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Monday, June 13, 2016

Lena Luthor Set to Appear in Supergirl Season 2!

She has yet to have been cast, but reports are already coming out of the gate that the comic character of Lena Luthor will be a supporting character for Supergirl in season two of the once CBS show that moved over to the CW. This is the 2nd show outside of the CW that was not picked up for another season, and the show prior was Hellblazer.

However, despite Hellblazer being cancelled after the very first season, it did not move over to the CW like Supergirl. So, there will be a season two and the kid sister of the world's most brilliant criminal mind will get some live-action play in the series.

Lena Luthor is the blood sister of Lex, but after Lex became a criminal and disgraced the family name, Lena and her parents changed their last names to Thorul out of shame. No casting has been made just yet, but that's latest gab from the Supergirl camp.

Makes sense since in the comics Lena Thorul and Linda Danvers were close friends who were both kids at the Midvale Orphanage in her earlier appearances. Her parents had died in a car crash shortly after discovering their son's new career change. 

Lena Thorul 1st appeared in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #23 back in the good ole Silver Age. I mentioned this in the short and sweet Supergirl Key Issues a little while ago in 2014, and it seems to be one of the few on that list that I actually called good on. Well, if the reports do end up being confirmed.

Actually, it seems that they'll be adding five new characters to the cast. Aside from Lena Luthor, other characters like Lucas "Snapper" Carr, The Doctor and Detective Maggie Sawyer are rumored to join Supergirl season two.  

Lucas "Snapper" Carr in the comics is an associate of the Justice League of America and was 1st seen in Brave and the Bold #28, which also debuted the Justice League of America. Not sure what role this character will play in the season two, but there are reports that he'll be a fellow journalist.

The Doctor has been described by new reports as being a female character who experiments on humans using alien technology for something called the Cadmus Project. The comic character most resembling that description is Serling Roquette according to reports. 

In the comics Roquette Serling is the head of the genetics division at the Cadmus Project in the actual comics. It is a research facility just outside of Metropolis.

So Serling Roquette 1st appeared in Superboy #56 from the volume 4 series, and she works under a Mickey Cannon, administrative director of the Cadmus Project. Mickey Cannon 1st appeared in Adventures of Superman #562.

Since Roquette works under him for Project Cadmus, Mickey Cannon might show up in season two as well, but that is a might. Both are good guys in the actual comics and Serling Roquette is an ally to Superboy. Roquette does have connections to Jimmy Olsen as well in the actual comics.

Not surprising if this character is added to season two of Supergirl or later down the line as there are connections in the comics. However, we do know that things are often twisted from page to screen concerning the live-action translations and that's if there is a later down the line for Supergirl's TV series.

Some sources are saying that the Cadmus Project 1st appeared in comics as the DNA Project in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133 created by Jack Kirby. I'll take their word for it until someone else comes a long and approves or disproves this.

The character of Dabney Donovan is one of the co-founders of the Cadmus Project. He is an ally of both Superboy and Superman in the comics, and he is another creation by Jack Kirby.

In the comics, the character of Dabney Donovan 1st appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #142. It will be interesting to see if the Supergirl show makes use of this character if the rumors about the Cadmus Project and Serling Roquette pan out.

Maggie Sawyer in the comics was 1st seen as Captain Sawyer of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit in Superman #4 volume 2. This special crimes unit was in charge of dealing with crimes involving criminals with super powers.

She was also a supporting character for the Man of Steel comic series that followed Crisis on Infinite Earths also. Although an ally of Superman, she often tries to prove that the police are more effective and efficient than a vigilante dressed in tights. 

A no-nonsense cop, she is one of Superman's main police contacts in the comic books. She did eventually come out of the closet and is a lesbian comic character. Might seem like a good addition to the Supergirl TV series in which a hard-boiled female cop that's part ally and antagonist could stir the show up more.

We'll have to see. No premiere date for Supergirl season two has been set yet, but it seems it's still moving forward!

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