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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hot Key Comics of 2016 Part 7

Alright, gonna keep this intro somewhat short and sweet. Two comics I've yet to discuss on this site. One may just be heating up as movie news has surfaced on the net in mere hours.

The other one I've yet to discuss is becoming hot because of GOTG 2 movie news, and yes it has to do with HER or Aeysha. The other comic has been hot for awhile but did see nice growth this year for 9.8s and 9.6s at least.

Here's the next batch of hot key comics in 2016.

1st appearance of Poet, Chandra, Ravenshadow, Lee Jackson, Mathew Bright, William Corealis, & Sanctuary

I don't know crap about this comic, and other sources say that this preview is the 1st appearance of these characters. Their 1st full might be in issue #1 or the Wizard Rising Stars #1/2. Not sure.

Recently, news just dropped on the net that a Rising Stars flick is in the works. The series was created by J. Michael Straczynski back in the late 90s and follows 113 people who gain superpowers because they were born during a celestial event of sorts.

Because there's a huge cast of characters, it's probably safe to get this comic, Wizard Rising Stars #1/2, and the 1st issue. Prices have already been marked up on eBay, so it might be best to take it offline.

There are complete lots on eBay containing these issues for around $60 bucks or cheaper still if you feel like speculating or looking for a possible quick flip. Then again Rising Stars #1 has an estimate print run of 95,552. 

That issue #1 does have tons of variants and gold covers as well. Not sure if they're 2nd, 3rd or 4th printings or whatever and couldn't find any print run info on them nor the Wizard #1/2.

This one or the Wizard Preview #0 has an estimated print run of 17,347. The news is pretty fresh, so we'll see how this one heats up or not but I do smell a trilogy for this flick or maybe that's just my socks.

Poet seems to be the main character of the comic series and 1st appears in this issue. Cover date is March, 1999 for this Wizard Rising Stars #0 Preview.

 eBay | NewKadia | mycomicshop 

New Mutants #87 comic cover image
1st appearance of Cable
1st appearance of Stryfe
1st Mutant Liberation Front

Well, this comic has been hot for the last two years. With the X-Force movie finally being pushed forward, there's high hopes Cable will hitting the big screen.

Actually, it's a no-brainer and no surprise that this comic is still hot. There's been a ton of sales on eBay alone for this comic, so demand is still burning quite hot.

So hot, actually, that CGC 9.8s finally jumped out of the $300 range and moved into the $500 range this year. It also hit the $600 range several times as well.

New Mutants #87 has done well this year for that grade. CGC 9.6s have also moved out price ranges too.

Much of last year, it bobbed in-between the $100 range and hit the $200 range a few times. This year has seen that grade nestle comfortably in the $200 range and hit the $300 range here and there.

This is a triple whammy key issue, but there's no shortage of copies out there obviously. 102 eBay sales alone for CGC 9.8s in a 6 month period and 126 9.6 sales on eBay within the same period.

Don't even want to look at the CGC Census for this comic. I already know it's high, and New Mutants #87 has the cover date of March, 1990.

1st appearance as HER
2nd appearance of character?

This one heated up with reports that Ayesha is to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I believe this is the 1st appearance of the character as HER.

In this comic, Paragon explains that he evolved herself into HER, so she could be the perfect mate for HIM, Adam Warlock. In thinking more about this, they might actually replace Adam Warlock with Ayesha in the cinematic universe.

After all, they did gender swap The Ancient One. I surely hope they don't do this, but the more I think about it, the more plausible it could be.

Anyway, this comic heated up a long with the character's 1st appearance in Incredible Hulk Annual #6, in which Paragon was seen in male form. Alrighty, then.

This comic is heating up this year, and there are actually graded sales of this comic this year. CGC 9.8s shot up into the $100 range by May, and I'm pretty sure that's when reports started coming out about Aeysha, Kismet or HER being in GOTG 2. 

As you can see, last year is when this comic first hit the $100 range, so it's not a hugely hot. However, raw copies have definitely took a leap out of the bargain bins.

Might be one to hunt for at your local stompin' grounds. Might be able to catch a dealer who hasn't caught on just yet and still pluck it for cheaper than what it's going for online. March, 1980 is the cover date for Marvel Two-In-One #61.

eBay | NewKadia | mycomicshop 

Gonna make this a short outro as well. Except for New Mutants #87, the other two books are gonna be tough finds online with the exception of eBay.

I'm wondering with all the hype about HER will Fantastic Four #66 finally heat up more? After all, it's the 1st appearance of the Enclave, and they are both responsible for the creation of Adam Warlock and Aeysha. Dunno, will have to see.

Well, at least for a while. If heat does happen for Rising Stars #0 Wizard Preview, more copies might be popping up on the net from those who are cashing out.

If you got a copy, may want to see if that one heats up a lot more in the next few days or weeks. Alright, time to throw around some weights. Have a good one and see ya at Part 8!


  1. thanks for all the info. please keep it up. I look at this site daily. you guys rock........kevin

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Kevin. I will surely try to keep rockin'

  2. Hey. Took a chance on that Rising Stars property, allthough I' m a bit sceptical. You mostly get these in complete packages. Got mine for 40 consisting of 1/2, 0 and 1-24. Gonna flip 1-24 for 30 and wait what happens....


    1. Yeah, we'll have to see about that one. Not all movies based on comics get the comics sought-after or raise their values. 2 Guns and R.I.P.D being two examples.