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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hot Key Comic Books of 2016 Part 5

Not really that many surprises in Part 5 to this hot key comics of 2016. I am going to talk about a comic I've yet to even mention on this site, and this is going to kick off with a variant.

I know, I know! I know you know how much I love variants, but it is what it is. The sucker is still inching upward, and the series seems to be a hit with comic fans and not just speculators.

The other two are pretty much no-brainers or should be known as hot comics by now. Anyway, gonna give ya some music while you read this puppy.

If you ain't into rock, you probably won't like it. Might not even like if you're into rock, but here's what I'm listening to while I write this piece up. Anyway, let's get the next group of hot key comic books, shall we?

1st appearance of Alana, Marko, & Hazel
1st appearance of The Will & Robot Prince IV

Saga is a widely hailed comic series, and one of the comics that comic fans just took to because they liked the story. This is one of the few comics that has risen in value because fans actually like the series.

No movie hype, no TV show hype, just a series that has pierced actual comic fandom. With that out of the way, it's no surprise that this variant is rare. It is a Diamond Retailer Summit edition, and I think copies were given to participating retailers at the C2E2 Comic Con back in 2012.

It was limited to 500 copies, and no need for me to tell you that it's exploded. Actually, CGC 9.8s hit the $1000 mark back in 2015 and comfortably nestled in that range by September.

This year has seen some record numbers for 9.8s. Two copies sold in the $1,300 range twice, and the most recent sold for $1237.18! Will have to see if this one continues upward or nestles into the $1,100 or $1,200 range.

Not to say that CGC 9.6s of this retailer variant aren't doing well either. They surely have been, but there has yet to be a CGC 9.6 sale on eBay in 2016. 

Last sale of this grade on eBay was for $765 back in June of last year, and I don't see any up on eBay currently. Saga #1 DRS variant has the cover date of March, 2012 and no easy find online.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

NYX #3
1st appearance of X-23

Back in 2015, the first appearance of X-23 got a boost in demand and value because she was going to take over as the new Wolverine. Then rumors started floating around that X-23 was going to be in the 3rd Wolverine movie and boom again!

This key comic book became especially hot and neared the $1,000 mark back in late April and last month for CGC 9.8s. Actually, they dropped in the $900 range four times in May, and once in late April.  

CGC 9.8s for NYX #3 has since cooled off just a tad since, and they're bobbing up and down between the $700 and $800 range for both Fixed Priced and bidding auctions. Signature Series 9.8s have nestled into the $1,000 range though and have stayed above it consistently. 

I'm not totally sure just how long this demand will last for NYX #3 and the 1st appearance of Laura Kinney or X-23, but currently, this female clone of Wolvie and her 1st appearance is still hot in the market for sure! Actually, I suspect it might be a hot key for a while with some cooling off periods here and there.

Even 9.4 NM CGC copies have seen a bump in demand and value. Once again, this happened in April and May, and climbed out of the $200 and $300 ranges pretty quickly if we look at GoCollect's data on eBay sales for this hot key issue.

First the rumor mill had X-23 to appear in the third Wolverine flick, and now there are reports that X-23 may star in the X-Force movie as well. Heck, maybe she'll be in both. Why not?

Bryan Singer has now said that FOX is back on with the X-Force project and is writing a script. He also hinted at X-23 replacing Wolverine for the film.

Makes sense since Hugh Jackman is bowing out of the role after the third installment, and X-23 was a member of X-Force. Will be interesting to see who they cast as X-23 or Laura Kinney.

Not too many regular Modern Age keys blast off like this one unless it's a variant, but whatever. It is one of the hottest key comic books of 2016.  February, 2004 is the cover date for NYX #3.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicConnect | ComicLink

1st appearance of Harley Quinn in comics

Obvious but Batman Adventures #12 is still on the hot list. Actually, most everything Harley Quinn is hot at the moment.

Is she that popular of a character? It's hard to be at a comic con and not see a Harley Quinn cosplayer or several of them depending on which con you're at.

So, yeah, she is that popular. Doesn't help that super hot actress Margot Robbie is playing the character in the Suicide Squad movie also. 

Not to say that's owed all to movie hype. Like Deadpool, Batman Adventures #12 was still sought out comic before. Just not on this level of crazy.

If you look at GoCollect's data on this comic way back in April, 2013 before rumor and actual confirmation, this 1st appearance was sold for $319 smackers. That's a CGC 9.8 sale, by the way. 

By October of 2013, the comic shot up to $747.59 and by late October of 2014, this comic starting selling past the $1,000 mark a lot more often. I believe late October and early November of 2014 is when rumors started hitting the net about Harley Quinn being in the Suicide Squad flick and that a Suicide Squad flick was rumored to be in the works.

CGC 9.8s did first hit the $2000 range back in October of 2015 on eBay, but this year they have been selling a lot more in that range. Last three sales at the time of this writing, which was a few days ago, have sold in the $2000 range.

9.6s hit the $1,000 range once this year, but they are threatening to nestle into that range more and more as the year rolls on. Last three sales on eBay for this grade were in the $900 range.

So Harley Quinn and her crazy, lunacy is still hot in 2016. Considering the amount of copies in the market, I would say this comic is super hot!  

I know what you want, but it's not gonna be what you like.  Alright, you all bored yet? Damn, tough crowd. Gonna end this part with another vid from Ed showcasing some awesome keys in his collection.

Pretty cool keys in that one as well, so thanks, Ed, for whipping this vid up. I enjoyed it and hope you did too. See ya for Part 6 of this hot key comics of 2016 series.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    spectacular report! There' s also a signed edition of Saga 1 by midtown comics out there. I' m on the hunt for this one, cause like you, I prefer a signed edition to a variant edition any day ;-)

    Speculation Jones

    1. Cool Major Jones! You know how much those are running for currently?

  2. Saga Variant is hot for sure! Little request here by Max Rebo - since I have an option to get Saga 2, 3, I would like to now some facts about print run an price development. Could you help?


    1. I think Saga #2 est print run is 36885. Saga #3 I believe is 38895. Most recent CGC 9.8 sale of Saga #2 is $90. Average is in the $60 range. Highest sale for Saga #3 is $100 for CGC 9.8 with average between $50 to $60 range for slabbed 9.8s

  3. Thanx pal! Appreciate it. Unfortunately my
    Nr. 1 got some crumbled paper at the spine - every collector has seen these kind of defects, but what does it do to the grade?

    Max Rebo

    1. It does enough to it to lower it considerably. Do you think you can get it pressed out?

  4. Pressing might be an option. I hope there's no problem in doing that to a signed comic. I just asked myself if this could do somethin to the textmarkerink... Maybe Gerry knows this stuff.

    Max Rebo

    1. You can email the folks over at Hero Restoration about that. I got a really quick response from them. They pressed out a book that had a ding or a crumple that ran through the whole book. Completely gone front to back now. Dunno about the ink though, but they would know.

      Here's the email and phone number of whatever you prefer.


      Hmmm...well, even if you're not in the states, emailing them about that question is still viable.