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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 13

Lucky 13! 

Okay, one of these comics I had to debate on if it deserved to be considered a hot comic of this year. I came to the conclusion that it did heat up for a very brief time this year but has now kind of cooled off.

So I decided to at least put it here even if only two grades saw record sales. That's just slabbed copies though, but raw copies are pretty easy to find on eBay for that one.

One of them was on last year's list and the last one featured here I haven't uttered a peep about. Really not much of a fan of that character or comic, but might as well drudge through it since it is a pretty viable comic investment that's been doing just fine without movie hype.

Alright, here are three more hot key comic issues of 2016.

1st appearance of Mantis

Eh, the 1st appearance of Mantis is hot for the most part. I still think it's a brief appearance and not a full one like Avengers #114.

She only shows up in 3 panels in this comic and the same in Avengers #113, but whatever. I've already yapped about that in an under-valued comics post, so won't get into it again. 

Right now this is the one that says "1st appearance on the slabbed labels". Mantis will be in GOTG 2, so it's no surprise that movie hype has given a bit of fire under the ass of this key issue.

It was hot back in 2015 as well. Recently, this comic has somewhat cooled off in higher NM range grades.

On average 9.4s sold better than last year. I mean value wise, not amount of sales.

This year the average sales value was $564. Last year was $475.

CGC 9.4 had a record breaking sale of $700 this year, and the comic started to heat up back in November of last year. This grade kicked off the year strong and then cooled off somewhat by March.

In terms of photo leaks and first looks, James Gunn and the crew have kept it pretty under wraps. I bet we will get to see a teaser at San Diego Comic Con next month, however.

CGC 9.2s had two sales this year on eBay. First one sold for $532 bucks in February. In May, it dropped to $322.87.

However, CGC 8.0s made a pretty drastic jump this year. In March, this grade went from the $100 range to threatening the $500 range?! I wonder if it will sustain in that range?

Doubt it since there are copies up on eBay currently in the $100 to $200 range. Gotta love this market.

CGC 7.5 made a leap into the $200 range with a single sale on eBay for $212 bucks back in February. This comic isn't that hot this year. Mildly hot currently, but it steamed up enough to have some pretty whacky purchases or bad buys.

Avengers #112 and the 1st appearance of Mantis has the cover date of June, 1973.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

1st Star Wars issue
1st Luke Skywalker in comics
1st Darth Vader in comics

This one was on last year's list, and the rare or low distribution Star Wars #1 35 Cent variant is still getting play no matter what some may think of the prices. Out of reach for me? Sure, but not out of reach for somebody else.

Not all grades had sales this year obviously, since the 35 cent is already up there in price for high grades. There were only a few grades that did have comparable sales, and I'll just be spotlighting those.

So CGC 7.5 did have a single sale this year, and it made a pretty dramatic leap or jump. From the $1,000 range of 2012 to the $5,000 range in 2016. Then again, it has been 4 years since it last sold on eBay.

Still, that's almost a grande increase per year. If you want to get technical, it's $900 dollars per year increase from the last sale in 2012, which was $1,900 buck-a-roos.

Not the only grade to see increase this year for the 35 cent Star Wars #1 issue. CGC 6.0 had a single sale this year as well, and it looks to have bumped up $500 dollars more.

While the regular comic of Star Wars #1 has not been doing well this year almost across the board, at least two of the 35 cent copies have done pretty good this year for this comic.

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1st appearance of Miyamoto Usagi

Here's another comic I've yet to talk about ever. I do remember this character back in the day, but for some reason, I never really saw the appeal.

It was one of the indie successes during the 80s. My fellow comic fans in elementary school talked about that character, but I wasn't into anthropomorphic, cartoonish comic book characters.

So with that being said, this comic is pretty rare. Recalled Comics puts this issue and 1st appearance of the samurai bunny at 2,000 estimated copies.

It's been well-known for a while and on the radar for quite a few comic collectors or comic investors out there. I don't need to say more about the comic investing potential, because it's already been said.

Because this comic is pretty sought out and is up there in value already, there aren't many sales per year for this comic. So, it's not hot in terms of sales volume, and there's only been two sales this year for this comic so far or at least recorded by GoCollect.

CGC 9.6 had a sale on eBay this February and this comic at that grade finally bumped into the $2,000 range. $405.50 increase to be exact, so not too shabby for a comic that's actually going on something other than movie hype.

8.5 CGCs for this comic also had a single sale back in May of this year. Not a huge increase from 2015, but still moved up a hundred bucks.

Created by Stan Sakai, Miyamoto Usagi and his own comic series Usagi Yojimbo (rabbit bodyguard) has been awarded 5 Eisner awards, and the character has frequently been in other comics, most notably in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Would be kinda cool if he popped up in a future TMNT flick, even though he isn't part of that universe.

Usagi is known for crossing over with the Turtles quite often though. 

In case you're wondering, Usagi Yojimbo had a pin up in the one -shot Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1 comic. I believe it is in the 1987 Turtle Soup #1 issue where Leonardo and Usagi Yojimbe are in a story together for the first time.

Title of that story is "Turtle Soup and Rabbit Stew", and here is the page to the comic where they cross paths.

Dunno why I put that in there, but it's fun knowing about if you're a fan of TMNT and Usagi Yojimbo or the character of Miyamoto Usagi and didn't know already. The first time all the Mutant Turtles meet Usagi is in the Usagi Yojimbo #1 volume 2 comic series.

Leonardo does remember Usagi in Usagi Yojimbo #1 from the Turtle Soup comic, so it is considered part of Turtle canon. Both of those comics are under the radar for now. Not Albedo #2 though.

Anyway, just some extra fun comic issues for fans of both comic characters. After all, both the 1st appearances of TMNT and Miyamoto Usagi are valuable comics. Albedo #2 has the cover date of November, 1984.

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Alright, I'm tapped out from researching and writing about comics for the day. Gonna recap though.

So the first post of this series had Scarlet #1. No CGC sales yet, as I'm sure quite a few are being sent in to be graded already. However, raw copies of the variants and the regular cover are still selling quite nicely on eBay. 

Highest 1st print copy sold for $39.99 just yesterday. So it's still slowly steaming up.  Flash Rebirth #1 is still around the $10 range for the regular cover. Don't see any of the variants for that issue doing much better up on eBay.

In comic movie or TV news, it's just been reported that Justice League Dark will only be an animated movie and straight to DVD or bluray. Flash season three premiere episode has been confirmed in being titled Flashpoint.

And Deborah Snyder, producer of Batman v Superman has confirmed that the demon-looking mofo in the deleted scene is Steppenwolf.

Also, which recently just hit the news circuit, Jim Carrey and Eli Roth will team up to do a movie based on the comic book Aleister Arcane published by IDW and created by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night). I think he first appears in this issue seen to the left, but not entirely 100% sure.

Little known horror comic that came out in 2004, it has an estimated print run of 7,130. Yes, it is a pretty low print comic.

Same drill as usual and Part 14 and more hot key comic issues of 2016 are ready so click the link below. See ya then and thanks for sharing, commenting, and reading.


  1. Talking about 1980s indie successes, what about the Tick? Any value in his first issues, considering the upcoming Amazon reboot?

  2. Talking about 1980s indie successes, what about the Tick? Any value bump in his first appearance due to the upcoming Amazon reboot?

  3. Yeah, liked the Tick - specially that bad dude with the chair-head. Also got fond memories of Scud the dispossable Assasin and the Flaming Carrot. Dead property, sure, but who cares? I will buy these in tons if I can find em'.