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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Transformers Key Comics Part 3

Part 3 of this Transformers key comics series, and though I was originally going to just go by Overstreet guide, I threw in some possible other 1st appearances not noted by them. I've also included some possible Transformers UK comics also.

I say possible because I'm no expert on these comics, and sometimes sources aren't always correct. There isn't a whole lot of information about these comics and their key issues.

I do try my best and try to confirm them with more than one source, however. Still, doesn't mean it's 100% accurate. 

If you're an expert and definitely know, feel free to correct me in the comments section so this keys series can be as accurate as possible. Here's Part 3 and more Transformers key issues from the 1st Marvel series.

1st appearance of Stunticons

Much like the Dinobots with Optimus Prime, the Stunticons are a dangerous group of Decepticons that even the ruthless Megatron has a problem of controlling. They are the prime enemies of the Aerialbots and also combiner robots that form Menasor.

There are five in the Generation 1 line up, and the  leader of this wild group is Motormaster. Like his fellow Stunticons, they appeared in the toy line around late 1985, and Motormaster transformed into a Kenworth K100 Aerodyne sleeper tractor-trailer.

Motormaster forms the head, torso and upper legs of Menasor. He is not loved by the other Stunticons who hate yet fear him.

Dragstrip transforms into a 1976 Tyrrell P34 Formula One car and forms the right arm of Menasor. He is obsessed with competition and will not hesitate to cheat in order to win. 

Dead End  transforms into a Porsche 928 car and forms the left arm of Menasor. The right lower leg is Breakdown, and he transforms into a mid-1980s Lamborghini Countach, car.

Last but not least is Wildrider, who transforms into a 1970s Ferrari 308 GTB car. While in alternate mode, he merges and becomes the lower left leg and foot of Menasor. 

I have no recollection of them to be honest. They were originally sold as a Menasor gift set and then sold separately around 1986. 

Heck, I'm not even sure if I ever seen these Decepticon toys in person. The Transformers UK title had these characters appear before the American title. Menasor may have first appeared in comics in Transformers UK #63, but I'm not sure exactly how much they show up in the UK issue. Cover date for the UK comic is May, 1986. 

Transformers #22 has the cover date of November, 1986, and is mostly considered their 1st true appearance.

1st appearance of Protectobots
1st appearance of Combaticons
Death of  Optimus Prime

By this time I must have shifted my focus from these toys to comics. I don't remember no Protectobots or Combaticons. Then again, by 1987 I was 12 years old.

So comics, skateboarding, and Heavy Metal or what's known as Hard Rock now were definitely prominent in my life by then. By this time, I probably lost interest in G.I. Joe and Transformers. 

Protectobots are another combiner group of Transformers, and they are Autobots.

There are five main Protectobots, and they transform into civilian service or emergency vehicles. The leader is Hotspot who transforms into a Mitsubishi Fuso fire engine and forms the torso of Defensor.

Blades is the right arm when he is in his UH-1 Iroquois helicopter disguise mode, and First Aid is the left arm when he is in his Toyota Hiace ambulance mode.

The other two form the legs of Defensor, and they are Groove and Streetwise. Groove transforms into a Honda Goldwing GL1200 Motorcycle and is the right leg while Streetwise transforms into a Nissan 300ZX police car and is the left leg while in that mode.

The combiner group of the Protectobots main nemesis are the Combaticons, whom also make their 1st U.S. debut in this issue. The Combaticons are also combiners that form Bruticus.

There are five main Combaticons, and they transform into military vehicles. Onslaught is the leader and tactician who transforms into an an anti-aircraft truck and makes up the head, torso and thighs of Bruticus while in vehicle mode.

Blast Off and Vortex are the arms. When in space shuttle mode, Blast Off forms the right arm, and Vortex is the left arm while in his UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter mode.

The legs of the giant warrior are Brawl and Swindle. Brawl is the left lower leg when transformed into a Leopard Tank while Swindle is the right when in FMC XR311 mode.

In the Marvel UK comics, some sources note that the 1st appearance of the Protectobots is in issue #64 (June, 1986). The Combaticons are noted by some as first appearing in UK #63 (May, 1986). Once again, if you know for sure, be sure to leave a comment. Would be appreciated.

In the U.S., though, they make their first appearance in Transformers #24 and the cover date for this key issue is January, 1987.

1st appearance of Predacons

The Predacons are Decepticons that transform into wild beasts. They're also combiners that form Predaking.

The original Predacons consisted of a team of five members. They were released in 1986 and had two variants - one entirely made with plastic and the other with die-cast metal.

Razorclaw is the leader of the Predacons and transforms into a lion. Like most leaders, he forms the head, torso and upper thighs. Forming the right arm of Predaking when in tiger mode, Rampage is exactly what his name states. He's in a perpetual state of anger and pretty much a psychopath. The only thing that calms him down is mindless television entertain supposedly.

The left arm is Divebomb and he transforms into an eagle. The legs are both Tantrum and Headstrong, and Tantrum is the left lower leg when he transforms into a bull. Headstrong transforms into a rhinoceros and becomes the right lower leg of Predaking.

Predacons are the foes of the Maximals. Not sure the Maximals were ever in the U.S. comics. I'm probably wrong though, but I couldn't find any info on them in the Marvel U.S. comics. 

Divebomb and Headstrong may have first appeared in Transformers UK #96. Razorclaw and Predaking may both have their 1st appearance in comics in Transformers UK #97. Both issues have the cover date of January, 1987 for the UK comics.

Transformers #25 has the cover date of February, 1987.

Intro of The Mechanic
Funeral of Optimus Prime

Don't really know how important the Mechanic is or how much he shows up. He is a human and a villain, so I don't think he's really that formidable a villain.

His real name is Nestor Forbes and is the head of a car theft ring that stumbled onto the Autobots and desires to get his hands on more alien technology.

March, 1987 is the cover date for Transformers #26.

Intro of Scraplets
1st U.S. appearance of Triple Changers

Some if not all of the Triple Changers were introduced in the Marvel UK Transformers comics prior to their American debut. However, I'm not sure if they 1st appeared all in the same UK issue.

Blitzwing may have first appeared in Transformers UK #82 and Astrotrain in UK issue #88. Not 100% sure about the 1st notations though.

Those comics came out in 1986 so they definitely debuted before the American series first saw them. My brother had Astrotrain, and I thought it was really cool that he could change into three things. Astrotrain changed into a robot, a locomotive and a space shuttle.

Someone I knew had Blitzwing. It might of been my best bud. Blitzwing could change into a Type 74 main battle tank and a MiG-25 jet fighter.

Octane also makes his supposed 1st true appearance in this comic. He can transform into two vehicle modes: a tanker truck and a Boeing 767 jet.

I am not sure when Springer makes his 1st U.S. debut. Could be in the actual adaptation of Transformers: The Movie comic if that comic even counts. He is noted by some sources to have his 1st appearance in the UK issue #78 a long with Impactor.

I think only Blitzwing, Astrotrain and Octane make their 1st appearance in this comic. There are obviously other Triple Changers, but some others like Broadside debut in different issues.

Scraplets were Transformer disease type things. They live to eat mechanical life forms. June, 1987 is cover date for Transformers #29.

1st appearance of Broadside & Outback
1st appearance of Joyride & Getaway
1st appearance Slapdash

Broadside is an Autobot Triple Changer. He turns into a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, but gets seasick and an F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet but is afraid of heights.

I am not sure just how much he shows up in this issue or if it's just a cameo. He plays a larger role in the Target 2006 story line with the team of Wreckers. His 1st in comics might be in Transformers UK #84 and that issue has the cover date of October, 1986.

I remember Outback and always got him confused with Brawn. He appeared in the UK comics before his American 1st in this issue. Transformers UK #98 might be Outback's 1st appearance, and that comic has the cover date of January, 1987.

Joyride and Getaway? No clue.

Joyride is a Powermaster Transformer. His partner is Hotwire which forms his engine. I am not sure whether Hotwire is shown in this issue or not.

Getaway is another Powermaster. His Powermaster partner is Rev. Slapdash is also a Powermaster and his partner is Lube. 

Transformers #41 has the cover date of June, 1988.

Even though I lost interest in the Transformers toys back in the day, I still think they were an amazing concept and toy. Probably one of the best and clever action figure brands to come out.

The Triple Changers upped the game, and I still think they're brilliant. Not an easy task to be able to make a robot change into two different vehicles based off real ones. Takes a certain creative and brilliant mind to be able to design something like that.

So even though I don't know much about the Transformers like a diehard fan would, I still have respect for the toy line and early cartoons I grew up with.  Since I didn't have room to throw in the cover of Transformers UK #84, I'll throw that sucker in the outro.

The cover does pimp that it reveals the origin of Galvatron. There are 1st appearances in between issues #29 and #41 of the American Transformers comics I didn't feature or cover. Guess I'll do some of them here. They are not noted in Overstreet.

The 1st appearance of the Throttlebots are supposedly in Transformers #30. Rollbar, Chase, Searchlight, Freeway, and Wide Load all appear in that issue.

Goldbug is a reincarnation of Bumblebee in some continuities. In others, he is a separate character. 

In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe and the Transformers 4 issue limited cross-over series, Bumblebee is destroyed by the Joes. The Joes learn of their mistake and ally with the Autobots against the alliance between Cobra and the Decepticons. 

Issue #4 is when sources say he is rebuilt by Ratchet and the Joes and renamed Goldbug. The G.I. Joe and the Transformers series has a different origin than that told in Transformers UK #114, in which Death's Head destroys Bumblebee and is rebuilt into Goldbug by Wreck-Gar.  

The UK #114 issue has the cover date of May, 1987 and issue #4 of G.I. Joe and the Transformers #4 has the cover date of April, 1987. Unless the UK version was released before the American, Transformers #4 just may have the 1st appearance of Goldbug and he does appear before his other Throttlebots in Transformers #30.

Transformers #36 also has the 1st appearances of Sky Lynx, Sandstorm and Twin Twist.  

Anyway, I think Part 4 is going to be the last of this Transformers series, so click the link below to continue on. See ya then and hope you're all having a good weekend.


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