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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Marvel X-23 Key Comics Part 2

We're at Part 2 to this Marvel X-23 Key Comics series. All of these are obviously Modern Age comics, so most of these key issues will still be in back issue bins for cheap.

You might be able to snag 'em on eBay for pretty cheap as well. However, some are pretty hot and getting hard to find online, especially if we're talking about the first key comic to kick off Part 2.

Not all of these are overly sought-out currently, but they are significant enough in the evolution of the character of X-23. So getting to it, click this Part 1 link to go back if you missed it. Otherwise, here's more X-23 key issues.

1st cameo appearance of Kimura

Villain-wise for X-23, this is a huge important key comic for our heroine. Kimura is what Sabretooth is to Wolverine for X-23. She is our heroine's deadliest of foes to date.

Actually, the Facility created Kimura as a precautionary weapon to counteract X-23 in case she posed a threat to the Facility. Her skin is indestructible and can withstand Adamantium blades.

While still at the Facility, Kimura was Laura's handler and constantly emotionally and physically abused her. Like Sabretooth is to Wolverine, Kimura is a diabolical enemy of Laura Kinney.

Her 1st appearance in this issue should be one to definitely gun down and snag for any fan of X-23. It is known and definitely starting to steam up in the market. No longer a bargain bin buy, but if you can find it at a local or comic con or even online for cheap, you know what to do.

CGC copies have even yet to hit eBay's market place yet. North American comic shop sales of this issue is estimate at 39,158, so it's not a terribly high print run.

This book is hot. New X-Men #31 of the 2nd series has the cover date of December, 2006.

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X-23 TARGET X #1
1st full appearance of Kimura
2nd self-titled comic series
Origin with more details

Okay, so the events depicted in this comic series is suppose to take place somewhat after the events in the 1st X-23 limited series. According to this series, X-23 has already met up with Captain America, despite their first actual published meeting was 2 years prior in Marvel Team Up #6 of the 3rd series.

In this series, she is interrogated by Matt Murdock & Captain America for various murders and some of the events are flashbacks as she tells them what happened and blah, de, blah, blah, blah. X tells Cap and Murdock that she escaped the Facility and goes to San Francisco.

There she meets the sister of her mother, Deborah Kinney and her daughter Megan. Deborah knows of her, and lets Laura stay with them.

The whole series of Target X is a really good story, but I do have bones to pick with it concerning continuity issues, especially when it conflicts with Uncanny X-Men #450 and #451. You'll see what I'm talking about in the next featured X-23 key issue.

X-23 Target X #1 has the first appearances of both Deborah & Megan Kinney, but the entire series explains more of X-23's origins. Issue #4 explains the trigger scent, a chemical, that makes X-23 turn into a blind killing machine. 

On a new note or finding, this issue may have the 1st full appearance of X-23's handler and villain, Kimura. Upon further research, New X-Men #31 volume 2 only has in her in a one panel cameo.

This issue definitely has her more fully in the comic for sure. No question this is a 1st full appearance for Kimura and the events actually precede New X-Men #33 since this is an extension of her origin and long before she ends up at Professor X's Institute.

After all, the events in the NYX comic series comes after these events depicted in this series as well. 

So far Overstreet has yet to catch on and neither has CGC. This one is still flying under the radar and a highly under-valued key issue currently. Estimated North American comic shop sales of this issue is around 58,121. This comic has the cover date of February, 2007.

2nd full appearance of Kimura

I think this has a very good chance of being the 2nd appearance of Kimura. As mentioned before, this issue has the same cover and on sale date as X-23 Target X, but this story obviously comes after that one.
Kimura is part of the Facility and part of X-23's origin and past. So, we shall see how this one pans out in the future and what industry notes it.

This comic is so far a sleeper and definitely not that known. This New X-Men #33 of the 2nd series was on sale December 13th with the cover date of February, 2007. It has an estimated print run of around 38,073.

X-23 TARGET X #6
1st X-23 & Wolverine meeting in canon
1st X-23 & Wolverine battle in canon
Origin with more details continued

This is not the first meeting between X-23 & Wolverine publishing-wise. The first time readers saw the two meet and battle for the very first time was in Uncanny X-Men #450 and #451.

For some reason, they creatives decided to retconn their first meeting and battle in the Target X limited series, namely this issue, which makes a doink of a mess in my opinion. It hardly makes sense if we put Uncanny X-Men #450 and #451 into account.

So this issue and entire series takes place before X-Men #165 from the 2nd series where X-23 enrolls in the Xavier Institute. The events told even takes place before Uncanny X-Men #450, which is the 4th appearance of X-23, while Captain America and Matt Murdock are interrogating Laura.

This interrogation is used as a device to reveal more of X's past, and her first encounter with Wolverine is told and seen in flashback. In this issue, she tells Cap and Murdock how she stalked Wolverine at the Xavier Institute. When the wind shifted and gave her away, Wolverine left and went to the woods.

She found him by a camp fire and Wolvie addressed her as "kid" and told her to stop messing around since he caught her scent an hour earlier. X-23 attacks him and Wolverine refrains from fighting back at first.

When Wolvie does end up fighting back, X-23 still gives him a good whomping. 

Eventually, Wolverine calms X-23, who wanted them both to die in battle since they were both weapons who could not control themselves.

Wolverine tells X-23 that he knows what was done to her, the events taking place in the first X-23 limited series. He then reveals that her mother had sent him letters explaining what she had done to Laura.

It's then that Wolverine tells Laura that a man can help her like he had helped him, obviously speaking of Charles Xavier. Just then S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America pop up and arrest X-23.

So back to the present of when this story first starts. Matt and Cap argue about whether to let X-23 go. Matt argues that if she is arrested and detained, some other government agency will just use her as a weapon again.

Ole Capt wants her to be punished for her murders. In the end Cap does let her go, knowing that Matt was right. He sends her on a bus to the Xavier Institute, and on the ride there, Laura begins reading the letter from Sarah Kinney, her surrogate mother.

Now, this is funky, because obviously Laura doesn't end up at the Xavier Institute. She ends up as a waitress at Wannabees in Mutant Town like shown in Uncanny X-Men #450.

Even more confusing, the events of her story in NYX take place after when Cap tells Laura to go find Logan and that he'll know how to help her. Somewhere and somehow, she ends up in Mutant Town instead?

Don't get me wrong here. I do like this entire limited series and the stories revealing more of X-23's past. Yes, the battle in this issue between X-23 and Wolverine is pretty damn good, but I dunno about the whole retroactive depiction of the 1st X-23 and Wolverine battle preceding Uncanny X-Men #450.

It makes her continuity funky and doesn't gel with Uncanny X-Men #450 and #451. Supposedly, that meeting in issues #450 and #451 was set up between Wolverine and X-23 to get her to meet the X-Men, but that makes no sense.

Why go through that whole ruse when Rogue just showed up at the front door when she first joined the X-Men? Just bad cohesiveness when it comes to continuity.
Don't understand the "And familiar?!" remark when it comes to this panel in Uncanny X-Men #450. If Wolverine already smelled her scent in this 6th issue of Target X, wouldn't he have remembered it in that scene?

Although, he says it's familiar, he acts like he doesn't really know X-23 through out #450 and #451. Even worse, at the end of #451, Wolverine asks Sage to do some research to find out about X-23's origin.

Well, in this issue, Wolverine knows what happened to X-23, so what the hell? Great series except for trying to write in that Wolverine and X-23 had a prior meeting before the events of Claremont's stories in Uncanny X-Men #450 & #451. Kinda muddles things up a tad or I'm just not getting it.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I seriously urge you to read Uncanny X-Men #450 and #451, X-Men #165 of the 2nd series, and this issue here. You'll then understand the sloppiness of what I'm talking about.

Anyways, this is the first canonical meeting and battle between X-23 and Wolverine, and just another example of why I don't like canonical retcons concerning 1st meetings or battles. It seems Modern Age comics are super good at not making much sense when it comes to this. Yes, it pisses me off and I think it's garbage.

Cap even says to her near of the end of this issue that the first time they met, he made a mistake and she ended up back in the hands of the people who made her weapon. 

Did this 1st canonical meeting between Cap & X-23 that he mentions ever play out in the comics and which one? I'd love to know. 

Anyways, estimated North America comic shop sales of this one is around 41,546. X-23 Target X #6 has the cover date of July, 2007.

1st appearance of new X-Force
X-23 joins X-Force

Here's the issue where X-23 joins the new X-Force team. This team was secretly assembled by Cyclops in order to handle more dangerous and unsavory missions.

Yep, this X-Force team was a black ops incarnation, allowed to use any force and means necessary to get the job done. No surprise that Wolverine and his female clone would join this vicious incarnation of X-Force.

Wolverine is appointed leader of this team, but is infuriated when he learns that Laura is drafted without his consent first. He is afraid that the lifestyle would expose her to past brutality and make her revert to becoming just a weapon again.

Although Wolverine tries to convince her to walk away, X-23 doesn't budge. She would be a member for a spell, and like I mentioned in Part 1 of this Marvel X-23 Key Comics series, it'd be interesting if X-23 makes it into the X-Force movie.

With an R rated movie, Deadpool and X-23? That would be a pretty graphic comic book movie for sure.

Definitely not a rare comic with an estimated print run of about 102,052. February, 2008 is the cover date for Uncanny X-Men #493.

X-23 #1 VOLUME 3
1st issue to 1st self-titled on-going series

Except for this issue kicking off the X-23's first on-going comic series that she headlines, I haven't found anything important that happens in terms of key issue notation for the entire series. No new interesting villains or characters make their first appearance in this series.

The 3rd series only went to 21 issues before it was cancelled. She then went back hopping from title to title and even joined the Avengers Academy before going back to X-related comic titles.

X-23 #1 from the 3rd series has an estimated print run of around 48,481 and the cover date of November, 2010.

1st appearance as Wolverine
1st appearance of X-23 clone

Late last year when news hit that X-23 was to be the new Wolverine, NYX #3 got a pretty good bump in demand. Some fans dug it, and some fans were like, "Lame!"

Don't really care either way since I'm not into Modern Age comics, but this is a pretty significant key comic for X-23. Taking the mantle of Wolverine is no easy task. Some say gimmicky and some say ballsy move for the publisher. I pretty much say both.

So 1st appearance of Laura Kinney as Wolverine, which I do believe remains to be to this day. In terms of the X-23 clones, the first one makes an appearance here but dies, I think.

In issue #2, The Sisters make their 1st appearance. Apparently they are also clones of X-23, and the main ones are Gabby, Bellona, and Zelda.

They are created by Alchemax Genetics, a corporation that is a baddie in this series. The corporation first appeared in Superior Spider-Man #17 as Allan Chemical and then as Alchemax in Super Spider-Man #19. 

Not majorly important characters in grand scheme of X-23 supporting characters yet, but they do team up with her in this series to take Alchemax down. There's around 9 variant covers for this issue, as that's any surprise.

Cover date is January, 2016 but was released November, 2015.  All-New Wolverine #1 has an estimated print run of around 119,786, so it's definitely no rare or even close to rare comic. There's about a bazillion variant covers for this issue if you're interested in those.

I stopped following X-23 right after reading X-23 Target X #6. Don't get me wrong, the series is great except for the 6th  issue and the whole retroactive prior meeting that took place between Wolverine and Laura before an older comic's 1st meeting just bugs me to no end.

When it comes to comics, that's my all-time actual pet-peeve when later writers try to retroactively put in an event prior to what an older writer already established and don't make it consistent or even bother for it to make sense. Can't stand it.

Alright, if anyone is asking why I didn't put when X-23 joins the Avengers Academy in issue #23, it's because it isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. X-23 is and always will be more connected to the X-Men Universe, and gimmicks like that were pretty short-lived anyway.

Gimmicks. Comics today are full of them. 

The entire Target X limited series should all still be pretty cheap for the most part and if you shop around. That series, I liked the art by Mike Choi a lot.

As for most of these in Part 2 to this Marvel X-23 Key Comics series, they're pretty much sleepers or bargain bin buys. Whether they get recognized in the near future, I have no clue. 1st appearance of Kimura in New X-Men #31 is definitely one to snag.

X-23 is a pretty hot character, so some of these might and some may not. Anyways, that's all folks for now.

I'm sure I'll be revisiting this again, and yes, I know about X-23 battling the Hulk in World War Hulk. It is the first time X-23 meets and battles Hulk, but it still isn't as classic as Wolverine (Logan) going up against the Hulk.

If you're really mamby pamby about it, that happens in World War Hulk: X-Men #1. Heck I'll display the fight for your entertainment. It's only another hour of my life I won't get back.

Pretty short battle between X-23 and Hulk, but it's cool nonetheless. Anyways, if X-23 does show up in the third Wolverine movie and the story is about Old Man Logan, you might want to pick up All-New Wolverine #8 & #9 that's being released soon this month if you're into Modern speculation.

I believe it's the first time X-23 meets Old Man Logan, but I could be wrong. The two might be good for a quick snag and dump. Maybe even issue #10.

Happy Hunting out there!


  1. THANK YOU for not mentioning that Wolverine #80 stupidity! It's incredibly annoying how many people keep trying to pass it off as a mention or appearance, when it's pure fanon.

  2. Man, NYX 3 is going through the roof! I feel like a golddigger - I found this one somewhere in a comic shop in Mannheim, germany for cover price. And now I' m stinkin' filthy rich all of a sudden!

    Problem is, I' m gonna keep this one and die
    poor ;-)


    1. If you think NYX #3 is skyrocketing, try to find the Del'Otto variant for issue 1 of the Liu series. UNGRADED books are going for $800+, while a 9.8 CGC is going for as high as $2500.

      Otherwise, it seems there's a pretty good buyer's market right now. I think she's JUST young enough of a character and she hasn't truly hit the A-list yet, so it's skewing the prices on many of her significant issues down. I think a lot is going to depend on how long she holds the Wolverine name, and if she does indeed replace Jackman in the films. It also wouldn't hurt for her to get a truly iconic story like the original Frank Miller Wolverine series.

    2. They have huge plans for X-23 post Logan. Buy her up now.

  3. Snig - snag - sniggedy - snag: Just bagged a V for Vendetta 1 NM for 20. For me its an important part in comic history. The symbols and ideas Moore used here came right into our real life almost a decade later. What more can you ask from a comic? True classic.

    Max Rebo