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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hot Key Comics of 2016 Part 8

Chuggin' along here with Part 8 to this hot key comics of 2016 series. As usual, we got 3 more key comics that are or were or steaming up in the secondary market for the most part.

I mentioned two on here already. Maybe not much, but they were mentioned or featured. One, however, have yet to even mention or even utter the comic...ever! That's in my life.

Yep, recent movie hype this year is seeing this one steam up a bit. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to burn out on all the comic book related movies and some TV shows that are being thrown out by Hollyweird.

Probably because half of them I have no desire to even see nor spend the dough for a regular movie ticket. That's just my opinion though, and definitely doesn't mean others have no interest in 'em.

The good thing is that all these comic related shows and movies do get me to talk about comics that I'd wouldn't even think to bring up. Most likely because they weren't ever even on my radar. Much like the first one featured here.

1st Marvel appearance of Doc Savage

The Rock has been cast to play Doc Savage so it looks like a movie is happening for this Pulp magazine and later comic character. There has been Gold Key Doc Savage comics prior to this one during the Silver Age, but this issue is the 1st appearance of Doc Savage in Marvel Comics.

It is steaming up. Not really super hot for slabbers just yet, but raw copies are being nabbed up. Kinda funny how the Gold Key comics are being over-looked though, but the Golden Age Street and Smith Doc Savage Comics #1 CGC 7.0 sold last year for $1,535 on ole eBay.

Prior to Doc Savage Comics #1, he did appear in Shadow Comics #1 which hit the stands in January of 1940. Doc Savage Comics #1 came out in April of the same year, and I think Shadow Comics #1 is Doc Savage's 1st appearance in comics or comic book format. That one will surely be a hunt for.

However, back to this one here, the Marvel version. It's steaming up a bit, but it ain't super hot just yet. 

CGC 9.8s didn't have any sales this year, but CGC 9.6s did. Most recent sale was back in May of this year and for $259.95, hitting the $200 range for the 1st time ever.

The previous sale before that one was at $180, but is that really an indicator of heating up? Sure, it could be, but always best to look at some other grades to see what else is going on.
A bit of funky monkey here with CGC 9.4s and 9.2s. Looks like 9.2s surpassed 9.4s this year and both sales were in the month of June.

9.2s did make a pretty big leap, so that could be an indicator of this book heating up. 9.0 slabbers went from $20 to $60 in May.

So, heating up possibly. For how long and how much hotter, no telling. Doc Savage #1 from Marvel Comics has the cover date of October, 1972. Raw copies of this aren't too crazy yet.

1st appearance of Big Tony
1st issue to 2nd comic series

Alright, this here is technically a key issue. For one it's the 1st issue to the 2nd Harley Quinn headlining comic series. Not that that makes it a big deal or anything.

This comic does have quite a few 1st appearances. Big Tony is supporting character that appears quite a bit in the Harley Quinn comics.

Not a major DC character, but still somewhat important in the Harley Quinn stuff. There's also minor 1st appearances in this issue like the Brooklyn Bruisers and Dr. Hertz and Queenie, etc.

I'm pretty sure this variant isn't hot because of the 1st appearances of these characters and more due to the fact it's an Adam Hughes variant, it's Harley Quinn, and there's only about 3600 copies supposedly and according to other sources.

This comic isn't steaming up. It's past that and hot and was this way in 2015 also. CGC 9.8s jumped up into the $900 range again this year.

Last year it hit the $999 range, threatening the $1,00 range. However, CGC 9.8s have steadily sold in the $500 to $600 range more than 2015. Last year the average was more in the $300 to $400 range until later in 2015 when it started rising in the $600 and up range by September.

CGC 9.6s have remained steadily in the $400 range throughout most of this year. They first hit that range back in September of 2015 also.

However, the difference is that this grade finally sold in the $500 range. It's sold in the $400 range five times while in 2015 it hit that mark and above 4 times. No $500 sale in 2015 for 9.6s though, so the comic is still hot.

We'll have to see if this Adam Hughes 1:25 variant still remains hot throughout the year. Cover date is February, 2014.

1st appearance of Shang-Chi

Once again, you gotta love rumors. So because casting calls described looking for Asian males between certain ages, some guy gets all excited and thinks the only well-known Asian character in comics that's a martial artists is gonna appear in the Iron Fist TV show.

Yeah, I'm talking about Shang-Chi, but what about Davos the Steel Serpent? Actually wouldn't it make more sense that the casting call for an Asian male be for the Steel Serpent, a major villain for Iron Fist?

Anyway, I did think it would be quite easy to drop the character in the Iron Fist show, but as for the rumors, I was a bit skeptical about them. There was a rumor that the Iron Fist show was getting the axe.

Only a few grades of this comic saw a bit of heat because of those rumors this year, and now the trend is that even if the Master of Kung Fu doesn't appear in the Netflix show, the 1st appearance of Shang-Chi and his books are still good to get. Might be true, or might not be.

Most recent sale in April of this year was for a penny less than $1,500. I believe that may be a record sale for that comic at that grade on eBay. 

However, most of the sales of 9.8s for this year so far have been in the $1000 range or very near it. This comic did hit that range last year as well, and I'm not sure how long the heat will last or whether it will eventually cool off.

9.6s looks like it will possibly nestle in the $400 range, and even almost hit the $600 mark this year. Late last year did see this grade hit the $400 range twice.

Not bad considering there's 139 registered copies so far in the CGC census for 9.6s. There's only 49 of them 9.8s so far with a census total of 885.

I wonder just how much that number will increase by the end of the year or by next year. We'll have to see how the rumors pan out, but quite a few have rebutted them already.

I do have to agree that the casting call was most likely for Steel Serpent and not Shang-Chi, but not like I haven't been wrong before. We'll have to see when it comes to this 1st appearance of Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu.

Would be funny if he pops up in the Punisher TV series instead. Special Marvel Edition #15 has the cover date of December, 1973.

In terms of the intro to this Part 8 post, don't get me wrong here. I'm still glad that comic book related movies and shows are being made.

It's cool that the comic market is still doing good, and, hey, I'm glad people are able to get rid of some pretty obscure titles or keys that they couldn't get cover price even a few years back because a movie is hyping up that comic. 

I understand fully that trend books because of movie hype is just a large part of this current market. Still, I wonder how much actual fandom plays a part for most of these keys that are recently steaming up.

Anyway, you all have heard this query from me before, so not gonna dwell to much on it. Part 9 is ready so just clink the link to continue.

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