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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hot Key Comic Books of 2016 Part 1

Last year I waited till later in the year to do a hot key issues of 2015 series, so I think I'll do a hot key comics of 2016 a bit earlier this time. This will be comics that have heated up in terms of value since this year.

Quite a few were hot as well in 2015, but they've either sustained, cooled off, and then got another nice bump in value due to whatever, which probably means movie or TV hype. Notice the word "key comic" in the title. If it ain't a key it won't be discussed in this series.

I don't care about how many sales a comic is getting. That is  a hot comic if there's a lot of sales sure, but if the value isn't on the up and it appears to be dropping, I won't discuss it here. 

However, if it dipped in price during a cooling period and looks like it's making its way back up, I will feature it. You'll get what I mean as we dive into this more. 

I will cover some variants as well if they are key issues. Many you've already seen here but there will be a few key issues I've yet to talk about in this series.

Alright, let's get to it!

1st appearance of Godspeed

Wow, if we're talking about a comic that was recently released and is hot, this one can surely be it. There won't be any CGC info here, but raw copies are already selling in the $10 to $14 range on ole eBay.

Probably be better to see if your locals still have a copy for cover price. Well, seems like speculators are going goo goo because this issue has the 1st appearance of a new villainous speedster for the Scarlet Quickie. 

That speedster is called Godspeed, and with a name like that, this dude better be bad ass. There's already speculation that this villain could appear on the Flash TV show and/or the Flash movie.

Anything's possible, and it would make sense to help hype up sales for the new relaunch of the DC Comics rebooted continuity. Yawn! Is anyone tired of all the reboots yet for comics? Eh, I'm just old.

So, this one is a hot comic this year. How long that lasts, I dunno. It may stay hot if a confirmation of Godspeed hitting the live-action screen pans out.

If not, it just may fizzle or cool off in a few months. Who knows?    

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1st full appearance of Winter Soldier

This is the 1st full appearance of the Winter Soldier and the modern return of the character Bucky Barnes who was believed to be dead before this. Who really stays dead in comics?

Actually, in continuity, he was very much suppose to be dead as the Grandmaster once challenged the West and East Coast Avengers to a duel that had them go up against long-dead friends and foes. Bucky was one of the resurrected characters in Avengers Annual #16, and the story began in West Coast Avengers Annual #2. Cool battle between the West and East Coast Avengers in that comic.

Well, not the 1st time a later writer messed with earlier continuity and Bucky Barnes did not die. In fact, he was retrieved by the Russians during World War II and made into the Winter Soldier.

Winter Soldier has been a popular character, and even more so with the Captain America movies. Before it was thought that Captain America #1 of the 5th series had Winter Soldier's 1st appearance, but it seems that it was not full enough.

Surprisingly, this 1st appearance Modern key comic book doesn't have a huge print run. It's far from rare but it's no where near the 100,000s either. This issue has an estimated print run of 46,360 according to ComicChron. I'm not entirely sure if that number is only for the 6A cover or for both 6A and 6B covers combined, but the 6B is the 1st Winter Soldier on a comic cover.

So far there's only 182 CGC 9.8s in the census with a total of 342. For the variant cover there's a total of 166 9.8s and a total census of 300 copies registered so far. Not really a huge difference in terms of the CGC Census.

CGC 9.8 copies are selling at eBay around the $200 mark or near it for the variant. The latest sale on eBay was $199.99 and sold May 27th of this year. Will probably change once this gets published, but there aren't a whole lot of 9.8s that have made it to the secondary market. 

In the last two years, there's only been 48 sales of CGC 9.8s for the regular cover on eBay, and 43 sales of 9.8s for the variant cover in the past 2 years on eBay. Not a whole lot I'd have to say. The variant is the 1st Winter Soldier cover as well.

As for the regular cover, it has sold at the $200 mark twice this year and once in 2015 and 2014, the latter year selling for a penny less than $230. It's still a hot book in 2016 or at the time of this writing and may change after this is finally published.

Captain America #6 and the 1st full appearance of Winter Soldier from the 5th series has the cover date of May, 2005.

1st appearance of Scarlet

So far this is the 1st appearance of Scarlet, and this one has just recently became a hot comic. Created by Brian Michael Bendis, Scarlet is a woman who is pushed to the edge and starts a modern day American revolution.

Just recently, it's been reported that the comic series has been picked up by Cinemax for a TV series. Go figure, and raw copies are now selling in $50 range on eBay.

The regular cover of this comic has an estimated print run of 32,015, so they're not super plentiful. I wouldn't go as far as to call them rare though. This comic became hot super fast in a matter of days and a lot of the copies on eBay were pretty much bought up.

Might want to check the ole local if they have one that hasn't already been marked up, or you can wait 'till the comic cools off after all the early bird speculators jump on it and more copies hit the eBay market. No CGC copies on the eBay market just yet.

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So here's three hot key comics that I've yet to even talk about on this site. Before, issue #1 was noted as Winter Soldier's 1st appearance, but it turns out that's just a 1st cameo. Go figure.

It's been known as a 1st full for a time already, so Cap #6 volume 5 isn't really a sleeper by any means. The other two in this list have heated up really fast.

Scarlet due to a confirmed TV series, and Flash Rebirth #1 is getting speculative movie and TV hype on the rumor mill. Flash Rebirth #1 just hit the stands this June.

Scarlet is definitely hot at the moment. Will have to see how Flash Rebirth #1 does in the next few months.

Not all the comics featured in this series will be hot across the board for all grades. For some, there will only be a few grades that has seen a nice bump in value.

Once again, I don't care about sales volume. If a comic has been bobbing in-between the same price ranges since 2015, I ain't gonna talk about them. 

I already did in the 2015 key series. So we got several more of these to go and Part 2 is ready so just click the link below to continue.

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