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Monday, July 11, 2016

Transformers Key Comics Part 4

Alright, we are gonna end this Transformers key comics series with this here part 4. Once again, this is mostly the Marvel U.S. comic series. I will reference some of the Transformers UK series when and if I can.

My knowledge of these comics is pretty limited, so most of the key notations will be based off of what Overstreet knows. Alright, lets wrap this up.

1st appearance of Powermasters
1st Darkwing, Dreadwing & Dreadwind

According to Comic Book Data Base and Marvel wiki, Hotwire, Lube and Rev make their 1st appearance in this issue.  Also Optimus Prime is back from the dead and has the Powermaster Hi-Q in this issue as well.

In the comics, they are humanoid aliens known as Nebulons and bio mechanically altered their bodies so they could transform into power supplies for certain Transformers. The Decepticon Powermasters are Hi-Test and Throttle and they are the Powermasters of Darkwing and Dreadwind.

Darkwing and Dreadwind also combine together to form the super jet Dreadwing.

July, 1988 is the cover date for Transformers #42.

Intro or 1st Micromasters

Hoping aboard the Micro Machines craze, the Transformers put out the Micromasters which were first called Micro Transformers. Like the Micro Machines, they packaged in groups of four and consisted of different patrol units.

I am not sure how many or which Micromasters make their debut in this issue. Highjump might be one as Comic Vine references him. Roadhandler could be another as well as Freewheeler and Mudslinger.

I think the Micromasters actually appear in the U.S. comics first, but not 100% sure. Also not sure if the Decepticon Micromasters appear in this issue as well. Transformers #54 has the cover date of July, 1989.

1st Simon Furman U.S. work on Transformers

Definitely should not neglect the first Marvel U.S. Transformers script. At the recommendation of Bob Budiansky, Furman was tapped to take over the Marvel mainstream comics, and this is the issue here.

Simon Furman is definitely a hailed writer of the Transformers comics. He wrote some Dreamwave comics and some IDW Transformer comics as well.

Furman was a fan of the animated movie. For comic fans of the Transformers, this key should be more recognized and known. 

For those interested, Simon Furman's first Transformers script or work in Transformers comics is in Transformers UK #13, I think. Transformers #56 has the cover date of September, 1989 and it is his first U.S. Marvel Comics script for the U.S. series.

1st brief U.S. appearance of Primus

 Simon Furman used Primus before the character appeared in this American comic. Transformers UK #150 might be the character's 1st appearance and that UK comic has the cover date of January, 1988.

UK #150 also has the origin of the Transformers.  This origin is obviously carried over into the American comics as well.

Some sources say that Primus is the creator of the Transformers. He is the Transformer God for good and order while his sibling, Unicron, is the force for chaos and destruction. 

Transformers #60 has the cover date of December, 1989.

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Origin of the Transformers
Origin of Cybertron
1st U.S. appearance of Unicron in title?

Here's the American comic that sees the origin of the Transformers and how and why Primus created them to help stop Unicron. I am not sure whether this issue has the 1st full appearance of Primus or the 1st U.S. appearance of Unicron.

Maybe Unicron shows up in an earlier issue, and if you count the Transformers: The Movie adaptation comic, then this is definitely not the 1st U.S. appearance of Unicron in comics. It may be in the titled series though.

December, 1989 is the cover date for Transformers #61.

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Last issue to series

Simon Furman wrote the series to its last issue. Some say this comic also has a low print run, but how low is low. 

I've still yet to find any information on this. There are also newsstand and direct editions of this comic.

This Marvel Comics Transformers series was cancelled. Marvel would come out with a Transformers Generation 2 comic series, but that lasted for only 13 issues. Simon Furman wrote the series.

IDW would also take up the licensing for the Transformers comics. Apparently IDW did a 20 issue continuation of the Marvel Transformers comic starting with issue #81. Simon Furman was also tapped to write for the continuation as well.

Transformers #80 has the cover date of  July, 1991.

Alright, I don't consider "low print" a key issue status, and I can't find any information about whether issues #71 to #79 has any 1st appearances or not. Overstreet does not note them, and some sources are all over the place when it comes to that.

However, let's rewind here. The Transformers Headmasters comic series by Marvel was a 4 issue limited series that supposedly 1st introduced a lot of the Transformers that were depicted in the Transformers The Movie cartoon.

The 1st issue has the cover date of August, 1987. It supposedly has a slew of 1st appearances including Hot Rod, Fortress Maximus, Kup, Blur, the Monsterbots, Scorponok, etc.

Issue #2 of the series supposedly has the 1st appearance of the Headmasters, and issue #4 may 1st introduce the Targetmasters. Once again, not 100% sure but that's the general knowledge so far, and I have no idea how the actual Transformers The Movie comic adaptation is considered here. 

1st issue to that comic adaptation has the cover date of December, 1986. It was a four issue limited series as well, but did come out before the Transformers Headmasters series.

Also, if you're interested, Simon Furman's 1st Transformers comic script just may be in issue #13 of the Transformers UK series.

I'm gonna stop here with this Transformers key series, but if you know if there are 1st appearances in issues #71 through #79, just let me know in the comments.


  1. I think gen 2. Only went to #12 issues.

  2. I think Gen 2 only went to issue #12. I think so. It has a sweet OP prime cover.

    1. I believe there is an issue #0 for Gen 2, but you're right...12 issues starting from #1

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