planet as you can see in his 1st appearances and origin story shown in the panels earlier. 

Ego-Prime also states in Quasar #15 that he is the only "begotten son of Ego the Living Planet!" Well, actually he boasts it as you can see in the panel or page below.

So they are two separate characters, and James Gunn keeps referring to Ego as a planet or the living planet in interviews. I'm pretty sure we are getting the character of Ego the Living Planet and not Ego-Prime on the big-screen. 

Okay, back to Ego's further origins. Didn't I say it's not only Hollyweird that likes to twist things?

So Ego's conscious and creation in later comics was actually the handy work of the Stranger. That character 1st appeared in X-Men #11 of the 1st series back in the good ole Silver Age of comics. Yes, that X-Men #11, and the character was created by none other than Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Yeah, I thought I'd switch the credit names around this time.

Not really that iconic of an X-Men villain, but the character is tied to the Infinity Stones or Gems in the comics, and he is an Elder of the Universe. Remember, he would be one of the guys that went up against Adam Warlock and Spider-Man while the Gardner watched in Marvel Team Up #55.

The character of the Stranger would be reused for ole Ego the Living Planet and his later origin as well. So this brings us to a character called Alter-Ego, and, yes, he is the brother of Ego. 

Also, both Ego and Alter-Ego are living planets as well. This fool was create by artist Mike Choi and writer Robert Rodi.

Apparently, Alter-Ego is a newer creation and his 1st appearance is supposedly in Astonishing Thor #2 and came out around January, 2011. Print run is estimated around
19,642 in case you're interested.

Guess who has this Alter-Ego in this comic series?

That's right, it's the Collector! Guess who made both Ego and Alter-Ego? Yep, it was the Stranger and here's the page that alters Ego the Living Planet's origin yet once again.

So there you have it. Now, Alter-Ego may show up briefly or just have a cameo in Astonishing Thor #2. I really have no clue, but in the Astonishing Thor comic series, Alter-Ego isn't all that happy that's he's got a twin brother and isn't as unique as he thought he would be.

The two would clash during the comic series, and Ego would eventually beat the crap outta him and a piece of Alter-Ego would become a moon for Ego.

There's a little bit more knowledge about Ego the Living Planet in comics. We know that he can manipulate his mass anyway he wants, and we also know the comic character can telepathically communicate and make you see visions as he does to Thor in issue #228 and the Thing in Fantastic Four #235.

Now, we'll just have to see how he is on the big screen in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I'm sure we can expect that he will be different from the comics.


  1. Strange Character. Actually I' m more interested in what they make out of Nova in GOTG 2. Couldn' t bring myself to buy a Nova 1. Hope I don' t bite in my behind for this...


  2. Yeah not so sure about a living planet. But hell I'm no director. JW

    1. I hear ya JW, not all that impressed with Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I mean, the character doesn't make me want to watch it anymore or any less. It's just like, "yeah, ok..."

  3. Do you think that Thor #199 would go up in value since thats the 1st appearance of Ego Prime in the old man form?

    1. Ego-Prime isn't in human form until Thor #202. His 1st brief appearance is in Thor #199 as a stone-creature.

  4. What do you see as the better investment right now? Thor 132 or Avengers annual 10?

  5. What do you see as the better buy right now? Thor 132 or Avengers annual 10? Thanks!

    1. A better buy or cheaper buy is Avengers Annual #10 and the 1st appearance of Rogue, but there are a lot of 9.8s in the census compared to Thor #132. Total registered copies as well.

      Rogue is definitely a more popular character than Ego so who knows if demand for Ego will fizzle after Guardians 2. Right now there are less high grade copies for Thor 132 than Avengers Annual 10, but Thor #132 and Ego increased in value considerably due to movie confirmation so it is a trend book or speculation book currently.

  6. With Ego in GOTG 2 that is another Elder of the Universe in the MCU. I have a feeling they might use these characters in part of the Infinity War film. If they do then Thor 132 will be an even better investment book.

  7. Sorry, it' s just my ego (no pun intended) but I got to brag about my recent dive in the 1 $ dumpster. I got 26 comics for 30 bucks. Lots of 90s Stuff, lots of number 1 comics, which are probably not worth much (Manhunter 1, The Ray 1, Huntress 1 and so on), but here are my top six out of the pack:

    1. Preacher 42 - perfect condition, probably worth 30 bucks all by itself
    2.Hellboy, Seed of Destruction, a 35 $ book in NM, but mine has a few flaws, but still a 20 buck book.
    3. Deadpool 6 (first ongoing) decent book that always sells
    4. JLA 1 - Grant Morrison run, classic that might fetch 10 bucks
    5. Batman & Robin Adventures 1 - ok book
    6. Martha Washington goes to war - Frank Miller book, always nice to have.

    OK, enough bragin'. Thanks for sharing and remember, always check your dollar bins as precisely as possible.

    Max Rebo

  8. Hey Mayhem & fellow collectors,

    remember the first appearances of Kamala Khan and X-23? I got another one to ad to that list - AMADEUS CHO, the New Hulk. First appearance? Amazing Fantasy 15 (2nd volume). Better to get this one now, just in case. Don' t say I didn' t warn ya...


    1. Actually Ace that book has been hot over the last year or so, but not at the prices that the other two books/characters you mentioned. So yes still can get one at a decent price and has the potential to become an even better investment book. Also the book has a really low print run for a Marvel book so that's a plus. Remember they already had his Mom in the MCU film Age of Ultron. So maybe a chance for a future movie appearance as well. Seeing raw NM or better copies go for around $40 and up to $100 on Ebay.

  9. Thanks for the additional info! I can't remember that Mayhem reported about that comic here, so it was new to me. But since Mayhem is not a modern fan that probably doesn' t mean anything. Allthough I think I noticed that he' s giving those books more attention on his reports ;-) - which I like!