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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 12

More hotties of 2016. Yep, there's a few more, and two I have no problem talking about. They're right up my alley.

The other one? I've never talked about it on here, but there's a first for everything. Yes, it's a variant as well.

So what tune is kick starting this Part 12? It's an oldie but goodie and none other than Public Enemy & Anthrax's Bring the Noise, the first Metal and Rap collaboration. Not Hard Rock and Rap, but Metal and Rap.

Somewhat fitting since Scott Ian of Anthrax is a well-known comic fan. Alright, more hot key comic issues of 2016 are cocked and ready to rock.

Amazing Spider-Man #129 1st appearance of Punisher comic cover
1st appearance of Punisher
1st appearance of Jackal

Although I've talked about this comic quite a few times already, it's Punisher and the 1st appearance of Punisher is a pretty hot comic to invest in. This comic most likely heated up this year due to his live action debut on Netflix and because Netflix confirmed a Punisher spin-off thingie.

Show or not, I've always thought this was definitely one the Bronze Age key comics to invest in, but like I said, I'm a fan so I'm biased. Despite my bias, it has done pretty well this year as we'll soon see.

CGC 9.8s looks to have started slow in the beginning of the year. Just kidding. Actually it started the year with a bang, almost hitting the $12,000 mark.

Then it dropped to $8,000 but still higher than the average of 2015. Record sale for this grade on eBay in 2015 was $9,999.99. 

CGC 9.6s reached the $3,000 range recently again, but 2015 saw that range being hit more. If we're being fair here, the months from January to June of 2015 did not see a $3,000 sale on eBay for this grade.

Also, a 9.6 CGC copy of this key issue comic investment did sell at Heritage Auctions in the $3,000 range in May of this year as well. Actually, it sold for $3,704.50 approximately. The eBay sale for CGC 9.6 was May 4th and the Heritage sale was May 13th.

CGC 9.4s also saw an increase and nestled into the $2,000 range. It did so by late March.

There was a single sale in 2015 that saw this grade hit the $2,000 range in August via bidding auction. That copy from last year sold for $2,500, and it's still the higher than any sale this year so far. 

Well, at least on eBay and Heritage. A CGC copy sold on Heritage for $2,031.50 in May of this year also.

Other grades like 9.0s have finally hit the $1,000 range. Record sale of $943 CGC 8.0 happened in February of this year, but those grades have been selling in the $800 range on average in 2016.

The 1st appearance of the Punisher has definitely heated back up again. Amazing Spider-Man #129 has the cover date of February, 1974.

1st appearance of Gwenpool

WTF? Gwenpool?

Spider-Gwen and now Gwenpool...I'm not even gonna say what's really on my mind about that.

And who really cares, anyway? Fact is people are buying up this variant, and those that did back in 2015 are laughing their way to the bank.

Well, sort of. Back in 2015 shortly after release, this comic was going for $70 and around the $100 range for raw copies. Currently, it's still on the up and up.

Art is by Ron Lim, and I'm a fan of Ron. I'm sure to stop by his table at every con in my area and say hi. Good guy and pretty under-rated comic artist in my opinion, so I'm glad his work is being appreciated once again.

Some sources are saying her 1st appearance is on the cover of the variant cover to Deadpool's Secret Wars #2, and I'm just like okay. Technically, it's somewhat correct. She does appear on that cover for the first time ever.

However, isn't just a 1st cover appearance of the character? She's not in any actual story, and I doubt industry is gonna note that as a 1st appearance of Gwenpool. 

CGC already notes this issue as the 1st appearance of Gwenpool so forget about covers or freakin' ads as 1st appearances. Overstreet nor CGC is gonna note that shit as a 1st or 1st full appearance. They're just gonna note it 1st cover or Gwenpool ad and whatnot.

Only PGX notes Deadpool's Secret Wars #2 as a 1st appearance of Gwenpool but ends that with (cover only). Then again, it's PGX and what else is there to say about that?

Anyway, back to people are buying this up and it actually has increased in value in 2016. 

Yes, the bank and laughing. CGC 9.8s have finally hit the $300 range starting in late April and have stayed in that range except for one sale in early May. Not too bad. Not too bad at all for a comic variant that came out last year.

Not to say that I'd drop $300 on this variant cover now, but that's just me. Doesn't have to be you.

So far, it's not a bad return on investment if you got it back in 2015, no? Profit on that sure could go to another comic I really want on my want list.

This is a 1:25 variant dealie, or so is the word. Regular cover of this key issue has an estimated print run of 61,346. So this Gwenpool variant is around an estimated 2,453 print run give or take.

CGC 9.6s haven't done too bad either. They've finally hit the $200 range this year in April and May. Howard the Duck #1 has the cover date of January, 2015, but it was released November, 2015.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 Cover. 1st Appearance of the VultureAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2
1st appearance of Vulture
1st appearance of Tinkerer

Hell, can you go wrong with Spidey? Especially, early ASM keys? No, that's not really a question.

So the rumor is that Michael Keaton will once again be playing a bird-man-like character, and in the world of Spider-Man comics, the most infamous bird-man is a villain known as the Vulture. Nothing's been confirmed about his villainous role, but the Tinkerer has also been rumored to be in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Yeah, I'm not so thrilled about the title of the movie, but that's beside the point. I am interested to see if the new Spider-Man movie is better with the Marvel/Sony collaboration. 

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. In terms of sales this year, high grade copies have been zilch on eBay so far.

Going down the grades, CGC 6.5 did have sales for this issue. Single sale in June finally hit the $2000 range for the first time in four years for this grade.

It might drop back down under the $2000 range or it could finally nestle into it. We'll have to see how it goes during the rest of this year.

CGC 6.0s did heat up a bit this year as well at least on eBay. February saw this grade hit a record $1725 sale. A UK edition sold at Heritage for $1, 015.75 in June of this year or this month.

Wow! Only two sales for CGC 6.0s on eBay this year, but there's a handful of 4.5s that saw a bit more action in the market place this year. Slabbed 4.5s have been selling in the $1000 range on average more than any year since 2013.

March saw a record $1,295 sale for a CBCS Certified 4.5 copy. The most recent sale of $1,175 was via bidding auction and is the 2nd bidding auction to have been bid up to or past the $1,000 mark.

The first was in March of this year as well. All the other $1,000 sales prior to 2016 have been via Fixed Priced or Best Offer.

So, Amazing Spider-Man #2 is steaming up again in the market for what appears to be mid to some lower grades. If Michael Keaton is confirmed as the Vulture, we may see this one continue to heat up. Amazing Spider-Man #2 has the cover date of May, 1963. 

Gonna do a little recap here. Recently I did a rambling post that detailed the Flashpoint comic series being somewhat a basis for season three. Good ole Grant Gustin has just dropped the bomb that the premiere episode of season three is officially titled Flashpoint.

So, no surprise that the actual comic series is heating up or steaming up recently and currently. Although there's no Suicide Squad key issues featured in Part 12 of this series, I'm gonna drop another of Ed's videos about the Suicide Squad keys or related comic investments he's got in his vault.

Well, hope you enjoyed and see you soon for Part 13 and more of the hot key comic investments of 2016. Just click the link below to carry onward.


  1. What about the 2nd print sketch cover?

    1. I don't think those are doing that hot currently. A CGC 9.8 sold for 38 bucks...raw copies are all over the place in-between $4 and $10 currently. Yeah, sales wise, they are being bought up, but value wise they haven't really taken off yet. There is a seller who is selling 'em for $5.90 on eBay with only 2 copies left. He or she had 45 copies all together, so maybe when that seller runs out, there will be an increase in that 2nd print sketch for Gwenpoo.

      I'm keeping an eye on that one, so we'll see if that 2nd printing sketch makes it on here throughout the year.