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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Flash Comics That Influenced The TV Show!

Alright, I'm gonna talk about one of my favorite comic book based shows on TV currently, but since this is a comic book resource site, I'm gonna talk about some of the actual comics that the show took from story wise. Yes, I may throw in some 1st appearances, but I won't cover every character from the show.

I mean we all know the 1st appearance of Barry Allen as the Silver Age Flash in Showcase #4, and that of Captain Cold and Heatwave, both of whom did show up in the Flash TV show and Legends of Tomorrow. Captain Cold is going to be back in the Flash show as well, and I'll explain how that is soon if you've been keeping up with Legends of Tomorrow and Flash.

Anyway, I'll keep the 1st appearances to a minimum somewhat. That's until we get to the other super speedsters that may show up eventually in the show. If you've been watching the Flash from season one 'till now, you'll have a grasp of the story line.

However, in the world of comic book fandom, some of the actual comics that inspired the story line are surprisingly not all that talked about. So if you've yet to watch the Flash show at all, but are interested, you might not want to continue reading as I'm going to spoil the crap out of this post.

In the Flash TV-verse, those who have been watching know that Reverse Flash, Eboard Thawne is the killer of Barry Allen's mom when he was but a wee lad. His father, Henry Allen, took the rap for the murder.

That is the actual story line based off the Flash Rebirth comic series beginning with issue #1. The series is not so surprisingly written by Geoff Johns.

The whole Barry's mom is murdered and his father framed for the murder is shown in flashback in issue #1. While the actual comic series is very different from the show, that premise is still the basis of the actual show and is a very prominent theme.

From there the drama unfolds in season one and a whole cast of characters is introduced and whatnot. Paco or Francisco "Cisco" Ramone is Vibe in the actual comics and in the show. He is part of what's called "Team Flash" in the CW TV series, but in the comics, not so much. 

Vibe's 1st appearance is in Justice League of America Annual #2 in 1984. He is a major supporting character in the television show, but not really so much in the actual Flash comics. He is played by Carlos Valdes and has become a definite fan-favorite.

The gorgeous and talented Candice Patton is Iris West. The character was an early supporting character and love interest for Barry Allen from the get-go. She 1st appeared in Showcase #4 a long with Barry Allen.

In the comics, her biological father is Eric Russel. Her adoptive father is Ira West. In the show, it's Detective Joe West played by Jesse Martin.

Season 2 finally showed Caitlin Snow turn into Killer Frost, and she is the Earth-2 doppelganger. Was very cool seeing Danielle Panabaker switch into an evil cold-hearted super-villain. Killer Frost, of course, 1st appeared in Firestorm #3

There are different versions of the characters in the comics, but she is the original and the love interest of Firestorm which played out in season one.

In season one and two, Linda Park was a co-worker of Iris West at KSFZ Channel 8 and a brief love interest of Barry Allen's prior. Her Earth-2 counter-part was Dr. Light.

In the comics, she was the girlfriend and eventual wife of Wally West. She does not become a super-powered being or meta-human. 

The character was first played by Olivia Cheng and then by Malese Jow. Linda Park 1st appeared in the Flash #28 volume 2 series.

Could we see Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) and Linda Park possibly hooking up like they do in the comics? Linda Park ended up relocating to Coast City after an altercation with Zoom, and the show kind of hinted at Jesse Quick and Kid Flash having an attraction at the end of season two.

Reverse Flash was the major villain in season one, and most already know his first appearance is in Flash #139. Important comic since Reverse Flash is a major adversary of the Flash no matter what era.

Although primarily an antagonist for Wally West as the third Flash, Zoom or Hunter Zolomon was the big bad in season two. His 1st appearances was in Flash Secret Files & Origins #3 as Hunter Zolomon and The Flash #197 volume 2 as Zoom.

DC Comics multi-verse is featured in the 2nd season of The Flash with the introduction of Jay Garrick from Earth-2, but we discover later in the season that this is actually a ruse of Zoom who impersonates Jay Garrick in order to get close to Barry Allen and steal his speed. Zolomon's origin of how he becomes Zoom is obviously changed from the comics to the screen.

However, his father killing his mother is true to the comics but Zolomon was much older in the comics when this event happened. His origin in becoming Zoom is vastly different in the comics than the show and is revealed in Flash #196 and #197.

Crippled by Grodd, Hunter Zolomon asks Wally West to use the cosmic treadmill in order to go back in time to prevent this. Fearful of altering the timeline, Wally West refuses. This inaction prompts Zolomon to break into the Flash Museum in order to somehow use the cosmic treadmill himself to travel back in time.

The Cosmic Treadmill explodes while he uses it and somehow gives Zolomon the use of his legs again and super speed. In his 1st appearance as Zoom, Hunter Zolomon remembers the murder of his mother by his father.

His father was a serial killer, and when his mother found out and called the police, Zolomon's father enacted revenge on her. Realizing that a glass of water he knocked over earlier has seemingly frozen in time and that he has somehow tapped into the speed force and can walk again, Zolomon recalls Eobard Thawne as the Reverse Flash and Barry Allen's relationship to the villain.

Zolomon comes to the conclusion that heroes need tragedy in order to be great heroes, and with his new resentment towards Wally West for refusing to help him, he was going to give West the motivation needed to be a great hero. Thus, in the comics, Zoom is born.

Even though Hunter Zolomon becomes Zoom in #197, it is really only a cameo. He shows up as Zoom in the last full page of the comic. Does a full page count?
Not so sure. In Flash #198, he shows up briefly in 3 panels. His hand is shown a few times, but identifiable, he shows up in two panels and in a large panel at the end of the issue.

From what I've gathered so far, that sounds like maybe a 1st brief appearance. If we're talking about a full appearance where Zoom definitely is shown in the comic a lot more, then Flash #199 has the best shot at being considered a 1st full appearance.

Right now, Overstreet notes Flash #197 as the origin of Zoom and CGC notes that key issue as the origin and 1st appearance of Zoom. Once again, there seems to be some contradictions as to what constitutes a 1st cameo, brief, and full appearance in comics, and the 1st appearance of Zoom is still one of them. The origin of how Hunter Zolomon gains his super speed is still in issue #196, and in issue #197, Zolomon decides he needs to become Zoom in order to plague Wally West with tragedy in order to make him a great hero like Barry Allen was.

Speaking of super speedsters in the Flash TV series, there was another not-so-well-known super speedster that showed up for an episode in the second season of the Flash. That speedster was Trajectory or Eliza Harmon, who is so far known to have first appeared in comics in 52 #17.

Like the comics, Eliza had to take drugs for her new powers. That drug was known as Sharp (not Velocity 9 like in the TV show), and it was to slow her down instead of speed her up.

Yes, after gaining super speed from Lex Luthor's Everyman Project in the comics, she could not slow down her speed in everyday use. Very much different than in the show for sure but that's to be expected. Trajectory was also created by Geoff Johns along with Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid.

As for the introduction of Earth-2, this is another big theme in season two, and the 1st comic to reintroduce Jay Garrick was The Flash #123 and it also 1st introduced Earth-2 in the comics. The second series of the Flash did introduce the multi-verse concept and I'm sure we can be seeing more Earths in the Flash shows in the future.

Grant Gustin as the Flash crossed over into an episode of Supergirl, and that episode established that Supergirl's world is another different Earth in this multiverse. When the real Jay Garrick was finally revealed in the season two finale, Earth-3 was mentioned as he hails from there.

In the Crisis on Multiple Earths story line, we know that Earth-3 is actually the reverse Earth of Earth-1 in which the Justice League of America's doppelgangers are actually super-villains. They are members of the Crime Syndicate of America on Earth-3.

The speedster in that group is known as Johnny Quick, but not to be confused with the Golden Age comic hero Johnny Quick. The Golden Age hero Johnny Quick who 1st appeared in More Fun Comics #71 is the father of Jesse Quick.

Jesse Quick is Jesse Chambers in the comics, and 1st appeared in Justice Society of America #1 of the 2nd series.  She is a major supporting character for the Wally West Flash comic series.

but on the show she is Jesse Wells and the daughter of Harrison Wells of Earth-2. In season two, we saw Jesse and Wally West hit with the Particle Accelerator explosion that was created in an attempt for Barry Allen to get his super speed back after Zoom triumphantly took it.
As I mentioned before, it's only a matter of when we'll see Jesse Quick and Kid Flash in a Flash season. Perhaps, even the super-villain version of Johnny Quick or the Golden Age hero version.

I think I'm leaning more towards the Earth-3 Johnny Quick, the alternate and evil version of the Earth-2 Flash for a villainous role in season three. After all, with the multi-verse, anything is possible and why not have Barry's big bad be himself as Johnny Quick from an alternate Earth?

Just speculating here, but I can see that possibility. Not to say that's the best bet or anything.

In the season two finale, we did see Barry finally cave in and save his mother at the end. This is actually based on a comic series that's starting to get talked about.

The comic series was Flashpoint from the 2nd series, in which Barry Allen does go back and save Nora Allen from being murdered. This messes up the timeline and creates an Earth in which Aquaman and Wonder Woman's armies are threatening war, Superman never met the Kents and is instead detained by the government as a lab rat, Cyborg is a hero working for the government, Bruce Wayne died instead of Thomas Wayne who is Batman in that alternate reality, and Barry Allen never got his super speed or became the Flash.

Now, when it actually comes to the Flash TV show, I doubt it will be close to the comics, but it will follow that premise in season three about Barry creating a messed up world. I'm sure they'll tailor fit it to the Flash world on screen, but there's no doubt that Flashpoint will make a mess of Barry's world in season three.

When it comes to the Flashpoint volume 2 comics, you'll probably want to gun for a variant cover since the regular cover was printed in the 100,000s. There is the limited 1:25 sketch cover and a few 2nd, 3rd, 4th printing variants.

There's also limited edition SDCC and FanExpo variant editions as well. Don't know the estimated print runs on those, though, but they are wrap around covers.

Grant Gustin has said that the other super speedsters are inevitable when it comes to appearing on future Flash shows, and that makes sense for sure. So what are the other speedsters besides Zoom, Reverse Flash, Trajectory, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick and the Kid Flash?


Let's talk about some of Barry Allen's  descendants here. With Professor Zoom or Eobard Thawne from the future in season one, we know that time travel and extra dimensional travel in the Flash TV-verse is very possible.

We also know that Iris West becomes Iris Allen sometime in the future as well. Season two already had an alternate Earth doppelgangers of both Barry an Iris in which they were married.

Why not introduce XS for an episode? XS is Jenni Ognats and she is the daughter of Dawn Allen, who is the daughter of Barry Allen in the future. Dawn married Jeven Ognats, and in the comics, XS is half Black and half White.

With Iris Allen being played by the very gorgeous Candice Patton, I can see their grand-daughter from the 30th Century (in the comics), make an appearance as a super speedster in the television show. Maybe not in season three, but I think it would be cool eventually. 

Perhaps they would change XS to the future daughter of Barry and Iris for the show. Not really a big twist to make, but plausible. XS or Jenni Ognats 1st appeared in Legionaires #0 back in 1994.

Dawn & Don Allen

Originally Legionaires, Dawn & Don Allen are the kids of Iris & Barry Allen in the 30th Century. They were both known as the Tornado Twins while in the Legion of Super-Heroes and are Silver Age characters.

Both Don & Dawn were created by Min Mortimer and Jim Shooter. The twins both inherited a fraction of their father's Speed Force and 1st appeared in Adventure Comics #373 as the Tornado Twins in the Legion of Super-Heroes story of that issue. 

As for Don, he ended up marrying Meloni Thawne, daughter of Thaddeus Thawne who are both descendants of Eobard Thawne or Professor Zoom. In the comics, the Allen family and Thawne family are still great rivals.

Despite that fact, Don & Meloni had a son together named Bart Allen who would also be a super speedster in the comics.


Bart Allen, the grand-son of both Iris and Barry Allen, is obviously known as part of the Flash Family. He inherited the Speed Force and is a super speedster in the world of DC Comics.

Bart was born in the 30th Century but returned to the past to take up the family legacy when Wally West was the Flash back in the 90s. He was known as Impulse for a while before he eventually took up the mantle of the 2nd Kid Flash. 

Since Wally West will most likely be the Kid Flash in the TV series, I do think that if Bart Allen does pop up in the show, he has more of a chance of showing up as Impulse. Who knows? Since he's from the future, maybe he'll show up as the Flash of 30th Century. Lots of things the creators and writers can play with concerning the Flash show.

Bart Allen 1st fully appeared in Flash #92 from the 2nd series and fought Wally West as the Flash in that comic. He has a cameo in issue #91 of the same comic series. He is the cousin of Jenni Ognats and his half-brother is Owen Mercer, the 2nd Captain Boomerang. Bart and Owen share the same mother, Meloni Thawne.

Cobalt Blue

Continuing with the Thawne legacy in the comics, we have the infamous Cobalt Blue or Maclom Thawne. Actually, Malcom was only raised by the Thawnes, but he is in fact Barry's twin brother of blood and the biological son of Henry and Nora Allen.
Because he was abducted and raised by the Thawne's, Malcom became a super villain and was jealous that Barry Allen was fated to grow up in a loving family while he was raised in an abusive one. Malcom can be a super speedster via a talisman or gem that is able to tap into the Blue Flame, an energy source that can steal anything one's heart desired.

This is how Cobalt Blue is allowed to travel in super speeds. He is an enemy of Kid Flash and Wally West Flash and 1st appeared as Cobalt Blue in Speed Force #1. Cobalt Blue was created by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn.

In the world of the Flash TV series, a Cobalt Blue character could easily pop up with the multi-verse. Just make one of the Earths have a twin brother of Barry Allen. Simple as that. We shall see though. Plenty of villains and speedsters available for a live-action debut on the TV series and speculation already has it that Eddie Thawne may return as Cobalt Blue.

Speed Force #1 has an estimated print run of about 40,095.


Speaking more about the notorious Thawne side of the family, here have Inertia! This character is a bit strange but he is a creation of genetic mixing of Bart's DNA and Thaddeus Thawne's DNA to create a super speedster clone.

Being that he is so humble, Thaddeus named this clone after himself and Inertia may have Bart's face, but he has the Thawne DNA when it comes to evil. I should note that Thaddeus Thawne, father of Meloni, is known as President Thawne in the 30th Century and is a villain to the Legion of the Super-Heroes.

Inertia is a big bad for Bart Allen. He has also taken the names of Kid Zoom and Reverse Impulse. Though a major villain for Bart Allen as Impulse, the character could make a good speedster villain for Barry Allen in the Flash television show.

Maybe? Perhaps even a good villain for Kid Flash when Wally West finally gets his speed on in the show? After all, he did take on the name of Kid Zoom! I like Inertia better, and this character actually 1st appears as Inertia in Impulse #50

Might be a good one to speculate on possibly. According to ComicChron, Impulse #50 has an estimated print run of


Created by Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez, Savitar is another villainous speedster and enemy of the Wally West and Jay Garrick Flash. He has also gone up against Impulse and Johnny Quick as well in the comics.

Savitar's background isn't really known. He was Cold War test pilot that somehow gained super speed when his test plane was seemingly hit by lightening.

Like most villainous speedsters, he became obsessed with speed. The name Savitar is based off the name Savitr or the Hindu God of Motion. 

Could be a possible speedster to show up, though I think the Flash TV show and season three needs to mix up the big bad a bit. Perhaps season three's major villain won't even be a speedster this time?

Who knows? However, since Grant Gustin said that DC's other speedsters are inevitable, I'm just listing some of the ones that are known. Savitar is one of them and he could be a possible villain down the road for the show.

No telling when that may be or even if, but there is a possibility. Savitar 1st appeared in Flash #108 from the 2nd series, once again during the Wally West era of the Flash.

Max Mercury

This character is actually a Golden Age goodie that was from Quality Comics back in the day. He first appeared as the superhero Quicksilver in the comic's universe. 

Max Mercury was later reinvented by Mark Waid in the Flash comics. The name change is obvious since there's already a popular speedster named Quicksilver from the Marvel comics.

Max Mercury's Waid origin has the character as a US Calvary scout and a friend to the local Indian tribes. He gained his super speed from an enchantment by a dying shaman.

In the comics, he was later revealed to be a mentor of both the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, and the Golden Age hero Johnny Quick. He 1st appeared as Quicksilver in National Comics #5, and 1st appeared in DC Comics as Mercury in Flash #76 from the 2nd Wally West series.

Gay Garrick has already popped up in the second season of Flash, and it seems another thread involving this character was hinted at in the season two finale. Instead of Earth-2 like the comics, the Golden Age Flash is originally from Earth-3, but cannot get back to it. Harrison Wells has offered to help Garrick get back to his Earth, so there's another thread or subplot.

Max Mercury is another speedster in the DC Comics library that could be a potential candidate for the TV series in the future. Maybe not season three, but somewhere down the line.

Joanie Swift

Joanie Swift was a very brief character that Johnny Quick met during the Golden Age of comics. She actually became a super speedster when she spoke Johnny Quick's speed formula out loud which is

From there, she became Johnny Quick's side kick but only had a single appearance in Adventure Comics #181. Might have a very small chance of seeing live-action in the Flash show, but a small chance which still means a chance. 

During the 2nd series of the Flash comics, the Golden Age Johnny Quick was a super speedster that showed up as an ally of both Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen. Although the character wasn't revived as far as I know into the Modern Age of comic books, that doesn't necessarily mean that the writers for the show can't her dig her out from the old library and dust the character off for show appearance.

However, I do admit, it's a pretty big stretch in speculative terms, but still a plausibility.

Black Flash

In most mythologies, there's always a character or symbol of Death. When it comes to the Speed Force, the Black Flash is the character of Death.

Once again, speculation is running rampant about the season two finale of The Flash show. When the Time Wraiths come for Zoom or Hunter Zolomon because of how he's been mucking things up by use of the Speed Force, the Wraiths claim him and we see him turn into something resembling the Black Flash.

Like a zombified version of the Flash pretty much. So, now it's speculative that since Barry mucked up the timeline by going back in time and saving his mother, the Time Wraiths may once again turn their attention on the Flash.

Who better than to have the harbinger of death lead the Time Wraiths to hunt down Barry Allen than the Black Flash, no? I see it being pretty plausible. Not sure if the big bad of the whole season being the Black Flash, but he could be villain from time to time.

Definitely a very big possibility that we'll see the Black Flash of death come for the Flash in the near future. Once again, this character also makes a 1st appearance in the 2nd Flash series starring Wally West.

Black Flash's 1st appearance is in a premonition or hint in Flash #138 vol 2 and it is a cameo on the last page. Here's the page where he first shows up in cameo.

The Black Flash's 1st full appearance should be considered in the next issue but it isn't. It's actually Flash #141 of the same comic series. Black Flash shows up in another full page cameo in Flash #140 but does not show up in Flash #139 volume 2. 

Black Flash is definitely shown a lot more in issue #141, but we'll see how Overstreet and CGC tackle this one in the future. So far all these Black Flash issues are under the radar for the most part, but they are steaming up currently and quickly. You can probably still get 'em in lots for cheaper per issue or, perhaps, catch a dealer at your local or a con that isn't tuned into them just yet. I'm not sure if anyone is noting these issues yet concerning Overstreet or CGC. 

No slabs have made it to the market yet which isn't surprising. Might want to get Flash #138 through #141. I'm still saying that the Flash #141 is the 1st full appearance of Black Flash, but I could be wrong depending on how 1st full appearances is handled with full page appearances like you see above.

In the story, Impulse, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, and Jesse Quick are supporting characters. Highly plausible for this villain to make the Flash show quite soon, and if speculation is correct, we've already seen him. 

We've got a lot of characters that made their debuts when Wally West was the Flash. A lot!

With Barry Allen messing up the timeline and creating another alternate universe for his world, I can even see the show go in the direction of Wally West being the Flash. After all, Barry just might have an identity crisis. He very well might not even have his powers in this alternate timeline just like in the beginning of the 2nd Flashpoint comic series.

It's all fun speculation for now, but that's some of the comics that influenced the Flash TV series and some of the possible speedsters and their 1st appearance key issues that may appear in the near future. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Dude great work. Love the show. JW. Heroes con this weekend coming up :)

    1. Have fun at the show, JW. Take some pics and post 'em in the community. Would appreciate it, bro!

  2. Wow. More 1st appearance confusion. What a shocker. I saw that Flash Vol. 2 138-141 issues where already selling for much more on Ebay right after Season 2 ended. Best to find those in your LCS. Also Flash Vol. 2 197-199 where selling well through out Saeson 2. I think both these sets of comics are good short term investment quick flips, but who knows.