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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hot Key Comic Books of 2016 Part 4

More hot comic books of 2016? Yessum. 

One of them on here is definitely hot, and quite expensive as well. Okay, well, there's two but the one I'm talking about is expensive even in low grades and it doesn't matter slabbed or raw.

The 2nd one is movin' on up. The 3rd one I talked about once way back in 2014, and it's nice to see it finally get a bit more sought out as I do like the character.

Alright, here's the next batch.

1st appearance of Valkyrie (Enchantress)

I've only mentioned this one in the Defenders key issues series but did not feature it. The character of Valkyrie is introduced in this issue but sorta kinda.

It's actually a guise for the Enchantress. Anyways, this issue is still considered Valkyrie's first appearance, and it is hot this year since Tessa Thompson has been confirmed to star as the character in Thor: Ragnarok.

I think the film version is just the Asgardian version of Brunnhilde. It would be kinda strange if she were the Samantha Parrington or Barbara Norris incarnations of the characters. The spirit of Brunnhilde did possess these mortals and eventually her true form was revealed in Defenders #109 back in 1982.

Would be kinda cool if the movie actually followed this comic's lead and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie in Thor ends up being the Enchantress in a end credits scene or something. Just saying it would be cool. Not saying it's happening.

This comic was already seeing heat in 2015. A 9.6 CGC sold on eBay that year for $710 in September. The previous sold for $850 in August, and the one before it sold for $660. That sale was after a December, 2014 sale of only $375, and 2013 had sales of that grade near the $250 area.

GoCollect has just recorded the latest CGC 9.6 copy sold in June of this year, but I first had to see it in the eBay Sold results when first writing up this post. You can see the price jump. Wonder if it will bounce back down a bit more

However, 9.4 CGCs have sold on eBay this year. There's been two and it looks like they're selling in the $500 range.  The increase in heat actually started in February of 2015 in which a 9.4 sold for $695 and then for 750.

Yes, the comic at this grade did cool off a bit since then, and a June sale of 9.4 sold for the same price as the one that sold in May for $569. So, the heat isn't across the board just yet for this comic.

However, 8.5s have made a nice leap since 2013 in which they were selling for under $100. The most recent sale this year was $250 in March of this year and there were no sales of this slabbed grade on eBay in between 2013 and 2015.

CGC 7.5s moved out of the $100 range this year in which they were locked at all through 2015 and finally hit the $200 mark in May. December, 1970  is the cover date for Avengers #83.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Wonder Woman #98 cover imageWONDER WOMAN #98
1st Silver Age Wonder Woman
1st S.A. appearance of Steve Trevor
S.A. Wonder Woman origin begins 

This sucker blew up pretty recently, at least by 2014 or last year. It was discovered that it is a scarce issue, and so far it has proven to be such for the most part. 

As a test, I've looked for it at comic shops and comic cons this year but to no avail. Even low grade raw copies that pop up here and there on eBay have gone for thousands.

Movie set photos have supposedly placed the Wonder Woman solo flick in World War I, and it seems to have been confirmed by Chris Pine as well. The Golden Age Wonder Woman or Earth-2 Wonder Woman fought in World War II in the comics.

This is the 1st appearance of the Silver Age or Earth One Wonder Woman, who is known by her secret identity of Diana Prince. The first time she uses that secret identity is in Wonder Woman #99, the very next issue which continues the origin of the Earth One Wonder Woman.

We know movies and how they twist things around. Wonder Woman already showed up in Batman v. Superman as Diana Prince, so there we go!

Actually, there were only two slabbed sales of this comic this year. The most recent was the 3.0 that sold for a whopping $3,500 last month. The earliest sale on eBay was 0.5 and that sold for $504.99 this year in January. There were 21 bids for it. 

All the sales above the 3.0 were before 2016. That 8.0 most likely still isn't valued at $1,000 bucks anymore. Still a hot  but expensive comic, and May, 1958 is the cover date for Wonder Woman #98.

Jason Todd revealed as Red Hood

Jason Todd as the Red Hood has become a pretty popular Modern Age character. Well, Jason Todd is a Bronze Age character, but him as the Red Hood is definitely a fan-favorite.

No, this isn't the first appearance of Jason Todd as Red Hood, but regardless, it is heating up in 2016. Well, okay, CGC 9.8s are the most notable in growing in value. At least, at the time of this writing.

So, this is the issue where the Red Hood is revealed as Jason Todd, the 2nd ever Robin and the first Robin to supposedly die in the comics. Well, he isn't dead, obviously.

In April of this year a CGC 9.8 sold for $150. Before that in March, a 9.8 slabber sold for $109 and this angst-ridden bad boy actually heated up first in December of last year and hit the $100 mark for the 1st time ever. 

Congrats for Batman #638 and Red Hood Modern Age keys! Actually, the 1st appearance of Jason Todd as Red Hood in Batman #635 is still a hot comic book as well. It's been bobbing in-between the $200 and $300 range but is selling in the $300 range on average a lot more this year than in 2015.

Batman #638 also has a variant cover with Jason Todd on it. However, no real stats on the Jason Todd variant except for a CGC 9.6 selling for $79.99 this June.

Can't find any info on the print run for that variant. Batman #638 has an estimated print run of 59,723. Not sure if that's the combination of covers A and B or if that's just for cover A.

Perhaps somebody out there knows. I'm sure there is. 

Anyways, Batman #638 is heating up this year. Not super hot but heating up. I don't think raw copies are fairing quite as well, and you can still get 'em under $20 bucks on eBay. Not sure about locals though.

If you're into Modern Age key issues, this one might be one to consider and snag. Batman #638 has the cover date of May, 2005. I have mentioned this issue before in an Under-valued and Sleepers Key Issues Part before in 2014.

No, that article had nothing to do with the comic heating up if you look at the GoCollect data and when the comic actually heated up in December 2015. 

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

GoCollect is a very useful tool if you primarily sell or shop on eBay, and are more into slabbing your comics. It's not as useful when it comes to raw copies. It doesn't give the full scope as other market places aren't included either, but for me, I use it all the time and do recommend the site.

So Part 4 is done and we've got Part 5 coming up. Until then!


  1. Yay! Snagged Avengers 83 right on time! It' s just a 6,5, for 50 bucks, but the cover is gorgeous, ain't it? Concernig the Batman 638 variant you mentioned, I think it is a 2nd printing. I' m not into those, regardeless of the print run. Nah, you can keep it.


    1. I'm not into variants, so here you take it.

  2. Not positive but I thought Valkyrie was in Defenders #47.

  3. Not positive but wasn't Valkyrie in The Defenders #47 before #109?

    1. Barbara Norris as Valykrie first appeared in Defenders #4 and from there she was a member of the Defenders team. Her host was Barabara Norris during this time. Her true form as Brunnhilde was revealed in Defenders #109 as her spirit was returned to her true body in that issue.