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Monday, May 16, 2016

More Miscellaneous Key Issue Comics

While we're on the topic of Dark Horse comics, which if you grew up collecting in the 90s, chances are you probably picked up a few. If you were an Aliens or Predator comic fan, you definitely at least gave these comics a shot.

I happened to be all three. I had one of those pops who liked movies.

I guess maybe that's where I got the bug from. My pops really didn't care about movie ratings. PG, PG-13, R, completely bypassed him, and I probably watched a lot of movies that a little youngin' probably shouldn't.

I watched Jaws at a real early age, like 3 years old. I remember this, because my dad tried to make me go swimming in Hawaii at that age. I didn't want to so he ended up just tossing me in the shallow part of the beach.

I remember being terrified and cried my head off. Terrified of what? Jaws!

I was probably too young to see the 1st Alien movie as well. I remember checking the floor next to my bed for face huggers scurrying across the room.

By the time Aliens came out, my pops had already told me the reason of why I shouldn't be afraid of monsters. He already tried the whole real monsters don't exist bit, but the one that stuck was, "No reason to be afraid of monsters. We eat them."

For some reason, Predator didn't really freak me out as much. Just thought it was a cool creature and movie. Anyways, I grew up reading these comics. 

As comic investments or comics to invest in, quite a few of these are heating up. "Get to the choppah!"

1st appearance of Aliens?
Origin Aliens

Let's kick off Part 2 of this series with this confusing key issue right here. CGC is noting Dark Horse Presents as the 1st appearance of Aliens in comics, and I really have no idea why.

If anyone else does, please tell me why this is. First and foremost, the #1 issue to the 1st limited series has the cover date of May, 1988. This issue has November, 1988.

The Xenomorphs were shown in the first issue of the very first Aliens limited series by Dark Horse. So that's a head scratcher right there.

Also, the Xenomorph and Ripley first appeared in comics in Alien: The Illustrated Story published by Heavy Metal. Now, the argument is that this is a graphic novel type of book and not an actual "comic book". the 1st Sin City isn't in Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special, because that's a graphic novel? 

It's also a movie adaptation? Okay, then does Star Wars #1 from the late 70s count as the 1st appearance of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar in comics?

Too many contradictions when it comes to all this 1st appearance debates, and it's gotta be the most lame aspect of the comic market currently.

Overstreet doesn't note this comic the 1st appearance of Aliens, at least not yet. They do note it as the origin of Aliens, but they still note Aliens #1 from the 1st series as their first appearance. 

So, really not sure about this one, and I wonder what really lame arguments by some comic fans prompted CGC to cave in and consider this the 1st appearance of Aliens in comics. Maybe they didn't and know something we all don't about this comic?

Anyways, this comic is starting to steam up and get recognized in the secondary market a bit more. Dark Horse Presents #24 has the cover date of November, 1988.

1st appearance of Aliens in "comics"
1st appearance of Hicks in comics
1st appearance of Newt in comics

Now if you really wanna get overly technical, this comic is still thought of as the 1st appearance of Aliens in comics, meaning in actual comic book format. Now, I don't necessarily agree that it's the 1st appearance of the Alien Xenomorphs in comics, since I also think magazine-size and graphic novels are also "comics".

As long as it's not in a freaking 200 and up page novel and looks like a paperback novel or hard cover novel like you see with a Stephen King book or some shit like that. But, whatever!

Fans and industry speaks and sometimes I don't agree. Actually, a lot of times I don't agree.

So, if we're going with the extra anal "comic-sized" format bullshit, then this should be the 1st appearance of Aliens unless CGC has a really good argument as to why Dark Horse Presents #24 is. Actually, if anyone knows why, I'd love to hear it.

This one is definitely heating up for sure. CGC 9.8s are closing in on the $500 mark. Well, at least, the last one sold on eBay near the $500 mark.

One thing that isn't confusing is that this comic definitely has the 1st appearances of Hicks and Newt in comics, but these characters were later changed in the comics to other characters. Why was this?

It's because this series was suppose to be a direct sequel to Aliens in the franchise continuity. However, Hollyweird said screw this story and pumped out Aliens 3 which had Hicks and Newt dead.

I'm serious here. Later Dark Horse Aliens comics changed this to fit in with the continuity of the Aliens movies. They should've done what Star Wars did and disregard the comic stories as canon.

Anyways, since I still don't distinguish between magazine-size and comic-sized comics, I still think Alien: The Illustrated Story has the first appearance of Aliens. Whatever.

Word has it that this Aliens #1 comic had a lower print run. Couldn't find any info on that, so don't know if it's true.

This is a comic series that I grew up reading and geeking out on. Then they came out with Aliens 3 and tarnished the franchise and then tarnished it further with the fourth movie. Aliens #1 has the cover date of May, 1988. Overstreet still notes it as 1st Aliens in comics.

1st appearance of Predator
1st Predator comic series

Another Predator movie is on it's way, and this comic is steaming up in the secondary market. Not as big and bad as Aliens #1, but it's on the rise. 

Like Aliens #1, this is another comic I grew up reading, but I do have to admit, I wasn't all that impressed with it. After this series, I didn't really follow any other Predator comics aside from the Aliens vs. Predator comics.

Speaking of the movies, I actually liked the last flick Predators. Was delightfully surprised. The Aliens vs. Predator flicks, though?

Not the biggest fans of both of 'em. Another comic series published by Dark Horse, Predator #1 has the cover date of June, 1989.

1st Aliens vs. Predator

Speaking of the Aliens vs. Predator movies, the concept was actually started in the comics before it ever hit the silver screen. The movies sucked, but I was a fan of the comics.

Yeah, fans have been pondering how cool it would be if the Aliens and Predators went at it long before the movies hit theaters. I was one of them, but after seeing both, I was like, "Okay, sounds like a good idea, but not in actualization."

I loved a lot of the artwork of the comics, and the stories weren't half-bad. Not to say they would've made great movies or anything, but the comics were entertaining.

Well, if you're a fan of the movies and of the comics, this one is getting recognized in the market. Both CGC and Overstreet note this issue as the 1st Aliens vs. Predator.

Now, there are two covers, and just to avoid any confusion, I'm going to talk about and display them. The one up top which is the awesome painted cover is actually the regular cover.

The uglier blue and not painted one is the variant cover. I have no idea how much more rare or if it's even more rare than the regular cover.

Most likely it is, but artistic wise, that painted cover kicks ass. Another great comic from my youth that I geeked out on when I first saw it on the comic stands back in the day.

Dark Horse Presents #36 has the cover date of February, 1990.

So, a handful of Dark Horse Presents, Aliens and Predator key issues. Well, at least, some of their key issues to pay attention to as of this writing.

Don't know how out of whack these will get in the near future, but higher NM grades for slabbers are on the move up. Besides, it's nice to talk about comics other than DC or Marvel from time to time. Well, especially characters that are definitely a big part of the pop culture lexicon like Aliens and Predator.

Think I'm gonna pop in Predator for some good ole 80s action. Happy hunting or selling out there and best of luck. Rock On!


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    yes, those were the good ole days. However, I remember the first appearance of the Mask in DHP was quite hot. I got it just a few month ago. It probably lost steam, cause after a really nice movie with Jim Carry (in my opinion) nothing good followed on screen. Unfortunately it is a dead property right now, which is why investing in DC & Marvel seems to make a lot more sense than investing in indies... Still a great 90s artefact ;-)


    1. I can see the Mask being a fad. It was a pretty darn good movie, but nothing in the Aliens n Predator scope as far as movie franchises. Yeah, majority wise Marvel n DC comic investments are still top dogs fo sho, but Aliens #1 CGC 9.8s are surprisingly selling around the $500 mark. I don't think I ever would have called that one.

      I dunno, quite a few Aliens and Predator movies, and I don't think they're gonna let the franchises wittle away anytime soon. Just some other options to think about.

  2. Hey Mayhem my man. Got a question. I'm considering purchasing a CGC graded comic. I have the following Choices....New Teen titans #2 9.2
    MS Marvel #18 9.2 or Amazing spider-man #194 9.4 obviously the 9.4 is the most valuable of the three. In your esteemed opinion which of these hold the best investment down the road?? Thanks

  3. Hey Mayhem my man. Got a question. I'm considering purchasing a CGC graded comic. I have the following Choices....New Teen titans #2 9.2
    MS Marvel #18 9.2 or Amazing spider-man #194 9.4 obviously the 9.4 is the most valuable of the three. In your esteemed opinion which of these hold the best investment down the road?? Thanks

    1. All of these have pretty popular characters, but Mystique's 1st full appearance only has 95 copies at a 9.2 with 825 total, surprising to me. ASM #194 has 523 at 9.4 NM with a total of 2,769. New Teen Titans #2 at CGC 9.2 has 231 at that grade with a total of 2,197.

      I'd try to get a raw NM grade Ms Marvel #18 and slab it, hopefully get it back a 9.2 or 9.4. Surprised the census is that low for MM #18.

      However, Ms Marvel #18 9.2 and 9.4 CGCs are pretty close in price already. Same with Teen Titans #2 CGC 9.2 and 9.4s are close together in selling price. ASM #194 CGC 9.4 and 9.6s have more of disparity between them. I'd go with Ms. Marvel #18 or ASM #194 (bidding auctions).

    2. Thanks for your assessment on my query Mayhem. I think I will pusue the Ms Marvel #18. I have an ASM #194 in fine condition that I believe I will have pressed to see how it upgrades.