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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Marvel The Collector & Elders of the Universe Key Comics 3

If you're really hardcore speculating on definite sleepers and some long shots, you just may like Part 3. Most of the Elders that are featured in this post are pretty minor characters.

Even the Runner doesn't have that many appearances in comics. Here's the last batch of keys concerning the Collectors and the Elders of the Universe, and I warn you that they're not the most interesting. I almost changed my mind about doing this 3rd part. Click this Part 2 link if you missed it.

1st appearance of the Runner
1st appearance of Andromeda

As stated in Part 2 of this series dealing with the Elders, the Runner is one of the Elders of the Universe who Thanos takes the Space Gem from in Thanos Quest #2. He has an obsession with exploration and racing.

In this issue here, Moon Dragon remembers encountering  a cosmic being called the Runner from her past. He is shown in flashback and is identified as an Elder of the Universe in this issue.
I have no idea how many panels or pages he shows up in concerning this issue. A pretty minor character and Elder of the Universe, the Runner does not show up often in Marvel Comics over-all.

This issue also holds the first appearance of the character that would become Andromeda, the Atlantean warrior who would also join the Defenders for a spell and is totally unrelated to the Elders.

Just thought I'd throw that in there for the hell of it. Defenders #143 has the cover date of May, 1985.

1st appearance of Astronomer
1st appearance of the Trader
1st appearance of the Obliterator

In the Silver Surfer vol 3 series that I grew up reading, the introduction of 3 new Elders of the Universe would debut in issue #4. As noted above, these are the Astronomer, the Trader and the Obliterator.

This issue is part of the story arc where the Elders meet and conspire to use the Infinity Gems and destroy Galactus. Don't think that alone necessarily makes it a key issue, but there are 3 first appearances in this issue.

Not sure exactly how much the Astronomer, Trader or Obliterator show up in this comic so it might be a first brief appearance. They're pretty minor characters over-all anyway.

Maht Pacle is the Obliterator. He has the obsession of hunting and destroying. He is a foe of the Silver Surfer.

Cort Zo Tinnus is the Trader, and he is a master negotiator. In Silver Surfer #17 of the same volume and series, he a long with the Possessor and Astronomer are supposedly slain by Death, despite the Grandmaster's deal of immortality with her.

The Astronomer is also Seginn Gallio, a being who has the obsession of chronicling the slow evolution of the stars and galaxies. He was another Elder that was supposedly killed by Death and the behest of the In-Betweener. 

In truth, the Elders as a whole do not make that many appearances in comics. The Collector, Grandmaster and Ego make the most appearances out of the group. 

Silver Surfer #4 volume 3 has the cover date of October, 1987.

1st appearance Father Time

An Elder of the Universe but an extremely minor character. Father Time can manipulate time. Not to be confused with Larry Scott.

Father Time was not an Elder present in conspiring to use the Infinity Gems to destroy Galactus. In this issue, he fights Captain America and is seen to make Cap age prematurely during battle.

Sure a 1st appearance and Elders of the Universe key issue, but not much to write about. They'll probably end up using him as a character on screen since Marvel/Disney has no problem using pretty obscure characters in films.

Actually, this character would make more sense possessing the Time Stone than the Grandmaster, but that's purely speculation. 

I don't think Father Time ever appears with the rest of the Elders, but I'm probably wrong and just can't find that issue. Captain America #383 has the cover date of March, 1991. 

1st appearance of the Caregiver

In the later years and for whatever reasons, more Elders were introduced and mainly in the Quasar comics.  Issue #37 sees the debut of the Caregiver, and she is a female Elder of the Universe. 

Her real name is Rubanna Lagennris Quormo, and like her name suggests, she is the care taker and protector of significant beings that cannot defend themselves. This means significant cosmological beings that are important to the over-all cosmos.

She refused to save Quasar's mother from cancer because she claimed that his mother had no cosmological significance. Ouch!

Caregiver is mainly a minor supporting character for Quasar and does not have many appearances in comics over-all. A sleeper for sure, and Quasar #37 has the cover date of August, 1992.

1st appearance of Explorer
1st appearance of Judicator

This issue sees the 1st appearance of two more Elders. The Explorer is Zamanathan Rambunazeth, and another minor Elder with very few appearances in comics. 

He was created by Mark Gruenwald and Andy Smith. His big claim to fame in comics was arguing over the rights of the Cosmic Fetus that was in the care of the Caregiver. The fetus ended up being the character known as Origin.  

The Judicator is another very minor Elder who has the power to dispel illusions and teleport great distances. Judicator is a female Elder, and I have no idea of her real name or just how much she actually shows up in this comic.

Therefore, this issue may hold a 1st cameo or brief appearance and Quasar #47 has the cover date of June, 1993.

When it comes to these keys involving the Elders of the Universe, they are all pretty much sleepers, meaning not that well-known and most likely probably not even all that cared about currently. Not saying that will change or not in the near future.

I have no idea how any of these characters will fit into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of the Infinity Stones are already held by others.

The Aether or Reality Stone is in the possession of the Collector for now, the Space Stone (Tesseract) is in the possession of Heimdall, the Vision has the Mind Stone, and the Nova Corps has the Power Stone. Not to say that any of these Elders can't pop up in some future movie to acquire them, but we all know that movies like to change things up from the original sources.

Hollyweird did stick to the comics in the fact that the Collector obtains the Reality Gem or Stone. In terms of speculation of any more Elders entering the MCU, it's pretty much a crap shoot.
I think it's worth mentioning the Contest of Champions #1 from the 1st series. It's not really a key issue, but involves the Grandmaster pitting a bunch of Marvel superhero teams in combat, including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Defenders, and even Hero for Hire.

In the comics, Grandmaster pits these heroes in a contest and if he wins, he will be able to restore his brother, the Collector, back to life. Collector died in the Korvac Saga.

Not saying that this will play out in the movies up until and during the Avengers Infinity Wars  movie, but the Grandmaster does have that M.O. of contests. Gunn also confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be meeting the Avengers on the big screen eventually.

Could the Grandmaster have those two teams go at it? Anyway, I'm going to leave this series at Part 3 for now.

I'm not sure when the Architect first appears or if he ever appears. He is first mentioned in Quasar #17, and that's all I know. If you do happen to know, just drop your knowledge in the comments section.

If you have other "key issues" regarding the Collector and Elders of the Universe, feel free to comment about them below! Good luck on your hunts!


  1. I appreciate the effort, but this was pretty uneventful. Not saying it's your fault but like you said most of these characters aren't all that interesting. I'd say Ego, Grandmaster, and the Collector are the only ones worth paying attention to right now.

    1. Sigh, what else can I say except I tried. Thanks for reading anyway.

  2. Hi Mayhem,

    now that this Elders feature is over, I' d like
    to put one thing on the agenda:

    All the talk is about the Watchmen coming over into regular DC continuity. What' s your thought about this, speculationwise? The trend is to say that the key issues won' t hold their value for long. Does this also count for the DC Spotlight issue?


    1. Modern Comics...Have to admit I'm not the most knowledgeable concerning Moderns. I really don't follow any of the new stuff being pumped out today.

      I'd say if the majority perception is that they wont hold their value long then it has a very good chance of not holding value long. If most speculators are wary of the book without much faith, that's the answer.

      However, it might fizzle and be deemed an important book 10 years or so. Also, it depends on how many copies they end up pumping out. I place most Moderns on a short-term shelf...just don't want 'em long-term, but that's my opinion. Once again, take into account first paragraph of this comment.

  3. Hey M.,

    sorry did forget about your "modern-allergy". However, speculationwise you should take into account the things that happen here. As an example, take Catwoman 51 from 2006. Beautiful Adam Hughes Cover! People are paying like crazy for this one. I got mine for 20 bucks and could possible flip this real quick for three times as much. That means new speculation money :-)


    1. True Ace, but do you really want to take the advice from someone who has very little interest in Modern comics and therefore doesn't know much about them? I surely wouldn't which is why I choose not to talk little about something I know little about but I do have to admit that Catwoman #51 Adam Hughes variant is one of the best if not the best of Catwoman covers.

  4. Hi again,

    to each their own, but you are missing out on some great material. Just hunted down the original run from Millar & Quitely on the Authority. Nice!!! Plus it' s allready 15 years old - can you believe it?