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Saturday, May 28, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse Post Credit Scenes

Besides X-Men Apocalypse finally being released in theaters and obtaining mixed reviews, it seems the post credit scenes is gaining a lot of attention in the rumor mill. So here goes:


Now if you hate spoilers, stop reading here. There's two major hints that X-Men Apocalypse leaves fans with concerning the very possible future of the X-Men movie franchise.

First off, the post credit scene has us at Stryker’s Weapon X facility at Alkali Lake and we see the aftermath of a feral Wolverine who has escaped. A group of suits go to the mutie runt's holding cell and finds a storage unit containing Wolvie's DNA.

A vial of this DNA, marked Weapon X, was put into a suitcase marked Essex Corp. This obviously hints at Mister. Sinister, real name Nathanial Essex, a character well-known for cloning people. 

Jean Grey is just one of the more famed characters that Mister Sinister cloned in the ole X-Men comic books. The result was Madelyn Pryor in case ya forgot. 

If you don't know already, his first full appearance is in Uncanny X-Men #221. He appeared prior in a vision and in shadow in Uncanny X-Men #213 and was mentioned by Sabretooth earlier as the leader of the Marauders who take to the sewers in order to slaughter the Morlocks in the famed and fan-favorite Mutant Massacre story arc.

Later and in 1996, the character of Mister Sinister was finally given an origin that was revealed in the limited comic book series, Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix comic series. This origin began with issue #1, and it was revealed in issue #1 that Mister Sinister's real name was Nathanial Essex. Actually, a Dr. Nathanial Essex.

His complete origin does run all the way through to issue #4 of the series, and I'm not sure if he has a prior 1st origin. Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix currently remains under the radar!

With the vial of DNA marked Weapon X, this has fueled even more speculation that X-23 is well on her way to the big screen. Bryan Singer teasing to Fandango that he pitched a female Wolverine to FOX also added fuel to the fire as well.

In the comics, Mister Sinister was not a part of X-23's creation nor was the Essex Corp and there's actually no Essex Corp. in the actual comics so far. The Facility was the organization that made Laura Kinney from Wolverine's DNA. 

The movies are the movies though, and that does not mean that they cannot tweak it so Mister Sinister is responsible for making the clone of X-23. It is possible, and it's also possible that they could have another organization or even have the Facility a branch of Essex Corp as well.

Singer has also hinted at revisiting the Dark Phoenix Saga, so Mister Sinister might just be the culprit who makes that happen again in the movie franchise. If we're talking about the Dark Phoenix Saga, that issue starts with X-Men #129, which also holds the first appearance of Kitty Pryde, Hellfire Club, Emma Frost and a brief 1st of Sebastian Shaw. It ends with issue #138. 

The Phoenix Saga starts with issue #101 and ends with issue #108. X-Men #101 has the first appearance of Jean Grey as the Phoenix, and is one of the more sought out and valuable Bronze Age X-Men comics. 

Definitely a fan-favorite key issue and character for sure. Not surprised if they want to revisit that story line again on the silver screen.

But the strange thing is the vial of Wolverine's DNA in this scene. There has to be a significant reason why this is picked up by the Essex Corp, and I have to hop on the wagon and say that the best bet is still X-23.

As most know already, X-23 first appeared in NYX #3 and that comic has become ultra hot currently. So it looks like both Mister Sinister and X-23 have a good chance of making their on-screen debuts quite soon. 

X-Men Apocalypse is in theaters now. What did you think of it? 


  1. Saw it today. It was not bad not my favorite x movie. Started off slow then picked up. Quicksilver again needs more screen time def the audiences favorite when he does his slow mo matrix gig. JW

    1. He was great in X-Men Days of Future's Past. I agree, more spotlight on Quicksilver.

  2. Hey Mayhem,

    thanks for the quick info. I heard rumors about the Vulture becoming the next Spidey villain - can you confirm that?


    1. Heya Boxhunter, nothing's been confirmed about Keaton as Vulture so far, but rumors have pushed Amazing Spider-Man #2.

  3. Saw it last weekend. It was essentially a mish-mash of every X-Men before it. If this was a school report, it would read "could do better". Quicksilver was great, the rest fairly dull to insipid.