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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sin City Key Comics Part 4

Continuing with the dark, gritty, and brutal world of Sin City created by comic mastermind Frank Miller, we are at Part 4 and the conclusion to these Sin City key comics list or series. None of these stories featured in these comics have yet to make it to the big screen.

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez did announce that they planned to make a Sin City 3, but no further news has come out of it since. A Dame to Kill For did not do well at the box office, and this might have halted plans of a 3rd installment. 

Anyways, if you missed Part 3 click that link to go back. If you're ready to go, let's wrap of these Sin City keys.

1st appearance of Johnny & Amy

A quite disturbing Sin City story is contained in this issue, and in the story "Daddy's Little Girl", as we see the 1st appearances of Johnny and Amy. No, it's not the same Johnny from the movie Sin City A Dame to Kill For.

The character and story in the sequel was written by Frank Miller purely for the movie. It was not a story in any of the actual Sin City comics.

This issue is about sick and twisted incest or a fetish about a daddy/daughter type of fantasy. Although Johnny thinks that him and Amy have fallen in love, he realizes it's just a sick trap. He learns that Amy and her father are actually lovers.

Johnny is strangled by daddy, which is the only way he seems to get sexually aroused. It seems that this arouses Amy as well, seeing daddy get violent.

Definitely, a very dark Sin City story and not for the faint of heart. A Decade of Dark Horse #1 has the cover date of July, 1996.

Story in Sin City movie sequel 

Not really a key, but this story did end up in the 2nd Sin City flick. The story is called, "Just Another Saturday Night", and it's a story about Marv that happens right around when Hartigan gets out of jail and meets Nancy all grown up.

This Wizard 1/2 was a mail in comic and only available through Wizard #73. Couldn't find any print run info on this one though.

Sin City: Just Another Saturday Night Wizard 1/2 has the cover date of August, 1997.

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1st appearance of Don Giacco Magliozzi
1st appearance & Death of Carmen
1st & Death of Magliozzi Crime Family

It's said that Daisy first appeared somewhere in The Big Fat Kill. Not sure if that's true, and if it is, she must've been an unnamed character. All I know is that Daisy is named in issue #6 of that series near the very end where all the gals of Old Town show up to massacre Wallenquist's men.

In this story, Daisy is another supporting character, but Dwight and Miho are the main protagonists. They are sent by Gail to investigate a recent mob hit in a local diner which leads the pair to the Magliozzi Crime Family, a rival of Wallenquist.

Eventually, Daisy, an Old Town gal gets her revenge on the Magliozzi for the accidental killing of her lover and fellow Old Town gal, Carmen. Sin City: Family Values is a one-shot, 128 page graphic novel and has the cover date of October, 1997.

1st appearance of Delia & Jim
1st appearance of The Janitor
Death of Jim

Not sure but I think this is the 1st appearance of the Sin City character of Delia. She does reoccur in other Sin City stories after this one-shot, namely Wrong Turn, Wrong Track, and Hell and Back.

This issue does see the first appearance and death of the character of Jim. Delia ends up seducing him and kills him.

The Colonel pops up again and is in this story. It appears that Delia is an assassin, and killing her past lover was some kind of test to see if she had what it took to become an assassin for Wallenquist. 

Actually, Jim was the only man she ever loved and killing him proved she had what it took to be a cold killer. The character of Delia would usually seduce her targets, have sex with them, and then send them to take a dirt nap.

That story is in "Blue Eyes". Another story is called "Rats", and that is about a sadistic war criminal who stuffs rats in his oven and eats them. It's presumed that he is a Nazi.

The Janitor makes his 1st and only appearance in this issue. He is the one who ends up killing the rat guy. Sin City: Lost Lonely & Lethal one shot has the cover date of December, 1997.

1st appearance of Wallace
1st appearance of Esther
1st appearance of Dr. Fredrick
1st appearance of Mrs. Mendoza

Sin City: Hell and Back was a 9 issue limited series and introduces the characters and lovers Wallace and Esther. The series does introduce a few new characters to the world of Sin City like Dr. Fredrick and Mrs. Mendoza in this first issue.

Wallace is the protagonist of the series. He is an artist and war veteran who pays the bills by being a short-order cook. 

He meets Esther and falls in love, but she is kidnapped and holds a dark secret. This limited series sees Wallace try to track Esther down and save her from her kidnappers, whom are linked to Wallenquist. 

The Colonel and Delia also make appearances in the limited series, and they die in issue #9. The two main characters of the series are Wallace and Esther.

July, 1999 is the cover date for Sin City: Hell and Back #1, and it has an estimated of around 49,426. 

Once again, I'm not making any claims that any of these in Part 4 are great comic investments. In fact, they're not in the current market.

Like stated in earlier parts of this Sin City key comics or key issues series, some fans enjoy these reads. I haven't read any of the later stuff past That Yellow Bastard, but the earlier stories were highly memorable.

That Yellow Bastard is my favorite so far. In a comic investing sense, Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special has potential to be a good comic to invest in at the time of this writing. Many keys from the Dark Horse Presents titled series are starting to simmer up currently and being recognized.

As a fan of the series and the first Sin City flick, I don't really care about the comic investment potential. I have reader copies that I plan to just read. However, I am thinking about a high grade Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special just in case.

Anyways, it was fun to bring back some nostalgia for me. This Sin City keys list wasn't exactly a huge hit, but thanks for humoring me. Happy Hunting all and best of luck! See ya soon!