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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ramblings of A Comic Geek Part Whatever 3

Alright, another week has gone by, and I had a great time not writing about anything and just enjoying the summer so far. Been hot the last few days over in the wild west of the States, and I lost about 5 lbs of water weight from just sweating.

So what's new? Well, I finally watched Preacher season one, and it was pretty good. I wouldn't say it's the best comic book TV show out there, but it's definitely no where near the worst either.

I'd say it's in the top five comic book related shows that I watch or am still interested in watching.

Then again, there's a lot of comic TV shows out there, and just when you thought they might wise up and slow a bit down so we all don't get fatigued, they open the flood gates a bit more and more each year that passes. Some say it's a good thing. Some say otherwise.

I'm on the fence about it either way. There's a lot of other comic characters I'd rather see get a movie or TV show than a lot of the stuff that's being optioned or in the pipeline.

Powerless is one show where I have minimal interest in seeing. Sure, I know that it's a departure from the superhero main protagonist deal that's bombarding media currently, but a comic related TV show about the perspective of normal folk living in a superhero world just doesn't appeal to me all that greatly.

To be honest, I pretty much agree with the guy in the video. I'd much rather see a superhero driven vehicle like a Teen Titans live action show given a crack at bat. 

Who knows, though? Maybe the show could be a really good launching pad to give some Teen Titan members their live action debut.

After all, Crimson Fox will be in the pilot of that show, and I think she's yet another pretty obscure character in comics that isn't all that well-known in the grande realm of Comicdom. Even more so outside of it.

Not to say that these comic related shows shouldn't be done. Actually, Powerless isn't based off an actual comic book, but it's in the comic book world of DC superheroes.

I'm just scratching my head as to why shows like Powerless, Legion, Hellfire or even Cloak & Dagger are being green lit when fans have been anticipating and calling for live action shows like Teen Titans with Nightwing or Moon Knight or Ghost Rider, Blade, etc are being put on the back burner at least for now.

I mean, who do you think will get the bigger draw or buzz? Nightwing or Raven to appear in Powerless or Crimson Fox? Will a show like Legion garner more intrigue or curiosity to have comic fans give the pilot a try as opposed to Moon Knight or a new Blade show?

Yeah, I know, different studios and different rights. Hell, a New Mutants show would still get me more inclined to watch it than Legion or Hellfire.

I'm talking about comic fans here, and I'm pretty sure Legion and Powerless are trying to reach audiences within comic fandom and outside of it. However, and I'm just thinking here, the more obscure a character is to comic fans, the less incentive comic fans may have to actually give the pilot a try.

Not always true, obviously. Supergirl is a pretty popular character to comic fans, and that show failed to get picked up again by CBS. Constantine is a pretty popular character and that show failed as well. However, both shows did start off strong and then fizzled.

Then again, I had no interest in watching Lucifer, and that show became one of the top comic based shows that I watch religiously. Even my brother likes that show, and he's not a huge comic fan.

So, who knows? Maybe one of these new comic related shows will be the next break out hit. I'm not entirely sure though.

As an X-Men fan, I am a bit interested but not so sure about Hellfire. I mean, what's a Hellfire Club without Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost?

I know Days of Future Past completely messed with the timeline, and those characters are most likely not dead anymore in the live action world. It would be cool if they got Kevin Bacon and January Jones to reprise their roles for the Hellfire show, but so far there is a big cloud of doubt in the air about that.

Still, doesn't mean that they can't recast the characters. I think it's going to take place in the 60s or something, so they may cast those roles younger.

Well, Ghost Rider is now a hot rumor that he'll be appearing in season four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Over-all, I still think that's a weird show to have Ghost Rider be on, but it is what it is.

Speculation is that Ghost Rider will be the Robbie Reyes version. This character first appeared as the All-New Ghost Rider in All-New Ghost Rider #1 of the 1st series and drives a muscle car instead of the classic motorcycle.

The comic is still under the radar for now. Not too many seem to care about it as of this moment, and the issue #1 regular cover has an estimated print run of 50,072.  

As usual, there are variants of issue #1. There's the 1:50 retailer incentive variant, which is pretty rare since the regular cover isn't near the 100,000s. 

The estimated print run for the 1:50 variant should only be around 1,001 copies. Not the most popular of Ghost Riders, but the character is pretty new. All-New Ghost Rider did come out in March of 2014.

The comic also introduces Eli Morrow, the Spirit of Vengeance who allows Robbie to change into the new Ghost Rider. If speculation pans out due to the casting rumors for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I'd be interested in how they tackle the character.

Must admit, however, not the biggest fan of this version of Ghost Rider. Not a huge fan of the comic's artwork either, but if you like Manga influenced stuff then shouldn't be a problem. There's also a 1:25 variant and other more gimmicky variants for the issue as well.

Not to say that just because a character is more established or known means he or she are guaranteed success in the live-action world. That's surely not always the case, but I'm just wondering why studios are more inclined to gamble on these more obscure characters or shows when fans have been a lot more vocal about wanting to see others?

Just something I don't get, but I'm sure there's a reasoning behind it. Whatever the reason, I've no clue.

Speaking of live-action media based on comics, I finally watched Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. I got the digital Ultimate Edition release off Amazon. It has about 30 minutes of extra footage that was cut from the theatrical release.

Now, I haven't seen the theatrical release, so I ain't comparing the two. Actually, I'm not gonna say much about the movie entirely.

Here's the thing about this movie for me: I have no qualms with the acting or actors. I thought Ben Affleck was just fine as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He wasn't worse than Val Kilmer or George Clooney as the character, and I don't even have qualms about those actors as Batman either.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was okay. Actually, her scenes as Wonder Woman was pretty much the only geek out moment for me. However, I expected that her character wouldn't have really been developed in the film. The movie is not called Wonder Woman Teams Up With Batman & Superman after all.

It's called Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Of course, the focus is going to be on Batman and Superman.

While I think the reviews were overly harsh about this movie, I don't think they were that far off the mark either. I watched this movie three times so far and have come to the conclusion that while it's somewhat entertaining it's not a stellar comic book movie.

Once again, that's just my opinion. The thing that I find funny is all the butt hurt fans that disagree with critical reviews about the flick.

Some like it and some don't. Who really gives two shits?

What matters is what you thought of the film. The first Highlander film got shitty reviews when it first came out and I actually like the movie.

Do I give a crap about what they thought about Highlander? Not really. I like the movie, and in my realm, that's all I care about.

Lex Luthor, in my opinion, was perhaps the worst Luthor to hit the big screen to date. Instead of the world's most brilliant criminal mind, we got a babbling, crazy, baffoon of a villain.

With all of Lex's babbling about Gods and Devils and "they've found us" and the "bell has already been rung" nonsense, there's no doubt that the Gods Among Us theme is definitely a hammered perception in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. In the nightmare scene where Bruce Wayne encounters a pissed off and totalitarian Superman, many are speculating that Injustice Gods Among Us will be a future story line in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Might be and who knows? Actually, I just think it was because Bruce Wayne feared that Supes was a huge threat.

Then again, the dream did have a scene with what appears to be the Flash from the future warning Bruce Wayne of impending doom, saying that he was right all a long about "him". Maybe a story line from Injustice Gods Among Us about a totalitarian Superman will be in play in the future?

Anyways, speculators have already jumped on board this one and the regular cover to issue #1 is heating up. Estimated printing for the regular cover is 20,733.

There's a 1:25 variant for this issue as well. It's somewhat under the radar. It's estimated print run is only around 829.

So the regular cover is a low print run and the 1:25 cover is pretty rare. If the DC Cinematic Universe really decides to go this route in a future movie, that comic may heat up more. The sketch variant is a 2nd printing of the variant.

However, if Warner Bros. does have that plan, I think that move might be too similar to a Captain America Civil War plot line. Personally, I just think that scene was just a nod to the comic series and makes sense because Bruce feared Superman for most of the flick.

At the end, however, Batman realizes Superman is good and considers him a friend. We shall have to see whether speculation about that story line ends up being in a future movie. 

There's also no doubt that Darkseid is behind the scenes and lurking somewhere in the DC Cinematic Universe. Well, at least, it's pretty clear from the Ultimate Edition. Have no clue about the regular theatrical version.

Parademons, Steppenwolf, Mother Boxes, in which one helped to create Cyborg? Pretty much a given we'll be meeting the ruler of Apokolips soon. How this all ties together really hasn't been all too clear in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, but I'm sure it will be explained as we get further into the DC shared universe on screen.

So, a long with Powerless, the CW is going to feature Riverdale as well at San Diego Comic Con this year. Not an Archie fan whatsoever, but I'm interested in seeing how the show does.

To be honest, I'm not all that interested in high-school related stories dealing with suburbia. Hell, I lived through it once and really have no desire to live vicariously through high-school again in some show or movie.

Back to the movie front. We've got more claims of white-washing in Hollyweird. 

A Ghost in the Shell movie is in production, and Hollyweird's starlet Scarlett Johansson has been cast as the main protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi. Obviously, there will be a name change for the Americanized version of this film. 

One alleged accusation even had it that the filmmakers commissioned the usage of CGI and other visual effects testing to alter Johansson's appearance in order to make her appear Asian at one point. Damn!

Paramount went on record and said that "the tests were short-lived and did not involve Johansson", so the accusations must actually be true. Doh!

Are there any Asian actresses that have more global appeal than any of the top white actresses they could've cast that would bring them top moolah at the box office? That's a big question there, and so far no answer.

So far it's deemed that an Asian actor or movie star cannot carry a picture when it comes to American or Western audiences. Why any Asian person would want to be an actor in the mainstream movie business in most Western civilizations is beyond me?

Hell, if you think you're really all that misrepresented, start your own Asian Hollywierd and movie production studios within the Western world. Shit, I see an untapped market right there and why the hell not? It's better than relying on an industry that deems you unworthy of attracting general audiences to the box office.

Another thing to ask is why the creator Masamune Shirow or whoever owns the rights didn't put a stipulation for an Asian actress to be cast in the lead role when rights to the movie was being bought by an American studio? Probably, because Shirow didn't give a shit either and only heard the sound of Ka-Ching!

Hell, if all the bitchers created a certain Asian character in whatever media that got really popular and Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg came sniffing around to buy the movie rights, let's see if they put their foot down and have that stipulation in the contract about casting an Asian lead in the film or no deal. I'm pretty sure most would just sell-out, follow the Ka-Ching sound, and let Hollyturd "white-wash" their work of art.

But, if it really bothers ya, just put a ban on the movie and don't go see it. Hell, just put a ban on all the movie studios and don't see a freakin Hollyassed produced film. Not a single one. Why give up your dough to an industry that has that kind of principle or viewpoint towards your race anyway? 

I say screw 'em. If you truly believe Hollycrap is racist towards your group, time to get some principles of your own and not give 'em your dollars. 

Since I'm an extremist and if that kind of stuff really pissed me off, I'd even ban the actors that took those kind of roles. Any movie they're in, I don't watch. Not in the theaters, not on Netflix, not on Amazon, not even on regular cable.

Any product they endorse, I won't buy either. Screw them too.

Why? To me, overly bitchin' has minimal effect, and I'm sure those in power in the movie industry care very little about it.

There's always a counter argument from them if you haven't yet noticed. However, what these studios really do care about is your dollars. No bigger protest than not handing them over, no?

Anyway, to no surprise, the 1st American appearance of the character in Dark Horse Comic's Ghost in the Shell #1 is seeing quite a bit of heat due to the movie announcement. Not really a Japanime fan anyway, so I could care less about the movie, who is or should be cast in it, or even the comic based on the anime to be honest. I won't be watching the movie. 

Oh, yeah, Jeff Lilienthal wrote up a piece about DC's Rebirth and the inclusion of the Watchmen world in it. Click this link if that interests you.

Ed also has a Spider-Man key issues video up in which he actually speaks and says some words about those in his collection. If you've been enjoying his vids, this one is a must-see!

I definitely enjoyed this one a lot! If you like the shorter ones without talking, Ed's got a shorter version of this Spider-Man key issues up on his youtube channel also.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the week. See ya again soon for more comic related goodness and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Awesome Spiderman collection in that vid!!! Must have cost a small car! If I could ad any keys, it would be the first appearance of Peter Parkers parents in that A.S. annual (forgot the number). It' s a double size comic and my experience says those are always hard to get in good grades.

    Max Rebo

    1. I really like looking at Ed's collection and his vids. His collection is way better than mine for sure in my opinion. I just think it's great to see what people have and enjoy. I know it takes time to whip those up so thanks, Ed!

      That's a pretty good one you mentioned, Rebo!

    2. Asm annual 5 Max. JW

  2. Yeah wasn't that impressed with justice movie. JW

    1. I really did want to like that movie more. I gave it 3 shots, and it really seems to be a clunky beast. It's not horrid, but...well, you know what I mean.

  3. Hey bro got my brother in law into ur site. He loves it and transformer. Can't remember if u did a transformers key. Doesn't have to b long or anything Hope u r having a great 4th man. JW

    1. Heya JW. Wow! Cool. Glad he likes it. Transformers keys? I think I can do that...will bring back some good ole nostalgia for me. Happy 4th, bro! Thanks for the plug!