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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 18

Back to this series for a brief tick, and we've got a few more hot key comic issues of 2016. Speculators have already somewhat jumped on the 1st two featured here.

They are steaming up, but I wouldn't call them super hot currently. Well, at least, not yet.

We shall have to see how the Modern Age speculators take to it more since they're both relatively new comics that just came out this year. Anyway, let's get to it.

1st brief appearance of Riri Williams
1st appearance of Tomoe

Max Rebo brought up Riri Williams in a comment not long ago, but this is actually a double whammy 1st appearance key. This issue does have the first appearance of Tomoe as well.

Could be a first brief as well, but she's shaping up to be a recurring villain. However, Riri Williams is the main focus for this key issue.

The on-going trend to have a different race or gender or both take the mantle of an already iconic character continues. This is the age of a new face for Marvel...literally.

Whether you shake your head in disgust from the lowest common denominator in current comic creativity or think it's perfectly rational that the two big publishers are appealing to an ever growing diversity of readership, these kinds of 1st appearances like with Riri Williams still steam up a bit.

Estimated print run isn't low or that high either at 51,748, and I am not going to give my opinion about this one. Most who have read this blog long enough know what I think.

Who knows, though? Maybe this character will gain a big fan base, but I do think that there's quite a few buying up this comic currently who probably don't even read comics much less this one. It's often called speculating. 

Anyway, this comic did steam up this year regardless, and it is a 1st cameo or brief appearance of the character as she only appears in two panels on one page.

Of course with most freshly steaming up comics, the prices are fluctuating all over the place, but the $20 range is the average at the time of this writing. No CGC sales, of course, since this is a pretty new comic.

Wow, almost hitting the $30 mark for a single copy of the regular cover. There are variants like the Mary Jane Women of Power variant cover and 2nd printings of this comic with blue logo. A third printing is set to hit stores in August.

Invincible Iron Man #7 of the 2nd series has the cover date of May, 2016. 

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1st full appearance of Riri Williams
1st time she dons Iron suit
1st Riri Williams cover

Riri Williams is a mad genius like Tony Stark and has even created her own technological suit of armor much like Iron Man or War Machine. This is considered her 1st full appearance...obviously since she shows up more in this issue compared to issue #7.

She also dons her own iron suit in this issue as well as seen in the page below, and she appears on the regular cover so it's her 1st cover.

Just like with issue #7, this comic is pretty new and recently heated up so prices are fluctuating all over the place as more dish this off into the market. It had hit the $30 mark though for both #7 and #9 of the regular covers sold together on eBay.

Only a few days ago was the 2 lot going for that price. Here's a snap shot of the most recent sales of the 2 comics in a lot. 2nd listing is #7 regular cover and the #9 variant.

Estimated print run isn't low or that high either at 49,334. The single sales of Invincible Iron Man #9 aren't really impressive. 

One of the few times I've seen a 1st brief appearance go for more than a 1st full appearance and especially when a character gets a power or dons an armor. I dunno, but maybe most speculators just don't know about that just yet.

We shall have to see how this one continues. I do smell speculators who most likely didn't even read the comic and are just following the trend, but I could be wrong. Maybe Riri Williams already has a big fan base.

I mean, a lot of people are already talking about her. Some good and some bad. Invincible Iron Man #9 of the 2nd series has the cover date of July, 2016.

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1st appearance of Negan
1st appearance of Lucille
Death of Glenn

Talk about crazy or a variant going crazy for a comic. Sure, this does have quite a few key notations and 1st appearance of both Negan and Lucille, his baseball bat wrapped in barbwire.

Sure this comic also has the death of Glenn. Yep, both have already appeared in season six of the Walking Dead. Season 7 is coming in October, and most already anticipate that Negan has killed Glenn.

This comic is hot even for the regular cover but this Red Foil "Lucille" Edition is crazy hot! I mean crazy hot. This comic was limited to 250 copies, so, yes, it's pretty damn rare.

I mean crazy hot as in this comic variant is rivaling the Walking Dead #1 first print at CGC 9.8s.

Geez, as you can see, most NM grades for this Lucille Red Foil variant cover (Skybound) has gone up in 2016. Exception is 9.6 NM+ CGC which sold better in 2015 than this year. 

9.8s, however, hit within the $2000 range and recently as well. Walking Dead #100 Red Foil Lucille variant has the cover date of July, 2012.

Crap! Didn't mean for this to be all Modern comics, but that's just how it went. Once again, I'm not suggesting how you spend your money. Whether you want to speculate and flip, flip, flip on these comics or actually invest is up to you.

This is just showing comics that are steaming up or are or were hot during this year. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, I do like to have some criteria of key comic doing better this year than in 2015, so they could still be hot last year. Not talking about sales volume either, but values increasing slightly or significantly for the most part.

Not every grade for a key is always going to be on the up and up. Sure some super hot ones are increasing across the board, but that is pretty rare.

For Invincible Iron Man #7 & #9, you might be able to find them at your local stomping grounds cheaper. Might not either. They'll be hard to find online except on eBay for a while at least.

In the TV comic world, looks like Hellfire is off the docket, but another X-Men related TV series has been ordered by FOX. The premise for The UNTITLED FOX MARVEL PROJECT will focus on two ordinary parents who discover their children possess mutant powers. 

Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. The series will be produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television, with 20th Century Fox handling physical production.

Underground network of mutants? Could they be the Morlocks who first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #169? Dunno, but an underground network of mutants sounds like the underground tunnel-dwelling Morlocks to me. 

Might not be, but could be. Also, could District X be making its way to live action TV? All speculation, of course, so who knows? They could even scrap the idea, but the pilot has been ordered. Personally, a TV show called Morlocks would be a cool name, and Callisto would be an interesting character since she tracks down mutants who cannot otherwise live or integrate among normal humans. 


  1. Looks like Marvel threw on the marketing machine again! Everyone is reporting on the iron man event. As I opened the newspapers two days ago, I also had to read about the Hulk killing himself - the DEATH OF THE HULK? The next marketing missfire a la death of Superman? Mayhem, do you have any news concerning this? Someone should tell Marvel that there allready is a green and a red female Hulk ;-) No, wait, you' re not giving us a blue She-Hulk are you? Could make trouble with the guys who hold the rights to the smurfs...


    1. Yes, Banner dies in Civil War II #3 I believe. It's just a gimmick. Superman came back. Hal Jordan came back as Green Lantern, after quite a bit of time but still came back. Banner will be back as well. Same with the death of Spider-Man and Doc Ock became Superior Spider-Man. Just good ole comic gimmicks to create buzz and try to solidify or concrete that Amadeus Cho is new Hulk. Bah! I wonder how long it will last and what lame story they'll invent that Banner didn't really die in that comic.

  2. My bet is on a black Hulk - you know, kinda like a Venom-Hulk :-)

    Max Rebo

    1. Oh, my! A Venom heard it first from Rebo. If they ever do come up with that Rebo, I'd be ready to sue if I were you.

  3. Venom Hulk would look so cool... Just slab the symbiote at him Marvel, will ya!


  4. Stupid. My bet is on the Gwen Hulk.
    Please, Marvel, make a garbage Earth
    2 were all these variant characters can
    be put to rest.