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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 11

Heating up, steaming up, hot! All words that are synonymous when it comes to this hot key comic issues of 2016. 

This is Part 11, and we've got a few more obvious ones and ones I've yet to even mention on here. The last is a comic or variant comic released this month of June.

Let's do it to it! Here's the next batch.

Uncanny X-Men #221 comic book cover
1st full appearance of Mr. Sinister

This comic was speculated on earlier and prior to 2016. Everyone was saying that Mr. Sinister just has to make a live-action appearance in an X-Men flick sooner or later.

Well, X-Men Apocalypse did tease Mr. Sinister in the film, and this has heated up this comic a bit more since 2015. Rock on!

CGC 9.8s have hit both the $200 range and $300 range this year. Neither of those price ranges did this comic at that grade hit back in 2015. 

It did hit the $200 range back in 2014. However, 2014 did not see a $300 sale on ole eBay for this grade.

There were only two $300 sales this year, but the comic has been selling in the $200 range more on average since late May. For the most part, it has been threatening the $300 range on average since.

When it comes to 9.6s of this 1st full appearance of Mr. Sinister, they have nestled into the $100 range by this May. For most of 2015, they were selling on eBay under the $100 mark and never pierced that value range.

It did sell in that range twice back in April and December of 2014 though, so this comic has heated up a bit more this year and recently. Mr. Sinister was mentioned in Uncanny X-Men #212 and his 1st cameo appearance is in Uncanny X-Men #213.

Uncanny X-Men #221 and the 1st full appearance of Mr. Sinister has the cover date of September, 1987.

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Fantastic Four 52 1st Black Panther cover
1st appearance of Black Panther

No surprise here that this obvious 1st appearance and Silver Age key issue is heating back up again this year. I only got one thing to say about that, and it's Captain America: Civil War.

Huge success of a movie and has made a box office world wide gross of $1,144,934,176 currently and has been in theaters a total of 45 days, so far stompin' the big DC movie this year - Superman v Batman Dawn of Justice.

Don't have to say that Black Panther was awesome in the movie and so was Spider-Man. Anyway, the 1st appearance of Black Panther has gotten a bit of heat since his live-action debut.

CGC 9.4s have had at least one sale on eBay since 2014, but it did sell above last years by $396 bucks. Not a huge increase amount and if they were the same copy which I don't think they aren't, one would've lost money on the eBay final value fee alone, much less the Paypal fee. Still, an increase from the last sale for sure.

CGC 9.2s did not do better than last year for Fantastic Four #52, but the only one that sold in 2016 is still in the $3,000 range that 2015 left off with that grade. CGC 9.0s did see an increase this year compared to last year, however. Both sales were also in the $3,000 range this year and finally hit that new landmark value. 

That grade fell only a $188 bucks and some change under the 9.2 that recently sold in June or this month.

Last grade I'm gonna feature for this Silver Age key are 8.5s, but other grades did see heat as well. I'm just not going to go through all of them, but you can see the full scoop on gocollect.

Yep, 8.5s finally hit the $2000 range this year beginning in March. One slipped back into the upper $1,800 range back in May of this year.

Will have to see how this comic still does after hype from the movie cools off and how much much it cools off. As for now, it definitely heated up more in the market, some grades more than others of course. Fantastic Four #52 has the cover date of July, 1966.

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Batman 1 Aspen Michael Turner color & sketch variant comic covers
  • 1st issue to new comic series

There's two versions of this exclusive limited edition variant covers. 2nd one is obviously a sketch cover.

This was recently released in June and was available through the Aspen store. No surprise that it has blown up as "exclusive" and "limited edition" is like catnip to the 90s throwback segment of this current market.

Word around Comicdom is that these covers were limited to 3,000 copies. Update: Jason Shaw just schooled me and said in the comments section that the color variant is limited to 3,000 and the sketch to 1,500. Thanks for clarifying that Jason!

Shiny, new, limited, reboot! Things that still get collectors and speculators in a craze. 

However, this isn't suppose to be a "reboot". It's a "rebirth".

It's a return to not a restarting from complete scratch according to Geoff Johns. Alrighty then.  

Interested in seeing how this one develops over time. Right now the color version is going for $70 to $80 bucks for raw copies on eBay obviously. The sketch cover alone is going above the $100 mark.

I do believe you can still get both in a lot for around $160 to $180 on eBay. Well, at least, at the time of this writing that is.

Harley Quinn is getting another comic series coming out the 3rd day of August. If you're into speculating flippers, look out for the exclusives or low print variants at your local. 

I'm sure there will be a sketch cover and word is that there could be a Michael Turner Aspen variant for Harley Quinn #1. Keep checking the Aspen site if you're into that sort of thing.

Harley is DC's Deadpool at the moment after all, and I'm sure those will blow up quickly after release since everyone and their mothers are probably gunning for those.

Batman #1 volume 3 and part of DC's "Rebirth" has the cover date of August, 2016 but was released this month of June.

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Once again, I'll let you determine which comics are investment worthy for the long or short-term. There's already enough noise out there about get this and get that, and what's hot this year doesn't mean it'll be hot next year.

Doesn't mean it'll continue to be hot during the rest of the year as well. These comics, as well as the others in this hot key comic issues of 2016, are just that - Hot during this year.

Some I deem worthy comic investments and others I deem flippers. You probably have a different opinion. Either or, Part 12 is ready so see ya there.


  1. Aspen advertises the color Batman #1 variant as having a print run of 3000 and the sketch as having a print run of 1500.

  2. Yo TCM,

    whussup? It' s Mr. Snag. Got me a Preacher 13 recently (first Mr. Starr). Any reports on what effects the preacher show has on this one? Shelled out 9 bucks for 13 & 14. you can also find Nr. 13 for over 100 on ebay right now!!!

    Be seeing ya

    Mr. Snag

    1. In terms of CGC 9.8s, it's crossed over the $200 range on average a lot more than in 2015 for Preacher #13, and even made a record sale of $325 via bidding auction with 9 bids back in April. 9.6s have nestled into the $100 range beginning in April. So far it's sustained there. It's affected that key mildly so far.