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Friday, May 13, 2016

SIn City Key Comics Part 3

Part 3 to this Sin City key comics series, and we've got more Frank Miller awesomeness. Most all of these keys in Part 3 here are still pretty much bargain bins for sure.

As stated before, most can be gobbled up in complete comic lots for under cover price. I'm not speculating here with the exception of DHP 5th Anniversary Special and maybe Dark Horse Presents #51. Other than that, this is just for fun and if you're looking for great reads.

Click this Part 2 link if you missed it, or continue onward.

1st full appearance Shellie?
1st appearance Jack Rafferty
1st appearance of Becky

When it comes to an actual comic series, excluding one-shots obviously, this is the third Sin City comic series to have been published. This is a five issue limited series and holds a few first appearances in the Sin City universe.

Shellie was first seen in an unnamed one panel cameo in the very last panel to the Sin City story in Dark Horse Presents #53. She also does show up in three panels and is named in Sin City A Dame to Kill For #3 or #4. I think it's issue #3 but could be wrong.

This issue does have the first appearance of Jack Rafferty or Jackie Boy. He was played by Benicio Del Torro, who did a great job as the character. The beginning of this issue opens up with Shelley and Dwight at her apartment while Jackie Boy is pounding on the door and trying to smooth talk his way in.
Like mentioned before, this series story was told in the first Sin City movie. Dwight and the girls of Old Town kill Jackie Boy and his crew and then set out to bury the bodies in a place called the Pitt. I think the movie brought out the funny parts a lot better than the comic did, but that's just my opinion.

Not to say that the comic isn't great either. It is and a really great read.

Obviously, Becky also makes her first appearance in this comic as well, and she's the girl from Old Town who Jackie Boy tries to pick up and then ends up betraying the gals to the mob at the end. Alexis Bledel played Becky.

Sin City: The Big Fat Kill #1 has the cover date of November, 1994.

Death of Jackie Boy

Oh, Jackie Boy messes up in this issue, and threatens Becky in the presence of little Miho. When he gets frustrated at being turned constantly berated by a hooker, ole Jackie Boy finally pulls a gun on the young lady from Old Town.

Not a real smart move! I do love the scene where Becky tells Jackie Boy that he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

And she be right! Mino slash an hacks him and his entire crew. In the end, Jackie Boy finds himself with the slide of his gun lodged into his forehead.

Classic Frank Miller, and it was plucked straight from the comic.
Unfortunately, the jokes on them and they find out that Jackie Boy was actually a cop. Oops! 

Then the freak out occurs over what to do and how the mob and the cops are gonna come down on the gals of Old Town. The next issue of this series, issue #3, is where the dark humor really comes out, and I thought the movie played it out better than the actual comic.

Benicio Del Toro definitely made that scene pop and made it a lot more funny. However, issue #3 really isn't a key except for the first brief appearance of one character named Dallas.

Dallas was in the movie and played by Robert Rodriguez's sister Patricia Vonne. In the comics, Dallas shows up twice in issue #3 and only in two panels. The second one is getting gunned down at the Pits.

Patricia reprises her role in the sequel. Sin City: The Big Fat Kill #2 has the cover date of December, 1994.

Death of Manute
Last issue to series

Although Manute appeared to have died in A Dame to Kill For, he does not and returns as an enforcer of Wallenquist also known as the Kraut in Sin City: The Big Fat Kill. This series is after the events of A Dame to Kill for.

The last issue of The Big Fat Kill has the climatic ending, and it shows Dwight, Gail, and the ladies of Old Town gunning down Manute and his men. Dwight saying that they all must die.

In the first movie, we see Becky at the end meet the Colonel in the elevator, but in this last issue, there isn't anything like that. It actually ends pretty abruptly.
That's how this series ends. It actually doesn't show Manute dying, but implies it. Sin City: The Big Fat Kill #5 has the cover date of March, 1995.

1st appearance of John Hartigan
1st Roark Jr. (Yellow Bastard)

This here is 4th Sin City comic series published. The previous one before it was Sin City Silent #1, and that one shot involved a story about Marv. It's not really a comic series, so this one is the 4th comic series that further tells the tales of Sin City.

It was mostly a silent issue as well and came out in 1995. The story told in the comic series of Sin City: That Yellow Bastard was depicted in the 1st Sin City movie. It is my favorite story out of the Sin City yarns, and in this comic here, we see the 1st appearance of John Hartigan, who was played by Bruce Willis in the Robert Rodriguez directed film.
This story is a prequel or origin story in a sense for Nancy Callahan, who is a young girl in most of this series, and in the first story line that involved Marv in the Dark Horse Presents title, she is a young women all grown up and already working at Kadie's as a dancer. In issue #5 of this That Yellow Bastard comic series, Nancy becomes a young woman when Hartigan is finally freed from prison.

The 1st appearance of Roark Jr. is also in this comic and is also known as "That Yellow Bastard". I think he was brilliantly played by Nick Stahl. Just loved to hate the character.
John Hartigan is actually one of the only true heroic characters in the Sin City stories. The others are definitely anti-heroes, but as awesome as well.

Nothing worse than an honest cop in Sin City. Sin City: That Yellow Bastard #1 has the cover date of February, 1996.

1st appearance of Senator Roark

Roark Jr.'s pappy who happens to be one of the most powerful and crooked men in Basin City. Despite his son being a freak, Senator Roark covers for his seed's many misdeeds.

Roark first appears when Hartigan is in recovering in the hospital. Yeah, the part where he pulls the gun and says he could off him in front of tons of eye witnesses and still walk.
Powers Booth plays Senator Roark in both movies and does a fantastic job looking and acting like a sleaze ball. Sin City: That Yellow Bastard has the cover date of March, 1996.

1st appearance of Liebowitz

Corrupt Detective Liebowitz is a character that has poked around here and there in the world of Sin City. He first makes his introduction in the comics as the goon who basically beats the crap out of Hartigan when he's in police custody.

Another slime ball cop in Basin City. He would also play a significant role in the Sin City comic series, Hell and Back.
Liebowitz showed up in both Sin City flicks and was played by Jude Ciccolella. Sin City: That Yellow Bastard #3 has the cover date of April, 1996.

Death of Roark Jr.
Death of Hartigan

When it comes to shocking moments in comics, there's quite a few. We've become apathetic to deaths of a character or villain. Not really any big deal nowadays.

However, the climatic showdown between Hartigan and Roark Jr. is one of the most classic shocking moments of comics. Now, it was bad enough that Hartigan shot Roark Jr.'s manhood, but in this issue, he rips the sucker off.

Yes, that shocking moment can make any man wince at just the thought of it, and as usual, Frank Miller makes a simple comic book death quite interesting. That doesn't kill Roark Jr., but Hartigan beating him until he's nothing but a glob of jelly does.

The scene above should be one of comics most shocking moments, and Sin City: That Yellow Bastard #6 has the cover date of July, 1996.

Admittedly, I stopped reading Sin City comics after That Yellow Bastard. It had nothing to do with the actual comics, but it was when I was slowing down and just beginning to pull out of collecting comics and speculating during that time.

Still love the stories and the characters. Now, I really didn't care much for A Dame to Kill For - both the comic and the movie. 

I did like The Big Fat Kill. Anyways, we've got one more part to go that will end this Sin City key comics series, so click the link below to continue.

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