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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hot Key Comics of 2016 Part 6

Two comics in this post that I've yet to talk about here ever. Not that it hasn't been talked to death else where, so I doubt there are any surprises in Part 6 to this hot key comics of 2016.

Still, one is hot for sure, and the other I'm still debating about. It's still sustaining but still bobbing in-between the same value range since 2015.

I have yet to yap about it and keep getting nagged about it, so I'll throw it in here. Alright, let's get to it!

Spectucular Spider-Man #64 1st Cloak & Dagger comic cover
1st appearance Cloak & Dagger

Just recently this year, a Cloak & Dagger TV show geared towards teens was announced to be in the works. Actually, it was confirmed just recently. 

Rumors have been circulating since 2015. Marvel even presented an official logo for the new series this year at a comic con. I forgot which one.

The Cloak & Dagger show will be aired on Freeform, previously ABC Family. This is yet another surprising move as Cloak & Dagger aren't exactly top-tier characters and have a cult-following.

Their first on-going headlining series was short-lived and cancelled after only 19 issues due to lack of sales. They've not had an on-going series since.

Anyway, this year saw this 1st appearance get another nice bump in demand and value. It actually cooled off a bit by the beginning of the year concerning slabbed sales.

I suspect that the total registered copies in the CGC Census will be low since this comic just recently took off and there's probably been a lot more copies taken out of collections to have been slabbed by CGC or CBCS since last year.

Right now, there's 125 CGC 9.8s registered and one 9.9! Over-all registered copies is only 673 now. 209 CGC 9.6 NM+ copies.

9.8s have surpassed the $600 mark in April of this year on eBay again. That's surely a bump from the February $399.99 sale that kick started the year, especially since the last previous sales in August of 2015 on eBay were at $550 and $615.

So this comic still remains hot. It did seem to heat up in March of last year and then cooled off by February of this year for 9.8s. However, 9.8s heated up again by April of this year.

When it comes to 9.6s of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man and the 1st appearance of Cloak & Dagger, 2016 finally saw this grade nestle comfortably into the $200 range. It did so back in April of this year.

Slabbed 9.4s are still struggling to break the $200 mark but neared it several times back in April and even hit it once on the 15th. Then that grade cooled off some since then.

I think this comic might cool off a bit more. We probably have a ways to go before more news about the show drops on the net, but I could be wrong. 

We shall have to see, but it still is a hot comic at the time of this writing. Raw copies are still being snagged up in the market, and this was a key issue comic featured in the Spectacular Spider-Man key comics series on here back in May, 2014. 

Spectacular Spider-Man #64 has the cover date of March, 1982.

1st Planet Hulk or Planet Hulk begins

Gotta love rumors...With the Hulk teaming up with Thor in Thor Ragnarok, there's plenty of odd reports flying around. One of them is the film borrowing elements from the Planet Hulk story line, namely the planet Sakaar.

Then again, Mark Ruffalo has confirmed that there have been talks about a Planet Hulk movie or a movie based on the Planet Hulk story, and we've already seen the Sakaarans in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.  Does make sense, and since there's already a connection in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this comic has heated up somewhat this year, but it's not super hot in terms of growth.

In all actuality this key issue really began to heat up in 2015, but like last year, it's pretty much all over the place concerning sales of CGC 9.8s. It's made the $200 range twice this year and twice in 2015 as well on eBay, but it's bopping all over the $100 range as you can see from the GoCollect data on eBay sales.

Raw copies are still selling regularly on eBay, and there doesn't seem to be a shortage of those in the market right now. ComicChron has Incredible Hulk #92 volume 2 as having an estimated 39,209 print run, so it's not a super plentiful comic.

CGC 9.6s  seem to be struggling to break into and sustain with the $100 range. They're all over the place under the $100 range.

Just when you think they're threatening to break and nestle into that range, another copy sells under it. For the most part this year, they have been nearing the $100 mark on average at least for sales on eBay. Maybe this will change once rumors turn into confirmations of a Planet Hulk movie or a Planet Hulk scenario in Thor: Ragnorak, but that movie does seem to have a lot going on already

The end of Asgard? I don't know how a Planet Hulk story line fits into that, but then again, my feeble mind knows not of the creative ways those in the think tank conjure. 

It does seem like there's enough connections in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to go that route. So far there's 162 CGC 9.8s in the census and 47 CGC 9.6s.

Still not ridiculously expensive, Incredible Hulk #92 from the 2nd series has the cover date of April, 2006. I think you can still get lots of the Planet Hulk comics under $100 on eBay. Not sure if you can still find this cheap still at a lcs, but you never know.  

I haven't been looking to be honest, and the numbers in terms of growth have yet to impress me enough to take a risk on this one right now. Maybe two years ago, sure.

That's just me, though. I'll let ya decide for yourself when it comes to your dollars. 

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Outcast #1 comic cover
1st appearance of Kyle Barnes

New show just released on Cinemax this month to mainly positive reviews. Yes, this comic somewhat heated up this year from last year.

It finally crossed over into $100 range this year and has been selling in that range for most of the year. However, there's been a huge amount of sales just this year a lone. Same was for last year as well.

274 sales in just 6 months. Yowza! I'm surprised this comic is still sustaining and moved up during the year.

Show or not, it means to me that there's more speculators looking to cash in than actual fans of this comic. Who knows, though? Maybe the show will create more fans of the comic series who aren't just speculating on the book

Hot this year for the book, yes! A lot of copies in the market, yep! Small print run? No. This comic has an estimated print run of 71,788.

The B&W SDCC variant is actually doing better than the regular cover when it comes to slabbed sales on ole eBay. Well, at least for CGC 9.8s that is.

They've already hit the $200 and $300 range this year. Not sure about 9.6s though. Sorry, didn't check, but I did see some 9.8 slabbers of the 1st print on eBay for around $90 bucks. Might still be there by the time this is published.

At least, I think they're the 1st prints. June, 2014 is the cover date for Outcast #1.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Don't really have much to say for an outro. The comics in this part aren't super hot as in getting nice bumps in value from last year, but that doesn't mean it can't change either way. 

Looks like they're pretty much sustaining, but they are getting snagged up in the market for sure. Spectacular Spider-Man #64 might be the exception here. See ya at Part 7.

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  1. Planet Hulk - like the cover. But don' t let yourself get fooled - the interior art is somewhat poor. You know, a great story isn' t everything. Outcast? Art & story are top notch, so Mr. Ace would recommend this one.