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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 10

No surprises here in Part 10. All of these hot key issue, I've already talked about on this site before.

Not a whole lot though. Well, maybe the 2nd featured comic I've discussed a few times already. Okay maybe the last featured one as well.

Regardless, all three are either steaming up, have been hot and heating up again, or just heated up recently for the first time. If that makes any sense, but it is what it is.

And this is what it least currently.

1st appearance of Steppenwolf
Origin Orion & Scott Free

Already discussed this one recently and not sure if I already included this one or not in this series. If it's a repeat, I apologize.

With rumors out there about Steppenwolf appearing in a Justice League flick, this comic has heated up recently. This is the 1st appearance of Steppenwolf, the uncle of Darkseid and general of his Apokolip armies.

Slabbed copies haven't sold in 2016 but raw copies are being snagged up a lot more frequently on eBay. They are all over the place in terms of sales values currently, and it depends on the grade of the book.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet since I've already recently discussed it recently in the Darkseid key issues series. If you want a more in-depth explanation of why this comic is hot this year, just click the blue link above. 

New Gods #7 from the 1st series by Jack Kirby has the cover date of March, 1972.

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Tales to Astonish #44 cover pictureTALES TO ASTONISH #44
1st appearance & origin of Wasp

Finally, the Wasp is once again getting love in the market, and since we all know that the character is slated for the 2nd Ant-Man flick tentatively titled "Ant-Man & Wasp", it's nice to see that the 1st appearance of Wasp in Tales to Astonish #44 has heated up again in 2016. I think I put this comic in the under-valued series last year or this maybe this year.

I forgot. Anyway, the 1st Ant-Man flick definitely hinted that Evangeline Lilly's character Hope Pym would take up the mantle of Wasp last year, so let's take a look at how that affected this Silver Age key issue.

Pretty nice bumps in value concerning 8.5 CGC of Tales to Astonish #44. There's not a whole bunch of slabs on eBay for this 1st appearance key issue, so I don't expect a whopping amount of sales.

8.0s got another nice jump as well in an almost 3 year period. Last copy sold for $3,250 back in May of this year, so pretty recent. Overstreet Guide currently has this key at a grande for VFs.

CGC 7.5s got a slight bump this year as well and you can see how this grade progressed from 2013 to 2016.  Guess you can say 7.5 made a record sale on eBay this year even if it's $200 more than the previous $2100 back in 2014.

Interesting to see how well this grade will do if a 7.5 CGC slabber went up for bidding auction this year though.

Regardless, like I said before, it's good to see this comic getting more love. I do not own a copy, but Wasp is one of the first Marvel (under the brand name) female characters to come out during the superhero revival of the Silver Age.

Tales to Astonish #44 has the cover date of June, 1963.

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1st appearance of Lobo

For quite a while, this 1st appearance was over-looked. Even when I did a Lobo key issues series last year in July, CGC 9.8s for the 1st appearance of Lobo in Omega Men #3 was barely going for $150 bucks.

Well, I don't know what it was, but something lit a fire under the ass of this key issue comic. By March of this year, this bad boy started selling in the $200 range for the 1st time ever.

It cooled off slightly by late May, but threatened the $200 range for the most part. In June and only a few days ago, this grade heated back up into the $200 range mostly. Actually, this comic has heated up almost across the board when it comes to slabbed sales on eBay.

9.6s have finally jumped into the $100 range this year. They never hit that range back in 2015.

Actually for most of the year, it bobbed in and out of the $100 range. That started in March of this year, but before that, all sales were under the $100 range.

Even 9.4s are now threatening to break into the $100 range, so this comic has heated up this year for sure. Omega Men #3 and the 1st appearance of Lobo is a hot key comic of 2016, and the cover date is June, 1983.

Gonna make this outro somewhat short. I suppose I could make this more uniform and cohesive by placing all the Darkseid keys together in this series, but I want to mix it up a bit. After all, it was very recently when I did a key issues list for that character.

Like mentioned above in the intro, nothing yet I haven't discussed before. If you've got any of these comics, be sure to share in the Total Comic Mayhem Community

We all looking at one another's stuff. Gerry's got a new post as well and there's a few graded comic investments I haven't mentioned on his site as well. 

Alright, I hope you all had a good father's day yesterday, and Part 11 is ready so see ya there.

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