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Monday, July 25, 2016

Justice League & Wonder Woman SDCC Trailers

So it looks like it was another big weekend for the city of San Diego and the San Diego Comic Con. We got our first teaser of Defenders and our 1st trailer of the Netflix Luke Cage series coming soon.

It wasn't all Marvel, though. DC Comics dropped a Wonder Woman and Justice League trailer as well, and a lot have been raving about our 1st look at Wonder Woman's anticipated solo movie. If you've yet to take a gander, I've posted it below from Warner Bros official youtube channel.

I've got mixed feelings about this. While I am a Wonder Woman fan and she is my favorite female comic book superhero, I honestly could not help think while watching the trailer is that this just reminds me of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Don't get me wrong. I'm curious to see it and a lot of Gal Gadot's action scenes look really impressive, but I was still reminded of Cap's 1st movie. Actually, I'm more curious to see which direction they'll take the character after this movie and in the sequel.

Onto the next big trailer that Warner Bros. unleashed at SDCC which is the highly anticipated Justice League trailer.

When it comes to this 1st look at Justice League, my anxiety and concerns after seeing Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice was heightened. Many out there are making a big deal that there's humor in it instead of the doom gloom, but I generally think it's just not a good trailer.

Actually, I'm lost for words and the only thought I can come up with is that it looks campy so far. Well, at least, we got our first look at Cyborg all suited up. 

Not all that impressed, especially with Flash's costume. The TV show's take on that look is so far better. 

Then again, just my opinion. Some are going nuts over the trailers, and some aren't. 

Hell, I know that they're first trailers and don't want to reveal too much at first. The follow up trailers could be much better and reveal more. What do you guys think? 


  1. Liked the golden lasso of Wonder Woman. Great visuals too. As far as Justice League is concerned, duh - don' t know about the costumes. Cyborg and Flash look cheesy to me. Gota go into postproduction on these!!! ;-)

    Max Rebo

  2. Wonder Woman Preview Does look a lot like Cap 1, as both were golden age and teh clothing and style fit that 1940's vibe. As for Justice League, they are trying to model it after Avengers 1, which had that element of humor. Great Post Mayhem! lk
    ps don't worry haven't forgot, tshirt will be on it's way soon. ROCK!!!

  3. Hi M,

    that Wonder Woman actress is HOT!!! Gonna see the movie just because of her - I mean, if I can look at her ears for 2 hours that' s good enough for me. I' m a comicgeek god damit! Writers don' t have to impress me. I' m gonna watch the movie anyway. Any comic recommendations concerning the film? Didn' t hear much about the characters that are going to star. Who is that women with the scar in the face plus who' s the main villain anyhow? Would be great to know speculationwise.


  4. I think between Wonder Woman and Supergirl TV show, DC has accomplished something that Marvel has not, made a fan out of my 9 year old daughter. They have succeeded in bringing strong female heroes to the forefront. My daughter never thought twice about comics until she became a fan of these heroes, now she has the superhero girls dolls, the adventures of supergirl comics and a wonder woman poster on her wall. And most importantly, she enjoys going to comic shops and shows with her old man!! Oh, and I thought the WW trailer is awesome! Still not sure about JL.

  5. the real comparison is between the JL and Doctor Strange trailers. I thought the latter was thrilling and the JL one an embarrassment. It really looked like a kind of cosplay farce, trying to imitate Marvel and coming out a clear second. Marvel, on the other hand, keep pushing the envelope, and are way way ahead of the competition (just look at that wifi password gag). There's so much you could do to give DC movies their own unique look and feel, but the execs just go for copying the successful guys over and over again which doesn't work - it just makes DC movies an inferior imitation of the competition. Trouble is, the fan base of JL is so huge it doesn't matter if the film is a turkey, it will still make a lot of money (like Bat v Supes) and the execs will continue to believe they're making great movies. Meanwhile, Marvel really are making great movies.

  6. Easily the best trailer shown at Comic Con. Justice League...meh. Doctor Strange...i saw that movie already when it was called Inception.