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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 15

Jeez, Part 15 to this hot key comic issues of 2016, and we've got one comic I've never mentioned on this site before. It's been a comic that has been sought out for a while now due to movie hype, which started out as rumor and was confirmed by the actor.

The last featured key is one I mentioned in the previous part to this series but yet to feature or talk about. I'll cover the regular and variant issues to the comic.

1st appearance of Old Man Logan
1st Hulk gang
1st appearance of Maureen, Scotty, & Jade Logan
1st appearance of Earth-807128

The rumor of the next Wolverine movie having an older Logan or Old Man Logan has been running around the net for awhile now. Hugh Jackman has even confirmed that the Logan in Wolverine 3 will be an aged version of the character.

Latest news is that the 3rd installment could be titled Wolverine: Weapon X. Anyway, this comic has been hot for quite a while now, but this variant has seen the nice growths in 2016.

Out of the regular cover and the other variant, this sketch one is doing the best so far this year. CGC 9.8s had a record of $700 this year, and even though the most recent 9.6 sale fell under 2015 and 2016's high, there was a record sale of $460 in February. 

Not sure if 9.8s will stay in the $700 range. Seems like a pretty odd buy, but we'll have to see. Wolverine #66 Michael Turner sketch variant is a 1:100 deal, and some place it with a 1,000 estimated print run.

The regular copy has an estimated 97,989 print run, so this sketch variant should be around that number give or take.

Wolverine #66 volume 3 has the cover date of August, 2008.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Avengers #9 comic cover image
1st appearance of Wonder Man

This year saw that Nathan Fillion was cast as Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man. I remember Wonder Man and was first introduced to the character in the West Coast Avengers comic series.

Not really a big fan of the dude, but he does have connections to the Vision, in which his brain patterns were recorded and used to help create the Vision. It seems that Simon Williams will be a movie star like he is in the comics.

Kinda weird, Wonder Man will debut or at least have an Easter Egg in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but I'm thinking at the end of Civil War are there going to be two Avengers teams? It does seem that Cap's side did split off from Tony Stark's side, and Tony Stark will lead the Avengers.

Wonder Man was a team member of the West Coast Avengers, but then again, so was Iron Man Tony Stark. In the comics, Cap still lead the Avengers on the East Coast. Still, got me wondering if they're gonna do a switch-a-roo and have Cap lead a West Coast version.

Might be or might not. Who knows? Scott Lang and Hope Pym are from North Cali in the movie.

Just speculating here. Back to the comic at hand.

Due to Nathan Fillion being cast, this comic has heated up since. There were only a few sales in 2016, but 8.5s had three.

Some strange sales patterns here. In February, this grade hit the $800 mark and then fell back to the $500 zone.

By April, however, it shot up again and reached a record $900. Not to say that this comic did poorly in 2013 and 2014, because there were definitely milestone marks in value this comic worked into during the previous years.

Let's take a look at a few other grades and how they did in 2016. We'll go with a grade lower and check out slabbed 8.0s, all CGCs.

Once again, in April, this comic almost sold at the $800 mark. 2015 did see a $775 sale. 

Whoever got that $500 Best Offer copy back in March may have lucked out. Only mid way through the year, so we'll have to see how this grade does during the rest of 2016.

Should we do one more? Alright, we'll take a peep at one more grade for this comic.

Let's go with a lower grade like a 5.5 and see what we come up with here. Once again, April was the magic month for this comic and it hit the $200 range for the first time ever. 

Well, at least, on eBay it did. It's even threatening the $300 range.

However, as you can see from the data, there's cooling off periods for most comics that have been featured in this hot key issues of 2016. This one may or may not do so.

If Nathan Fillion actually gets his Wonder Man on in a future flick, the heat for this comic just might sustain or go up even more when news of that drops. October, 1964 is the cover date for Avengers #9.

Regular Cover & Ming Doyle 1:13 variant
1st appearance of Kath, Raven, & Angie

As reviews have stated, this is a flip on the mob genre of comics. Instead of the dominant male-driven mob story, this series focuses on three mob wives in Hell's Kitchen whose husbands go to prison.

In order to survive and to keep the power their husband's retain, the wives take it upon themselves to conduct business as usual. This comic series is in development and scriptwriter Andrea Berloff has been snagged to pen an adaptation.

Right now, there 's been one sale this year for CGC 9.8s concerning the regular cover on eBay, and it hit a penny less than the $70 mark. So, this one is steaming up a bit. Raw copies are still pretty affordable if you find the right the deal on eBay at the time of this writing. 

Estimated print run for the regular cover is 12,787. The Ming Doyle variant is a 1:13, so that puts it around 983. Well, that's if I got the stats correct or not.

So the Ming Doyle variant most likely is a rare comic. No CGC sales just yet, but here's the three most recent eBay sales of this comic.

Steaming up somewhat for the Ming Doyle 1:13 variant and just recently as well. The Kitchen #1 was released November, 2014. Cover date is January, 2015.

eBay | Amazon | ComicLink | ComicConnect

In terms of The Kitchen comic, I posted stats about that in the Total Comic Mayhem community before publishing this post. Recent news concerning comic book movies, it looks like FOX and Marvel/Disney are now somewhat considering working together for possible comic movie team ups.

With Sony/Disney collaborating on Spidey, this is, of course, a no-brainer step. Nothing's been confirmed and the rumblings are just rumblings, but, hey, you know what happens when sharks smell blood.

Speaking of Sony, rumblings about a Silver Sable movie is trying to get off the ground and considerations have been revealed ever since the Sony hacks. If this project progresses further, Amazing Spider-Man #265 has a good chance of heating up. We'll have to see how that project progresses in the near future though. News about it has resurfaced recently. Have a good weekend all!

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