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Friday, July 15, 2016

Kid Flash Is Coming to Season 3 Plus More

As fans have speculated, Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West will suit up as the Kid Flash or maybe even just The Flash in season three of the hit CW show. Photos have leaked of Keiynan in the classic Kid Flash costume on set.

Speculation has also been going around that the character Kid Flash is walking with is Black Racer. Yes, that Black Racer that first appeared in the New Gods #3.

Apparently, Geoff Johns reintroduced the character in Justice League #44 volume 2. And the dude looks like the image you see to the left of this post.

So the costumed character in that leaked photo does look like he could be Black Racer.

Maybe no Black Flash in season three, as Black Racer is the embodiment of Death in the New Gods mythos. Seems kind of weird that the Flash would have Black Racer as a baddie.

However, in that Justice League #44 issue, Black Racer does make the Flash his new host and takes on that very Flash-like look. Here's some of the panels of his first Prime-Earth reintroduction in Justice League #44 volume 2.

So he starts off looking like a modern version of the old Black Racer, but then hits up the Flash and gets that new spiffy look. So far, just speculation here as to the unnamed character is in the leaked photo. 

Justice League #44 has an estimated print run of 76,752, so it's not a low print comic. Couldn't find any print run information about the cover variant by Ivan Reis to this issue.

If you're not into Modern Age comics, the original Black Racer character 1st appeared in the Bronze Age of comics, and that comic was New Gods #3. You can click the link to see the Darkseid key issues list done this year on here.

The list does have the 1st appearance of the Black Racer in that key issues series as well as other New Gods characters. If you're lazy, I'll just post the cover to New Gods #3 right here.

Ah, might as well. No biggie, but still wondering if that is indeed Black Racer in that leaked photo or not.  

Does that mean they're going to incorporate some New Gods mythos in season three? Dunno but it sounds strange if they are. 

With Flashpoint happening, I suppose anything's possible. To be honest, I'm just excited that we're going to see Kid Flash finally in the Flash TV series, and in the classic costume! Awesome!

However, I do wonder if they'll change the name. I mean, Kid Flash doesn't really stick when the character on the show isn't a kid.

Anyway, click the link to see some Kid Flash key issues if interested, that is.

Also in recent news, it seemed like the rights to another comic property was recently bought. Waypoint Entertainment has acquired the movie rights to the 2015 comic series, Plutona, published by Image Comics.

The 1st issue has an estimated print run of 25,690, so it's not a high print run comic. If you feel like speculating on that, there ya go. 

Prices have already been marked up for the 1st issue and quickly. Comic has gotten good reviews though.

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  1. Thanx for the Plutonia hint!!! Jeff Lamire is always a good choice. I wonder that there has been no news about a Sweet Tooth Series or movie... This one was hot some years ago but interest and prices seem to have cooled of...

    Speculation Jones