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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ramblings of A Comic Geek Part Whatever 2

It was suggested that I do a weekly opinion post, and I thought it was a good idea. Key issues lists are fine and dandy, but they get redundant when you post 'em all the time since they are a good 98% of the requests I get.

Music today? We got Ed's old band LeVeL with the song Living Inside Me. The song was used in one of the Batman Begins movie trailers.

Yep, it's that very Ed who is making the vids of key comics in his collection that I've been posting here and in the Total Comic Mayhem community page over at Google+. Here's the video and song that helped to entertain me while whipping up this post.


So we've had some comic movie and TV news that came out recently. A Scarlet show based on the Brian Michael Bendis comic from Icon has been confirmed. 

The FOX Legion television show has no air date yet, but is supposed to come out sometime this year. Despite being an X-Men fan and a fan of that universe, I have no desire to see that show. If it pops up on Hulu and I'm really bored, I'll give it a go.

Lobo finally gets a script writer. Some comic named Rising Stars is getting a movie with Brad Peyton climbing aboard as director.

Outcast was finally released and is breaking records over at Cinemax, so that's good. I Zombie is gonna have a season 3. I admit I tried watching it, but couldn't get past the pilot.

Brie Larson is rumored as a front runner for the role of Carol Danvers and Chris Evans has come out to support that idea. Brie Larson is a really good actress, and I'd be down with that. Room was a tremendous movie and so was Short Term 12. 

I'm still wondering when Hollyweird is gonna pick up Lonewolf & Cub as a viable movie. I mean, you had The Last Samurai and 47 Ronin, the latter loosely based on the historical events in 18th Century Japan that became legend there.
The Last Samurai was a success, but 47 Ronin flopped hard with negative reviews. Still, I don't know how bad you can mess up Lonewolf & Cub. 

If Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodrigues teamed up for a Lone Wolf & Cub movie, I believe it would be a pretty bad ass flick. I did like D'Jango, and I'm sure both would be able to capture the tone of the comics.

The comic Road to Perdition was influenced by Lonewolf & Cub and the creator even admitted to it. As in a star for the flick? Pretty easy, get Lee Byung-hun. Actor is pretty hot over here in the states and in Korea. He's already accustomed to sword play since he was Storm Shadow in both G.I. Joe movies.

Tons of stories you could play with concerning a Lonewolf & Cub movie. A Ronin forced to turn assassin with his young son because the Yagyū clan falsely disgraced him seems like a pretty good plot for revenge that could be stretched out into a trilogy.

My brother was a fan of this comic, and I ended up reading quite a bit of issues as well. They were the First Comics issues. Frank Miller did some of the covers, and that's probably the main reason I gave the comic a chance.

In other comic TV news, Poison Ivy will be recast for season 3 of Gotham, and the word is that they want an older actress for the role. Yep, her 1st appearance in Batman #181 has been a hot comic this year and last year as well. It's a comic that's been mentioned on here a few times, with a Vault post by Gerry back in 2015.

Speaking of Poison Ivy live-action, DC confirmed that a Harley Quinn spin-off movie is in the works. No big surprise there.

What's also not surprising is that her bestie and "girlfriend" Poison Ivy is seeing massive speculation about joining her in that solo flick. I wouldn't doubt it and was just talking to my buddy, Erol, about it last night on ole facebook.

We both agree that there's definitely a high chance of seeing Poison Ivy on the big screen again as well. Talk about a hot movie with those two characters in it? Yowza!

So, Erol and I set off to find what comic issues Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy first meet, both in the Batman Adventures comics and in mainstream DC canon. It's actually pretty simple, and upon discovering it, I had a forehead slapping moment.

The pair actually first meet in "comics" in Harley Quinn's 1st appearance in Batman Adventures #12. In DC canon or mainstream continuity, they also first meet in Harley Quinn's 1st canonical appearance in Batman: Harley Quinn #1

Doh! However, upon trying to dig up when their 1st meetings took place, we discovered an odd appearance of Harley Quinn that isn't widely talked about so much. It's actually her 1st inter-company cross-over and is in the Joker/Mask #1 four issue comic series published by Dark Horse and DC Comics back in May of 2000.

It's obviously outside of DC mainstream continuity, but it's still an odd and most likely zany comic. Estimated print run is 22,603 for that comic so it's a low print run book. Not rare but low print run.

You can get lots of #1-3 on eBay for relatively cheap. Dunno, the quality of those books though. There's a four issue set of PGX 9.8s for $255.55 with a Best Offer. Even at $255.55, the comics per piece come out to $63.88. 

Well, that's if you're interested. I know some out there are looking for low print books like Max Rebo, and since Harley Quinn is hot, this one is worth knowing about at least. 

Perhaps, you can still catch it at your local stomping grounds for cheap. Just thought I'd share in case some of you didn't know like myself until last night.

Oh, I know I mentioned this before and that Ayesha or Her or Kismet is rumored to be in Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, but I didn't really talk about the connection here.

So, Ayesha as Kismet is actually the mother of Starhawk. Quasar is the father of Starhawk. Definitely why the 1st appearance of Quasar has heated up since 2015.

Actually, Quasar has two 1st appearances since he started out as Marvel Boy before becoming Quasar. So if you don't know already, his first appearance as Marvel Boy and as the character Wendell Vaughn is in Captain America #217.

Then the character becomes Quasar in Incredible Hulk #234. This has refueled speculation that Starhawk is Star Lord's father, and Peter Quill just may have a reunion in Guardians of the Galaxy sequel with his grandmother Kismet?

In the Marvel Comics lore, Ogord finds a baby Starhawk in Marvel Presents #9 and adopts him. Ogord is one of the Reavers of Arcturus. I'm taking a stab here, but that might be Stallone's character in the movie.

So Her actually becomes Kismet in Quasar #40, and that issue is part of the Infinity War crossover event. In comic book lore, it is Quasar and Kismet who are the biological parents of Starhawk. This would be revealed in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series.

Quasar being Starhawk's father is revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy #59 of the 1990s comic series. There's the panel page below.
The origin or true origin of Starhawk is continued in Guardians of the Galaxy #61, and this reveals that he was conceived by Quasar and Kismet. 
In issue #62 of the comic series, it's revealed that Eon had stolen the child away from Kismet. Eon's 1st appearance is in Captain Marvel #28 of the 1st series.
With that in mind, Kurt Russell is speculated as being Starhawk in the sequel because the connection is quite close to Kismet. Whether it ends up being true, we shall have to wait and see. Personally, I see Russell looking more like an older Quasar or Wendell Vaughn, but who knows?

Either way, there's the story to the connection with Ayesha or Kismet and why speculation of Starhawk appearing in Guardians 2 has reignited. I can definitely see it, but, heck, it's all speculation now.  

Alright, here's another vid from Ed that you may enjoy and it's got to do with Guardians of the Galaxy key issues he's got

There it is. Everyone have a happy Father's Day tomorrow, and I'll see ya soon for other comic goodness.


  1. Good post as always TcM. Have a great weekend JW

    1. Thanks JW, you and yours have a great one also!

  2. Hey Mayhem,

    thanks for the recommendation! I' m
    always on the lookout for these unknown
    Harley Quinzel appearances. They are like gold investments. Stable in price & you can flip' em real quick...

    Max Rebo

    1. Thought you mighta already had one of those, but know you and others are looking for lower print stuff to snag up.

  3. Really crazy what some of these early Harley minis and one shots are going for. For instance the "Batman Harley and Ivy" mini series. Or her appearance in Batgirl adventures 1. Or that Love on the Lam one
    shot. I could go on and on.

    Max Rebo

    1. It's the year of Deadpool & Harley. Hey, have those two ever done a crossover with each other yet?