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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rising Stars Key Comic Books

Alright, I'm going to attempt a Rising Stars key comic books series or list. I don't expect it to be a long one, but I do not guarantee the accuracy of it either.

There's little information about these comics to begin with and who the hell knows what Overstreet or even general comic fans consider 1st brief, 1st appearance or 1st full appearance. What a muddled mess that is.

So if you consider one panel a 1st appearance then disregard all this 1st brief, 1st full stuff. However, if you know that Overstreet nor CGC have a messed up per panel per page requirement due to key notations for other key issues, then I'm just taking a stab here and going by those examples.

There's also not much information out there concerning this comic series, and I've found that there's a lot of conflicting information about it and cover dates, especially with the special issues that preceded the actual 24 issue run.

It took me a lot of time to get some what close to some accuracy. Alright, lets get this requested monstrosity on.

1st appearance of Mathew Bright & Chandra
1st appearance of Poet
1st appearance of Lee Jackson and Willie?
1st appearance of Ravenshadow & Sanctuary?

Okay, here's the thing with this beast: There ain't a whole lot of info on this comic. The cover says 1st appearance of Chandra and Mathew Bright, so I don't dispute that. 

Also the main narrator is Poet or John Simon, so I don't dispute a 1st appearance in this comic for him either. However, I don't know how much he or the others actually show up in this Wizard preview.

It could just be a 1st brief for some of them or even just a cameo. I don't even know if Ravenshadow or Sanctuary show in this comic, but Comic Vine does have them listed in their characters section. 

So, they could be right or wrong. I'm not 100% sure, so take this with a grain of salt.

The Preview #0 is a short book with only 7 pages of story art, some pages with texts and some sketchbook pages, so brief or cameo appearances just might apply for some of the characters other than Poet. Hell, scratch that, it could apply to all of them.

Seriously do not know, but if you have this comic raw, you can read it and find out for yourself. Then, if you feel like it, you can correct me. Would be appreciated.

I'm going to have to correct a mistake I wrote earlier concerning the print run of this comic. This comic came free with Wizard's Fathom and the Top Cow Universe Special.

So the print run on that probably isn't 17,347 as written on TCM before. Actually, I think that estimated print run is for the Rising Stars Preview, which is explained in the next listing on here.

So I have no idea what the print run is for the Wizard Rising Stars Preview #0, but it should correlate to the polybagged Wizard Magazine Special that it came with. Just wanted to clear that up and the Rising Stars Preview #0 might not be a low print preview at all. Then again, it might be if that Wizard issue wasn't printed in huge numbers.

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1st appearance of Pyre
1st brief appearance of Jason Miller
1st appearance of Dr. Welles?

Before the 24 issue run began, two special issues were released. One was the #0 Preview and the other was this one and simply titled Preview.

Before, I thought it was a variant of the Wizard Preview #0, but only because Comic Vine has the cover of this comic with the Wizard Preview #0 page. This comic has a different story than the one contained in Wizard Preview #0.

It is Jerry Montrose also known as Pyre who goes to visit Dr. Welles to talk. It explains how Jerry has made wrong decisions that have made him be viewed as a criminal and the arch nemesis of Jason Miller also known as Flagg and later Patriot.

I am not sure what the cover date of this comic is. It came out in 1999 but not sure if it was after the Preview #0 or during the same time.

This comic had black & white interior art. It was later reprinted in 2000 under the name Prelude, and the reprint was in color.

Rising Stars Preview has a gold foil convention edition variant as well. I have no information about print run or how limited it was, but we can all assumed that it was more limited than the regular cover.

This Rising Stars Preview has the cover date of 1999. Mike's Amazing World has the on sale date of March, 1999 and the correct estimated print run for this comic is 17,347.

1st issue to limited series
1st appearance of Lee Jackson
1st full Patriot or Jason Miller?
1st cameo or brief Stephanie Maas & 1st Paula Ramirez

Before, I did not know if the Wizard Rising Stars 1/2 came out before or after this issue. It came out after and was released around March, 2000. Mikes Amazing World has the release date of March 1, 2000 for the 1/2 Wizard comic.

The Comic Vine listings for the Wizard Rising Stars 1/2 has the cover date of August, 1999.  I think I'll trust Mike's Amazing World over the Comic Vine listing since the Wizard Rising Stars 1/2 was available only through a special offer in Wizard Comic Magazine #103 which has the cover date of April, 2000.

The Patriot or Jason Miller may have a 1st full appearance in this issue here and Paula Ramirez. Paula does not show up often in the series or is seen enough to even constitute a 1st full appearance. 

The comic story line is told in flashback and jumps around to when the Specials were kids and gives glimpses of some of them as adults in this issue.

I think Paula Ramirez only appears in four panels and on one page. Stephanie Maas who later becomes Critical Maas only shows up in one panel.

The Patriot or Jason Miller shows up quite a bit in this comic. He is supposed to be a blonde kid, as seen in the panels below. The page also shows the 4 panels that Paula Ramirez shows up in.

There is an error concerning the Patriot (formerly Flagg) or Jason Miller. In the page below he is depicted as dark haired, so I was a bit confused. I later learned that his hair changes from blonde to dark to brown later in the comic series.

Ravenshadow or Randy Fisk does show up often as a kid in this comic. He is the dark haired one the very right of the page above. 

Chandra doesn't show up all that much in this comic. I think she's only shown in the page above, so that may not be considered a 1st full for Overstreet or CGC. Not sure though.

Joshua who becomes Sanctuary does show up enough to have his appearance be considered a 1st full. 

Joshua Kane or Sanctuary is the kid levitating in the very 1st page with the one panel of Stephanie Maas. I'm gonna have to spoil things for ya. It's revealed that Stephanie Maas or Critical Maas is sort of the big bad.

Well, she has multiple personality disorder, and the personality of Critical Maas takes control. The 113 Specials were all born with superpowers after a mysterious event they call "The Flash" takes place over Pederson, Illinois.

They are discovered and monitored by the government in a camp where it's discovered that Lee Jackson is abused by the camp counselor. He is shown to have died in issue #3. The story line goes through how certain events and their abilities impacted certain Specials and how they cope or dealt with them.

The story kind of reminds me of The Gift comic series, and an element from the movie The One starring Jet Li. Like all the alternate Gabriel Yulaws in the multi-verse that have an energy or life force that transfers to other alternate versions of the character upon death, the Specials also have this power exchange upon death.

In later comics, it's revealed that Stephanie Maas discovers this and is controlling the Patriot to kill other Specials to make her more powerful. In this comic, it hints that she has no special powers or she refuses to reveal them, but she does have the power of telepathy and mind control among super-strength and flight.

If industry does decide to label 1st full appearances eventually, Mathew Bright does show up enough in this comic as well. He is the first kid shown in the last page posted in this section. The one who is shown wearing a badge. 

Bright shows up in about 11 panels on 6 pages. Maybe more. Rising Stars #1 has the cover date of August, 1999.

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1st appearance & death of Peter Dawson
1st cameo of Lionel Zerb & Patrick Ferry

Peter Dawson was invulnerable. He had a special power or a micro thin  energy shield that protected his body from harm or injury. 

Because of this, he did not have physical sensations except for taste. This caused him to over eat. 

He is suffocated and murdered in this issue. It's revealed later that Patriot, formerly Flagg, is the one who kills him.

Both Lionel Zerb and Patrick Ferry show up in a cameo in this issue. Zerb is a medium that can hear the recently dead. The other Specials at camp think he's a snob until they realize his special powers. Not sure if he's a major character. 

Not sure if Patrick Ferry is a major character either, and the character only has a single appearance in this comic series. He has the ability to disappear into shadows, allowing him to go anywhere virtually unnoticed.

Rising Stars #2 has the cover date of October, 1999. Estimated print run is 51,619.

1st appearance of Cathy Jean
1st brief appearance of Laurel Darkhaven
1st appearance & death of David Mueller

The story is told through Cathy Jean's memories of certain Specials, so she definitely appears a lot throughout this issue. She is one of the Specials who thought that she didn't have any super powers, but it turns out she is a healer and shown in this issue to have the power to revive the recently deceased.

She was the love of Jason Miller at one time, and talks a bit about Laurel Darkhaven who only shows up in 4 panels and on one page I think. Laurel is a telekinetic  and a government assassin. 

Pyre only shows up in 2 panels in this comic. 1st panel he's at a distance and 2nd panel is a close up. He's real name is Jerry Montrose and Cathy refers to him as one the Specials gone bad.

David Mueller is first seen and dies in this issue. He is able to merge his mind with anyone 20 feet away. He merged his mind with his mother's to try and stop her from committing suicide.

He became comatose when she hit the ground and his mind was taken with her. It would later be revealed that Patriot threw his comatose body out of a hospital window and killed him.

Rising Stars #4 has the cover date of January, 2000. Estimated print run is 53,182.

1st appearance & death of Clarence Mack
1st full appearance of Lionel Zerb?

Much like Rorschach in the Watchmen comics, Poet begins to investigate the deaths of Specials in this issue.  This would bring in the character of Clarence Mack, a dreamwalker who could enter the dreams of any individual.

Lionel Zerb is brought again in the fold with this comic. He is the reason why John Simon and Clarence Mack are able to contact each other.

Clarence Mack reveals in this issue that it is Jason Miller who has been killing the Specials. It's also revealed that Jason Miller kills him for that, so John Simon and Clarence are talking to each other after Miller has killed him. He is shown as blonde in this issue, and here's the page.

Lionel Zerb can talk to the recently deceased, and he does show up more in this issue. I guess, it would be considered a full appearance.

Chandra shows up in 7 panels on two pages, so not sure if that counts as 1st full appearance or not since other comics have 1st appearances on more pages than that. The Wizard Preview #0 has already been designated as her 1st appearance.

It's revealed that she has the power to make others see her as the physically ideal woman to whomever lays their eyes upon her, and John Simon learns that she has always been in love with him via Clarence.

March, 2000 is the cover date for Rising Stars #5 and it has an estimated print run of 47,528.

So, quite a few questioning key notes for some issues. If Darkseid only appears in 7 panels and on 4 pages in Forever People #1 and Gambit appears in Uncanny X-Men #14 in 5 pages according to Overstreet, is Chandra's 1st full appearance in Rising Stars #5 or should we just not have 1st full appearances for this comic series?

How many comic fans even really care when it comes to key issues of this comic series? I am reading the series with the exception of the Preview #0 and the Preview #1 while writing this up and the series is actually a really good read so far.  Artwork is pretty good as well so far.

However, will the movie be a break out hit and will these characters become iconic comic characters? Dunno, I'll let you decide or speculate on that, but I'm leaning towards hard speculation there.

Alright, let's talk about this variant here that I missed. So the Wizard Preview #0 has a variant gold foil variant cover as seen to the left of this post.

I have no idea nor could find any information about the gold foil variant. Mike's Amazing World has the on sale date for both the regular and gold foil variants as February 24th, 1999.

Rising Stars #1 isn't a low print book. It's estimated at 95,552 copies and maybe even more. High risk speculation for the regular cover.

It does have quite a bit of variants, and as usual since this is a 90s comic, there is a gold foil variant also known as 1A-Gold. Couldn't find the rarity or estimated print run of those or any of them either.

Mycomicshop has listings for most of the variant covers, and it's a complete waste of my time to list them all here since I can't find any information about print runs or any useful information for hard speculators to go bonkers over.  

This key issues has been very time consuming and frustrating. In all actuality, I don't even think the effort is worth it, but there is a Part 2 so just click the link to continue. See you there.

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