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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ramblings of A Comic Geek Part Whatever!

Yeah, it's been a while since I've rambled or just did a post free form without any structure or cohesion or specific goal in mind, so I've lost count of how many of these I've done. I know it's more than one and two, so it's pretty much Part Whatever!

As for TV, I've been watching a lot more comic TV shows than I'm accustomed to, and most are the on the DC side of things. So far my two favorite shows are Netflix's Daredevil, and even though I've yet to write much about it, the Flash.

Since I already did a write up about Daredevil season two, I'll just skip to what I thought about season two of the Flash. I have to admit, the first season is still my favorite, but season two definitely still had me hooked. I really like the cast of this show.

The finale still had me curious as to where they're going with this. I won't spoil it for ya entirely if you've yet to watch it, but I do think it's a must-watch.

However, I will spoil a few things. So Wally West and Jesse were hit with a Particle Accelerator explosion. Don't ask, but another one was created and used in season two.

In the Flash TV-verse, this explosion helped to create meta-humans, including the Flash, so now I'm geeking out and waiting for the show to get some Kid Flash on. We all know that Kid Flash first appeared in Flash #110, and that bad boy has been in demand for some time already.

What about Jesse Wells, however? In the show she's the daughter of Harrison Wells, who was not a comic character prior, but Jesse does have a comic version of her character. Actually, she's a 90s creation and first debuted in Justice Society of America #1 volume 2. Her comic book counterpart is Jesse Chambers, and she is a super speedster.

Not a question of if but when Jesse Quick and Kid Flash are gonna get their speed on in the Flash TV series. Somebody order up some lightening for those two.

Some are saying season three, but I dunno since the season two finale messed things up. Well, I shouldn't say the show, but Barry seemingly may have messed things up for their world...again! Once again, excited to see where they take us.

I watched Supergirl religiously as well. I'm not surprised that CBS didn't renew another season and the show is heading over to the CW. Well, the last I heard it was. 

Not to say that I didn't like the Supergirl TV series. It was okay, entertaining, and enjoyable here and there. Well, at least, I thought so.

One thing I really did enjoy was seeing females with actual visible super powers on the show kicking some ass. I don't mean super human strength, because when two super strong characters go up against each other on screen, it just looks like a somewhat normal fight with the exception of being tossed a ridiculous amount of feet and objects and things getting smashed up. I mean actual super powers that need CG special effects.

I also watched Legends of Tomorrow religiously as well, and that show is okay as well. It did keep me wanting to know what happens next and I think the dynamic between the characters are good. The villainous Vandal Savage was actually surprisingly good. Hat's off to Casper Crump, and it looks like Rex Tyler, the Golden Age Hourman from the Justice Society of America, has been introduced as a player for season two. 1st appearance is in Adventure Comics #48

Hourman's first Silver Age appearance is in Justice League of America #21, a comic that has become valuable in recent years. The Justice Society is even mentioned at the end of Legends of Tomorrow, so that was exciting for me and it'll be interesting to see who else shows up. Hey, Jonah Hex did show up in an episode in season one, so anything goes which I like.

Well, with the Justice League movie coming up late next year and approaching pretty soon, Ed made a video showcasing some of the keys in his own collection that relates to characters confirmed or rumored to appear in the flick. I think it's fun to see what people have, so I said I'd post some of his vids if he ever uploaded them to ole youtube. Here's one of them.

There is a glare on the slabs and the comic titles and numbers on the labels are hard to read, but I was able to make them out by the cover. So, if you don't know what issues they are, here's the list:

  1. Action Comics #242 - 1st Brainiac
  2. Jimmy Olsen #134 - 1st cameo Darkseid
  3. Forever People #1 - 1st full Darkseid
  4. Brave and the Bold #34 - 1st S.A. Hawkman & Hawkgirl (Katar & Shayera Hol)
  5. Shazam #28 - 2nd Black Adam, 1st DC Comics app.
  6. Brave and the Bold #29 - 2nd Justice League of America
  7. Brave and the Bold #30 - 3rd Justice League of America
  8. Justice League of America #1 - 1st issue to comic series, 1st Despero, 4th app. JLA
  9. Justice League of America #9 - 1st JLA origin
  10. Justice League of America #2 - 2nd issue to headlining comic series, 5th app. JLA
  11. Justice League of America #5 - 5th issue, 1st appearance Doctor Destiny, 8th app. JLA
  12. New Teen Titans #7 - 1st origin of Cyborg
  13. DC Comics Presents #26 - 1st appearance New Teen Titans, 1st Cyborg
  14. Aquaman #29 - 1st Orm (Ocean Master)
  15. Aquaman #35 - 1st Black Manta
  16. Aquaman #11 - 1st appearance Mera
  17. Justice League of America #10 - 1st Felix Faust, Demons 3, Lord of Time, and Timeless Ones
  18. Hawkman #4 - 1st Zatanna
  19. New Gods #1 - 1st appearance of Orion, Highfather, Metron
  20. New Gods #2 - 2nd full appearance and 1st Darkseid cover
  21. New Gods #3 - 1st Black Racer
  22. New Gods #6 - 1st Slig

Lots of nice graded keys in that vid. Ed's uploaded a few other videos, so just click the blue link and check out Ed's youtube page and you can watch 'em. 

Oh, yes, and I do have a community up at Google+. It's a place where comic fans can share and rattle off about whatever they feel like as long as it's done in a civil manner.

JW suggested a Top 5 section and I thought it would serve better on a community page since you can all upload photos there of comics or comic art you own. The Top 5 is basically showcasing your top five comics for whatever reason - nostalgic, value, etc.

Thought it was a good idea as well. Among other things there, I also have an exchange where you can link to comics you are selling where ever - eBay, Heritage, ComicLink, ComicConnect, and your own website possibly. Just a thought.

I make no guarantees nor am responsible for transactions done by these market places or if you want to conduct them outside of a market place on the exchange. If there are scammers that infiltrate the community exchange, I will boot 'em, but I would still be cautious about one-on-one transactions conducted outside of a market place as there's little to no protection for buyer or seller.

Also, in order to keep down spamming the exchange, there are limits to how many times you can post links per day and that's three times for three different products or listings. For example, you have an ASM #1 on eBay, but that exact same comic is listed at mycomicshop. Choose one of them to link to on the exchange. Do not link to the same product or listing multiple times in the same day.

If you want to list the one at mycomicshop the next day for example, feel free but one product or listing per day. You can link 3 different comics or products per day only.

They must be comics, original comic art, or trading card related (Baseball, Hockey, Football, Garbage Pail Kids, etc) items. Links to auctions or listings not related to the above will be automatically deleted.

Follow that simple rule and I think the exchange could help in both buying and selling for you ladies 'n gents. So, if you're interested, I've got a Community link up on the menu of this site or you can just click this link here. You will need a gmail account though. 

On the actual comic book side of things, I admit that's it's been slow this year. I've been a major cheap ass for the most part, and haven't been buying too much. 

I did get some comics back from CGC and CBCS I've yet to throw down here about how they turned out. I talked about getting an X-Men #129 for $75 bucks over at Stockton Con last year at Steve Wyatt's booth. He talked me down $20 bucks off the original $95 price before I could even haggle a price. 

I took the offer because I thought it would be graded higher after I submitted it to CGC. As the picture states, it was advertised as a VF/NM originally.

I knew it was going around that price for raw copies on eBay during the time if you included the cost of shipping. I think I submitted it at the CGC booth at Wizard World San Jose last year, which sadly won't be coming back this year.

Well, it ended up coming back as I thought it would, and I was happy to see it labeled a NM 9.4 in late December last year. Needless to say, I'm definitely not disappointed. Good ole Steve, and at that time, he was two for two since Gerry bought a Batman #155 from him in 2014. His copy came back from the slabbed factory higher as well.

As you can see it's not in the new CGC slab, but speaking of Steve and new slabs, I did recently submit a comic I got from him at the same time I got the X-Men #129. That comic was Shazam #1 and it's from the Don Rosa Collection.

Some don't consider the Don Rosa Collection a pedigree but CGC does. I believe this one was advertised as a 9.2 NM- as the sticker states, and that comic was priced at $95 bucks too. I did haggle and Steve countered with $85. I obviously accepted and understood that he was selling the comic on behalf of comic artist Don Rosa himself

To be honest, this wasn't a book I was particularly on the hunt for. Even though a Shazam movie had already been announced by then and Dwayne Johnson had already been cast as Black Adam, this comic wasn't really all that hot back when I got it.

I did think, what the hell? I'm not huge on pedigree comics, but it would be nice to have at least one in my vault. Plus, I guess-ti-mated that this could come back from the slab factory a 9.4 NM.

Well, it seems Steve is three for three, and this one did come back a 9.4 NM. It's also in the new CGC case holder, and I'm a bit conflicted about the new cases.

They're thicker and take up more space in a CGC comic box and also add more weight collectively, which I don't like or care for. They look okay to me, but I really don't like the label text aligned to the very left because the grade sticker chops off some of the text like you see in the pic which you can enlarge by clicking on it.

Some people like them better than the old ones, but they're not exactly a huge hit with me. Not that I hate or can't stand them or anything. They are what they are to me.

I also sent in my Doctor Strange #169 a long with that comic to CGC this April, and this one surprised the hell out of me. I seriously thought it would come back lower, like a 4.0 or 4.5 at the most. 

Actually, it was advertised as a 4.0 and I got it at a Christmas sale at my local. They were having a sale and 20% off all consignments. 

It's the same sale where I picked up an Aquaman #11, 1st Mera, for Gerry's birthday. I believe I got both pretty cheap, and this one was $25 including tax. The Aquaman was cheaper, but I think it was around $15.

So I was pretty surprised when the Doctor Strange #169 copy came back a 6.5 FN+. I had bought an X-Men #5 from them prior and that came back from CBCS right on the nose, which was a 4.0 VG.

Also, Gerry's Aquaman #11 had come back around the same grade we predicted which was around a 4.0 VG, I think. I forgot whether it was a 4.0 or 4.5, but I had no delusions of my Doctor Strange #169 coming back higher than a 4.5 for sure.  

Just goes to show you that they still surprise me both good and bad.  My Justice League #9 did come back a 3.5 and it looks better than the Doctor Strange #169 to me. There's always gotta be one bummer out of the group, but I'd rather settle for one than all of them, right? I'm not complaining.

If you click to enlarge to pic, you can also see that the grade sticker lops off the text that's aligned to the left. The old label had the left-hand text aligned to the right, closer to the center of the label, and you can see the difference between the X-Men #129 label and both the Shazam #1 and Doctor Strange #169 labels.

Not a big deal but aesthetically not an improvement. It is what it is.

Alright, I'm tired of rambling and you're probably tired of me rambling as well. Don't blame ya, but thanks for humoring me and see ya soon for more comic goodness!


  1. Your "ramblings of a comic geek" articles are great. You should do a weekly opinion article. Discuss current events or whatever and put your Mayhem spin on it. They are fun and entertaining.

    1. I like that idea, and I think I'll go with a weekly Rambling or opinion posts. Gives me a good chance to let out some brain farts. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Agreed. Only if u had time man. I know this shit takes up a lot of ur time bro. Later. JW

    1. I'll try to put in some extra time for these, JW! Take it easy, bro and let me know what you picked up at Heroes.con.