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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sin City Key Comics Part 2

More Sin City comic books? Yep, you got it, but these are Sin City key comics. 

Not all of them are keys, but since many of the yarns are published in limited series, a lot of the issues are keys. Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying these are great investment comics.

We're two Sin City movies in already, and a lot of these comics barely even got any attention in the secondary market. That even includes the 1st appearance of Marv and Sin City in Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special, which I do think is over-looked and under-valued.

This is purely for fans of the Sin City comic books like I am, and plus it affords me the opportunity to talk about other comics other than DC and Marvel. Okay, let me phrase: Comics other than Marvel and DC that I actually like.

Very little speculation involved here. Sorry! Okay, actually I'm not sorry.

I won't be dealing too much with minor characters in this Sin City key comics series. Most will be the major recurring characters.  Should've made that clear from the beginning. 

Anyways, a lot of these comics can be bought raw in complete comic lots for quite cheap still, even at high grades.

Let's get this on. Click this Part 1 link if you missed it, but if not, enjoy the next batch of Sin City keys.

1st full appearance of Wendy

Wendy made a one panel cameo in issue #54 of Dark Horse Presents, but in this issue she is shown in 7 panels on three pages of an 8 page story. Only in one panel is her face clearly shown, and of course, she is not identified.

Marv actually thinks it Goldie and so does the reader or is suppose to. As we all discover, this is Wendy and the scene where she whaps Marv around with her car in this issue was also shown in the movie.

Of course, Wendy would show up later in the series near the end as well and be identified by name. The character would also make appearances in other Sin City comic book series after but very few. November, 1991 is the cover date for Dark Horse Presents #56.

1st appearance of Kevin

Cannibals are creepy. Cannibals that are sadists, lightning fast and know martial arts are creepier.

Kevin is this character in Sin City, and what's worse is that this character is backed by the Roark family, the most powerful family in the Sin City universe. Cardinal Roark actually condones this weirdo's lust for human flesh and tendencies to torture his victims.

Marv does not, though. In this issue, Marv first meets Kevin and gets a good whompin' from the creepy one with a supposed voice like an angel. Kevin doesn't talk though, but he speaks the beat down to Marv.

Kevin was played by Elijah Wood in the film, and the 48 page Dark Horse Presents #57 has a cool Daredevil #1 cover swipe and the cover date of December, 1991.

Death of Lucille

After Marv's beat down from Kevin in issue #57, he finds himself locked in a room with Lucille in issue #58. Issue #58 is where we find out that Kevin is a sick puppy.

Lucille states that creepy likes to torture and eat the body parts of his victim while making them watch. There's trophy heads of the women he's abducted mounted on the wall of this prison room, and she shows Marv that Kevin ate her hand.

In this issue here, Marv and Lucille escape from the Roark farm house and are immediately caught by the cops. Lucille tries to help Marv, but she doesn't know the cops are crooked and working for Roark.

She gets gunned down before Marv, and that pisses him off. He goes berzerker and butchers every single one of them. Dark Horse Presents #49 has the death of Lucille and the cover date of February, 1991.

1st appearance of Gail
Wendy identity revealed

This is the issue where Wendy's identity is finally revealed and we learn that she is the twin sister of Goldie. Like in this issue here, Wendy and the gals of Old Town have Marv tied up in a chair. Wendy is also smacking Marv around pretty good.

Along with the gals of Old Town, Gail makes her 1st appearance in this issue. Gail is not named in here though, but her name is given in the last episode of this story arc in issue #62.

In the comics, she's wearing a dominatrix-type mask in her debut panels, as well as in the next issue. She appears in 4 panels on 4 pages in this 8 page story. Although her name isn't given in her debut issue, she does speak and coaxes Wendy to hit Marv harder.  

In the movie, Gail is played by the lovely Rosario Dawson. The actress is also an avid comic fan and one of the creators of the comic book O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce.

Dark Horse Presents #61 has the cover date of April, 1992.

1st appearance & death of Cardinal Roark
Death of Marv
Death of Kevin
Last episode to The Hard Goodbye story arc

As mentioned before, The Hard Goodbye story arc was first serialized in the pages of the Dark Horse Presents titled comic, beginning with 5th Anniversary Special that contained Episode 1. It's really a master-piece.

I don't have enough good things to say about this story arc. I'd seriously have to make up words.

In the last and 13th Episode, Gail's identity is revealed or she is named, and we finally get our climatic conclusion. Marv and Goldie's killer face off, but Marv discovers an even more sinister villain behind it all.

Enter Cardinal Roark, a powerful yet twisted priest who believes that Kevin is devouring souls of the wicked (prostitutes) and that the sick cannibal is doing God's work. Cardinal Roark and his powerful family sometimes use Kevin as an assassin.

Like in the movie, Cardinal Roark and Kevin both die at the hands of Marv in this comic. Marv is also electrocuted and dies at the end as well.
Probably my most favorite scene in the movie and in the comics. It's poetic justice. 

Since the Sin City stories aren't linear and overlap in time, Marv does appear in other Sin City comic series published afterward like A Dame to Kill For. Dark Horse Presents #62 has the cover date of May, 1992.

1st appearance of Dwight McCarthy
1st appearance of Ava Lord
1st appearance of Manute
1st Agamemnon 

In the comics, Dwight McCarthy actually debuts in this story line first instead of how the movie first introduced him. The story about Dwight depicted in the Rodriguez Sin City flick was from The Big Fat Kill comic series published directly after this one.

A Dame to Kill For was actually Frank Miller's second story arc within the Sin City comic universe and precedes the events in The Big Fat Kill. This story is also detailed in the second installment of the Sin City movie franchise and was directed by Frank Miller himself.
Dwight was played by Josh Brolin in this movie, and Clive Owen in the first Sin City movie. If you thought that was strange, Dwight does get a new face in this A Dame to Kill For comic series. Clive Owen had other filming obligations that conflicted with the filming of Sin City's sequel.

So, they had to take liberties for the sequel concerning not being able to switch out Brolin with Owen after Dwight receives his new face, but in this comic series here, he does get a new face or look and it's the one portrayed in Sin City The Big Fat Kill comic series.

Issue #1 of this comic series also sees the 1st appearance of Ava Lord! She is the ex-lover of Dwight and a master manipulator of men. The lovely Eva Green played the role of Ava Lord in movie sequel.
Manute also first appears in this comic series, but in the movies, the character first appeared in the first Sin City film. Manute is one of Wallenquist's enforcers, and he was played by Michael Clark Duncan (R.I.P) in Sin City, and then portrayed by Dennis Haysbert in Sin City A Dame to Kill For. 

In the comics, Agamemnon is Dwight's friend who hooks him up with photo jobs in private investigation cases. I'm not sure if he is in the sequal or not. It's been a while since I seen it.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For #1 has the cover date of November, 1993.

1st appearance of Miho
1st appearance of Mort
1st appearance of Bob

Mort makes his first appearance in this comic issue and he was the partner of Bob. In case you forgot, Bob is John Hartigan's partner, and is pretty much a corrupt cop. He also makes his first appearance in this comic, and was played by Michael Madsen in the 1st Sin City movie that detailed John Hartigan's story.

Bob would later appear in the That Yellow Bastard Sin City comic series, in which the story was shown in the first Sin City movie despite the actual comic series coming after this one. In the sequel movie, Michael Madsen who played Bob in the first installment is replaced by actor Jeremy Piven.

Mort was played by actor Christopher Meloni in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For movie. The character in the comics does have a minor role in Sin City: That Yellow Bastard.

Deadly little Miho. Miho is a protector of the girls of Old Town. It's never established if she's a prostitute or not, but she is a skilled martial artists and dangerous as hell.
Her favorite weapons of choice are two Katana blades which she uses to slice 'n dice anyone who threatens the ladies of Old Town. Miho does not speak and is assumed to be mute, but Dwight is the only man whom she exhibits some kind of friendly affection towards.
It's established in this comic series that Dwight saved her from the Tongs prior to the events in this comic series. Because of this, Miho and the girls of Old Town often help Dwight when he needs it.

Miho was a character in the first Sin City movie, and she also was in the sequel as well. Miho was played by actress Devon Aoki in the first installment. The character was replaced by Jamie Chung for the sequel.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill #4 For has the cover date of March, 1994. Yes, it's also the 4th published appearance of Dwight.

1st appearance of Wallenquist
Death of Ava Lord

Wallenquist is the head of the Wallenquist Organization in the world of Sin City. This corporation are the top dogs in the Sin City underworld, which have been mentioned quite a bit throughout the series.

He is played by Stacy Keach in the Sin City sequel. Wallenquist also appears in the Hell and Back comic series as well, but all of his appearances are pretty much brief ones. However, the figure and his organization are important in the Sin City world, definitely a force that is feared.
In this issue, Wallenquist is only seen in 3 panels. This issue also sees the death of Ava Lord, killed by Dwight sporting his new face at the end of the issue.

We will see more of Dwight in the Big Fat Kill, the story that was featured in the first Sin City flick. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For #6 has the cover date of May, 1994.

1st appearance of Salesman
1st appearance of Customer 
1st Burt Shlubb & Douglas Klump

The Sin City movie opened with the story "The Customer is Always Right" that was taken from this very issue. It's only a three page story, but introduces the character's the Salesman, also known as the Colonel, and a woman simply called the Customer.

We learn at the end of this story that the Salesman is a hit man that was hired by the Customer to kill herself. In the movie the Salesman was played by Josh Hartnett and the Customer played by actress Marley Shelton.

Two other characters from the comics also make their first appearances in The Babe Wore Red & Other Stories that were seen in the first Sin City movie. They are Douglas Klump and Burt Shlubb, also known as Fat Man and Little Boy.

They are low-rent criminals for hire, but try to use big words in a poetic manner to appear more cultured and refined than they really are. They make their first appearances in the story "The Babe Wore Red", another Sin City yarn involving Dwight McCarthy.

In the first Sin City movie, Nick Offerman played Burt Shlubb, and Rick Gomez played Klump
Sin City: Babe Wore Red & Other Stories has the cover date of November, 1994.

When it comes to some 1st appearances concerning Sin City comics, it's a bit tricky to discern between a brief appearance and a full appearance. It's obvious that Marv's first appearance is in Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special since he shows up a lot in that issue despite it only being an 8 page story.

Wendy and Shellie are also easy since they appear in cameo and then have more of an appearance in a later issue. Shellie make's cameos and brief appearances in both The Hard Goodbye and A Dame to Kill For, but appears more fully in The Big Fat Kill.

When it comes to Gail, though, I think it's a bit more tricky. I'm calling Gail's first appearance as is in Dark Horse Presents #61. For an 8 page story, she shows up enough. However, if it were a 28 or 32 page story, I think it would be a first brief appearance.

Concerning Dwight's 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc published appearances, they're all contained in numeric order in A Dame to Kill For. I think common sense needs to be used here, and I don't have to list them all.

Some collectors don't even care with all this cameo, brief, first full jargon anyway. If a character shows up in the story, it's their first. Whatever you believe, Overstreet nor CGC really notes any of these appearances anyhow, with the exception of 1st appearance Sin City in Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special.

Alright, still more Sin City key comic books in Part 3 of this series.

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  1. I have been thinking about Sin City for a wile now and I have to ask, did the price of these comics go up when the movies were 1st released and if not, then why didn't we see an increase in demand and price? IMO, the 1st Sin City movie was great so I don't quite understand why most of these books didn't increase (Heck, they had good story and art by Miller). Is it because the books aren't from Marvel or DC? Did they have huge printings? Or perhaps it's because many of the Sin City books have a thicker cover making it more likely for many to preserve the books in a higher grade? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks.