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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Brave and the Bold #29 Values

When it comes to a major super-hero or super-hero comic group from DC or Marvel, a 2nd appearance often gets up there in value when the 1st appearance goes bonkers. Since we're in a comic boom, it's no surprise that the 2nd appearance of the Justice League of America in Brave and the Bold #29 got on the radar of most comic collectors or investors in what seemed pretty quickly.

Or, did it? We're going to put that to the test for this comic that should be a major key issue on the DC side of things. 

For a long time, DC key issues were over-looked in the market for the most part. Marvel keys were in the most in-demand and you could find Marvel keys everywhere.

I remember not too long ago walking into my locals and seeing nearly 80 to 90% of wall comics were Marvel. Now, I see a lot more DC keys at locals and at comic cons. Well, maybe, I just notice them a lot more as well. A lot more.

So in the 2nd appearance of the Justice League, the iconic team goes up against Weapons Master, who also makes his first appearance in this comic. Not an overly important Justice League of America foe, but he is one of the earliest the team faced.

Other key notations for this comic is that I believe it's the 2nd Aquaman cover and 2nd Martian Manhunter cover. Let's see how well this key comic has done over the years and look at some Brave and the Bold #29 values.


Mint: $100
Fine: $50
Good: $17


Near Mint: $440
Fine: $190
Good: $63


Near Mint: $3000
Very Fine: $1457
Fine: $513
Very Good: $342
Good: $171


Near Mint-: $6200
VF/NM: $3983
Very Fine: $1766
Fine: $642
Very Good: $428
Good: $214


Near Mint-: $6400
VF/NM: $4112
Very Fine: $1823
Fine: $663
Very Good: $442
Good: $221

Doesn't look like it's been snoozing all that much for higher grades. Of course, the lower grade copies were much slower to move up in a span of 34 or so years.

Still, let's compare the new guide to some of the most recent CGC slabbed sales that I can find for some grades.

OSG 45th Edition VF/NM: $4112 | CGC 9.0 Heritage 2013: $8365

OSG 45th Edition Fine Value: $663 | CGC 6.0 eBay 2015: $860

OSG 45th Edition VG Value: $442 | CGC 4.0 eBay 2016: $399.99

OSG 45th Edition GD Value: $221 | CGC 2.0 eBay 2015: $200

When it comes to this year, it looks like Brave and the Bold #29 is still somewhat in slumber mode concerning slabbed sales. On GoCollect, there's only been four sales this year of this comic.

We'll have to see if this one picks up or not throughout the year. High grade copies seem to be getting the most juice, but low grades like VGs seem to selling below guide.

This comic isn't super hot just yet since collectors aren't snaggin' up lower VG grades above guide like they are with X-Men #2 or even Avengers #2. Then again, those two are exactly super hot either.

Take it easy all, and happy fathers day!


  1. My favorite number 2 of all is Incredible Hulk 2. To me it should be higher up as we see the hulk in his recognizable green skin. Plus the story behind why they changed it from gray to green is pretty cool.

    1. I love me some Incredible Hulk #2 as well. I should've stocked up on those a few years back.

  2. Hey my Mayhem man,

    I recently read in an article that Saga could become the next Walking Dead. What do you think? The tradepaperback sales of this baby are steady and stunning. There' s no way hollywood' s gonna pass this hype. I' m allready hunting down keys like number 4 (first lying cat) cause we all know what happened with Walking Dead books that introduce key players...

    Nice week for ya


    1. I don't ever say never, Ace. Saga #1 regular cover has a print run of 37,641 so it's not widely plentiful. I can see the demand rising for Saga #1, but it being the next Walking Dead is a pretty big claim. Not saying right nor wrong...just a pretty big claim. Could get really hot for Saga #1 if a movie or show ends up happening.