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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hot Key Comic Books of 2016 Part 2

Alright and here we are with Part 2 of this hot key comic books of 2016 series. We got three more that are either hot, steaming up, or bouncing back in terms of demand and growth.

They may be big leaps or maybe just a nudge into the next value range. The comics may not be hot across the board.

Some have very few high grade CGC copies that actually hit the market often, so it is hard to tell with those. Usually, those ones that are higher grade for a hot comic that's already expensive sell less often anyway. 

If you missed Part 1, I've included a link nav at the end of this intro that can take you back to previous posts. Just click the appropriate link, or scroll for the next 3 hot key comics of 2016.

Journey Into Mystery #102 comic cover
1st appearance of Hela
1st appearance of Sif
1st appearance of Balder

This one isn't super hot, at least for CGC copies and at the time of this writing. It could've took off by the time this post has been published though.

Actually, there hasn't been a whole lot of CGC copies to hit the market concerning Journey into Mystery #102 and the 1st appearance of Hela among others.

It's just recently been confirmed that Cate Blanchett will be playing the character, and she'll be a baddie in Thor: Ragnarok. So this comic isn't super hot yet, but it's steaming up again.

Believe it or not, there aren't that many graded copies in the CGC Census currently. Might be because this comic wasn't deemed worth sending in before, but back in 2014, a CGC 9.2 did sell for $850.00 in May. Not too sure about that assumption since Sif and Balder has already hit the big screen back in the first Thor movie in 2008.

Right now there's only 218 total copies registered in the CGC Census. Only one 9.8 and two 9.6s also. Kinda surprising.

This Silver Age key comic might be one to consider soon in 2016. Raw copies are being snagged up a lot more currently. 

A Journey into Mystery #102 CGC 8.5 did sell in January this year and in the $500 range. A lot better than the two sales in 2015. CGC 7.5s and 6.0s have also made jumps this year.

For CGC 7.5s, it made a leap from the $200 range into the $400 range in May. Probably because Blanchett was confirmed as Hela around that time. Slabbed 6.5s finally leaped from the $100 range into the $200 range also in May of this year. 

Triple whammy 1st appearances key that's steaming up again for certain grades, Journey into Mystery #102 has the cover date of March, 1964.

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1st full appearance of Jesse Custer
1st full appearance of Tulip
1st full appearance of Cassidy
1st appearance of Saint of Killers

This one has been hot before 2016, but with the TV series finally airing on AMC, it's still on the hot burner. CGC 9.8s have been bobbing in-between the higher $900s and over the $1,000 mark.

There is a lot going on with this key issue and has quite a lot of 1st full appearances, including the main character of Jesse Custer. This issue also features the 1st full appearances of Tulip, Cassidy and the 1st appearance of a major baddie called the Saint of Killers.

Preacher #1 appears to have not had a very large print run. Some sources like ComicChron estimates it at around 28,200.

In the CGC Census, there are around 443 CGC 9.8s to date. The total registered copies are at 1606 currently. 

This comic at CGC 9.8s have been hotter this year so far than last year. Last year only saw the sale of one $1,000 book at this grade. This year saw it hit and surpass the $1,000 range eight times, and it seems to have sold in the $900 range on average more starting in the month of April.

Still have yet to watch the show. Gerry has and said it's okay.

As for CGC 9.6 NM+s, they've finally hit the $600 range and nestled on average in the $500 range for eBay sales this year. In 2015,  this slabbed grade mostly saw sales on eBay bob in-between the $300 and $400 range, so it is hotter this year than last year in terms of growth.

Compared to May 2015 sales of this book at CGC 9.6 and May 2016 eBay sales, there were only three last year. This year there were around 25 sales of this grade on eBay!

Despite being pretty easy to find in the market, demand is still hot for this comic for sure. Pretty interesting, and April, 1995 is the cover date for Preacher #1.

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1st appearance of Her as Paragon

With recent rumors that Kismet, also known as Her and Aeysha, is rumored to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, this 1st appearance comic is heating up for sure. The 1st appearance of this character saw her debut as Paragon, and she is the another attempt at creating a perfect being by the Enclave.

The Enclave also created HIM or better known as Adam Warlock.  If this rumor ends up being true, we just might be closer to seeing Adam Warlock enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How many times have I been saying that? I know, I'm tired of eluding to it also.

The rumor also says that Elizabeth Debicki might step into the role of this God-like lady from the comics. Nothing has yet been confirmed concerning this, but that doesn't stop hype from making this comic heat up recently and quite fast as well.

Since this was a sleeper just recently awakened by movie hype, not too many CGCs have been sold this year on eBay. However, a CGC 9.0 recently sold at eBay for $325 on June 1st of this month. A 9.6 copy also sold this month from the UK on eBay for $383.43.

A comic that's just heating up, there aren't too many slabs on the market for this 1st appearance either most likely because it was a sleeper very recently. Time to check the ole collection to see if you got one if you're not sure.

Raw copies? I don't see a shortage of them in the market place currently but they are selling like hot cakes.

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Buying or selling? It's up to you. LCS or eBay or comic con? Once again, up to you.

These are just key issue comics that are hot in 2016. A lot were already hot in 2015 or steamed up last year. Not saying whether they're going to still rise in value or not. Who knows?

Not really speculating either, just reporting what's going on. Incredible Hulk Annual #6 and Journey into Mystery #102 aren't easy finds online anymore except for ole eBay.  

You'll probably have to stomp the locals for those if you have one. Part 3 is ready so click the link below to continue


  1. It's really strange that in today's market when books can come out of obscurity and become hot just because of the character being cast in a movie or TV show. Perfect examples recently are Hulk Annual 6 and also Marvel Two In One 61 with the casting of Kismet/Her in GOTG 2 as mentioned above.

    1. I agree but it's all speculators. I doubt there's a huge fan base for these obscure characters and most are just flipping, trying to make a quick buck when it comes to these.