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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lobo Movie Finally Gets A Script Writer!

I almost didn't even want to write about this recent bit of comic movie news. Headlines state that Lobo movie is confirmed, but wasn't it confirmed when Dwayne Johnson was cast a few years back?

I don't know. It's been so long I forgot. 

Then the project went on the back burner and finally Warner Bros. has just recently tapped Jason Fuchs to write a film adaptation of Lobo. So, now they've got a writer for the flick! Whoo hoo!

It's even being said that Fuchs (one of the reasons I did end up writing about this news is the guys last it!) intends to use the "original version" of Lobo. Yes, I am pronouncing it in my head that way, but recent news is basing that call off of Fuchs's instagram message that had the hash tag “portraitofabastich". 

Portrait of a Bastich is the name of the TPB that collected the 1st Lobo four issue limited series and Lobo's Back. Both comic series were from the 90s, and that's the time where Lobo became pretty popular.

So, it seems that Jason Fuchs just might have plans to use the more popular Lobo from the 90s and hopefully the Simon Bisley look that the comic artist gave him for the flick. It seems it wont be based on the New 52. Thank, God, and it makes sense that Warner and DC would want to go that route and use a more humorous and tongue-and-cheek Lobo.

After all, Deadpool was a pretty big success, no? I'm pretty sure WB wants to see if their gritty but humorous and just as violent Lobo can bash the box office like the Merc with a Mouth just done.

We shall see, and fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for a Lobo flick or any news of it. Did I mention that they'd been waiting?

Actually, many thought DC and WB just changed their minds altogether and dumped the project. I sure did. So now the movie project wasn't entirely abandoned and seems to be back on.

Well, partly! Just because a screen writer has been hired to pen something, doesn't mean that the script will be green lit. A lot of things could once again plague the project. 

No word from the Rock yet about the Lobo movie inching forward. I wonder if he even knows yet, and I am somewhat interested in how they're gonna get around the Rock as both Black Adam and Lobo in the newly connected DC Cinematic Universe.

Perhaps an entirely CG Lobo like the Hulk with Dwayne Johnson's voice like with Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon? Who knows?

Honestly and even though I'm being sarcastic here, I am kinda excited that Lobo movie news has finally sparked up again. However, I do have to thank Deadpool's movie success as well. 

Warner Bros. most likely wouldn't have inched forward with the project without seeing the potential dollars 'n cents that Wade Wilson made this year. All I got to say is - Bring it on. Looks like I didn't do a Lobo key issues series for nothing.


  1. Jason Mamoa would've been the perfect Lobo. Too bad he's being wasted on Aquaman.

    1. Agree that Jason Mamoa would make an awesome Lobo!