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Monday, July 4, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 17

We've finally arrived at Part 17 to this hot key comics of 2016. This one will be the last one for a while. I will return to it though in the near future, so don't freak out.

1st appearance of Casey Jones

Yes, this comic was also hot in 2015 and because Stephen Amell took a break from Arrow to step into the role of Casey Jones for the 2nd installment of the rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. This one went under the radar for quite a while. I don't think too many knew this was the 1st appearance of Casey Jones prior to 2015.

Well, maybe it just wasn't all that sought-out. This comic did not do better than 2015 for some grades, most notably 9.8s. 2015 saw 9.8s hit a high of $559 but slumped back to the $499.99 range by October of last year and recently sold again at that price in May of this year.

However, 9.6s did see an increase from this year compared to last year. 2015's high was $270 for this grade and this year saw the high of $484. Most recent sale in June had a copy sell for $307.88 via bidding auction, so that's not too bad considering the average sale in 2015 was in the mid $200 range.

When it comes to 9.4s of this comic in 2016, it seemed to nestle into the $200 range. The most recent sale in March seems to be threatening to hit or break the $300 range.

Not all grades did well this year, but 9.0 CGC copies did pretty well for Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1. Finally nestling into the $100 range, the most recent sale in June is threatening the $200 range. The average value this year was still in the mid $100 range, but did beat the average value of 2015.

8.5s also finally surpassed the $100 range a bit this year as well. However, grades below VF+s haven't really done all that well at all.

So, this has been a hot comic so far this year. The 2nd installment is already out in theaters, so we'll have to see how this comic holds up throughout the rest of the year.

Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1 has the cover date of April, 1985.

1st appearance of Aleister Arcane?

It did not take long for this one to heat up on eBay. Prices have already been jacked up but they are selling.

If you're gunning for this one, best bet is to probably search your stomping grounds to see if certain dealers have the book and haven't caught onto it yet. As I've stated in a previous part to this hot key comics of 2016, it is a low print run comic.

This comic got attention when it was recently announced that Jim Carrey and Eli Roth were going to bring a movie adaptation of this horror comic to the big screen. I don't think there has been any CGC sales this year, but there's been a few raw copy sales on eBay. Some of them in comic lots.

This widely not-so-known comic has been all over the place in terms of sales since the announcement of the movie hype. It seemed to hit a high of almost $60 bucks only a few days ago.

The comic was pretty scarce on eBay before, but now it seems like news is catching up and more copies are being flung into the market. Not that many high grade copies on eBay though, or at least ones I see on there currently.

Well, considering that this comic started at the prices you see in the image above only a few days ago, this comic did heat up this year. We will have to see if it continues to do so for the remaining of the year or if it fizzles out.

Aleister Arcane #1 has the cover date of April, 2004. It does have a low print run 7,130, but we'll see if actual demand does more to this comic.

eBay | mycomicshop | Amazon | HeroNext

1st appearance of the Tick in comics

Never talked about this one here, so apparently this special edition came out before The Tick #1 from the 1st regular comic series came out. 1st appearance of Tick?

Well, the character was first seen as a mascot for the Norwood, Massachusetts store New England Comics newsletter. The character gained widespread popularity with the animated cartoon.

Well, looks like the Tick will back in an Amazon original TV show. Peter Serafinowicz is set to play the lead.

GoCollect has yet to catalog them. eBay has really yet to document any movement or comparable data whether this comic is hot or not.

There's only been 2 sales of this issue on eBay. Both were slabbed and different grades.

Not sure if this is a hot comic or not. There aren't many copies of this issue in the market currently, so hard to tell. The Tick Special Edition was limited to 5,000 copies so it's a lower print run key issue.

The comic is guided at $75 bucks for a low NM or 9.2. The Tick Special Edition #1 has the cover date of March, 1988.

eBay | HeroNext | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Once again, I'm not saying, "Buy, buy, buy!" for any of these comics. I leave that up to you to decide whether to buy or sell if you have any of these.

However, if my opinion was asked, I think most of the ones in this part are flippers. The exception might be the Tick Special Edition #1. The Tick does have a pretty big fan base, it's a low print issue, and it's a key that isn't all that easy to find in the market currently.

Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1 might just fizzle quick after the movie. TMNT has a big fan base as well, but over-all, the book got a modest bump in value and movie hype didn't really send the 1st appearance of Casey Jones into the stratosphere or anything.

I could be wrong. Who knows? Maybe it'll get more love from here on out. 

Aleister Arcane? Not sure about that one. Not really a widely known comic or anything, and I don't think it's not all that known just yet.

Will have to see whether it's just seen as a flipper or a possible investment comic. Happy 4th to my fellow Americans and Happy Birthday U.S. of A! Click the Part 18 link below to continue with this beast.


  1. Hey yo bro,

    is that Tick baby magazine size or normal size? Cause I collect only standard size comics...


    1. I think it's a regular comic size magazine but not 100% sure. Anyone else know definitely?

    2. I'm pretty sure all of the Tick vol. 1 is golden age sized.

  2. Hey major Mayhem,

    just read that the actor William Dafoe is going to play Vulco in the upcoming Justice League movie. Vulco? Who the f... is Vulco? Sorry, I' m more like a Marvel guy, maybe you can clue me in on this guy (first appearance, powers, you know, the whole shebang).


    1. Had a brief post in the Total Comic Mayhem community about Vulko. He's the chief scientific and political advisor to Aquaman. In different continuity he is often an ally and regent of Aquaman.

      He was present at Aquaman's birth and opposed the decision to abandon the boy to die. He is an advisor and a major supporting character in the Aquaman mythos. As already posted in the community, his 1st appearance is in Brave and the Bold #73.

    2. I also discussed the character in the Aquaman key issues Part 6 back in 2014, stating, "and since he is a prominent figure of Atlantis, I suspect he may have a very good chance of having a role in the Aquaman movie."

  3. Thanx pal! Sorry, I misspelled him. There' s also a character called Vulco who appears in the Fables Comics from Vertigo, that' s why I had trouble finding any info...


  4. Oh my good! Riri Williams is going to be the new Iron Man, pardon me, IRON MAIDEN!!! Mayhem, the international press is allready full - we need more information asap!!! Couldn' t find her first appearance...

    Max Rebo

    1. Supposedly Invincible Iron Man #7 volume 2

    2. Not that easy... some say Invincible Iron Man 9 is her first appearance, since she dons the Iron Man costume for the first time here... Anyway, would be wise to get 7 & 9 since you can pay 5 times as much for both, compared to what those issues would have cost you last week.

      Speculation Jones

  5. Hey Mayhem,

    can' t wipe the smile from my face. Just made the deal of my life on ebay for 15 bucks. Guess what was in my mailbox today? A nice looking copy of Werewolf by night Nr. 32!!! Even if it would have been a 4.0, this would have been a stellar deal - but I think this one is a 6.5 - 7.0!!! Man, I' m speechles. I think those are going for around 700 bucks on ebay...


  6. Thoughts on The Mercs for Money? Slapstick, Solo, Stingray, Terror, etc are joining Deadpool in a new comic series. I've noticed the first appearance of Slapstick has already made a jump in price. But what about the first appearances of the other members? Will their first appearances rise as well?

    1. They very well could once they get on the radar, but for how long they stay hot? Dunno there. If you can still get some high grades cheap, may be good flips.

  7. ALERT! ALERT! Incoming major snag keybook investment tip!!! Rumors report that the Serpent Society will play a major part in the Luke Cage Netflix series!!! Set your periscopes on CAPTAIN AMERCA 310 and fire immediately!!!

    Mr. Snag over and out

    1. Two different Cottonmouths. Serpent Society Cottnmouth is not the same as the one in Luke Cage. Not even related.