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Sunday, May 29, 2016

DC Comics Darkseid Key Comics

Here we have another request, but I have to admit that this one needed to get done. With all the hype about Darkseid this and Darkseid that and with the new confirmations about Steppenwolf in a deleted scene in Batman v Superman, it's about time we explore Jack Kirby's Darkseid and Fourth World comics.

So this is Darkseid key comics series, but it's pretty unavoidable to bypass the Fourth World characters that were created during the time as well. They are all connected to Darkseid.

This is Part 1, and I wouldn't expect any surprises in this one. They've all been mentioned here and there and elsewhere. Well, maybe except for one. Alright, here we go!

1st cameo appearance Darkseid

In December 1970, Jack Kirby unleashed one of the most popular DC comic book super villains of all time - Darkseid! This issue is the first appearance of Darkseid, and it is one of the most valuable and sought after DC Comics bronze age key issues ever!

There's really not much else to say except this first appearance is a must-have for any DC Comics fan. Well, alright, it is a cameo appearance and considered as such today. Darkseid appears in only one panel in this issue, but it still is highly sought out. 

This is definitely a bronze age investment comic that has been recognized since this villain has become quite popular in the DC Universe. Darkseid's early appearances have gotten a lot of attention in past few years, but I do have to admit that they're a bit screwy if you go by market standards of what constitutes a cameo, 1st brief appearance or a 1st full appearance.

It can be a bit confusing since Darkseid's earliest appearances has quite a few cameos in-between 1st full and 2nd full appearances. It is what it is concerning this key issue though.

Currently there are only 680 total registered copies in the CGC Census with only six 9.8s. There are only eighteen 9.6 NM+s in the census at the time of this writing.

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 has the cover date of December, 1970 and the newsstand date of October 13, 1970.


2nd cameo appearance Darkseid

When it comes to 2nd cameo appearances, it seems that Darkseid is one of the few characters that have the honor of a 2nd cameo appearance. In this issue here, Darkseid is only shown in 2 panels. Overstreet still notes this as a 2nd appearance but also notes it as a cameo.

Overstreet also notes Forever People #1 as the first full appearance of Darkseid, as he is shown more throughout the book than earlier appearances such as Jimmy Olsen #134, this issue, and #136.
Disputes about this have also cited that Forever People #1 has the same publishing date as New Gods #1, but FP #1 was released in store beforehand and Darkseid only has a panel appearance in New Gods #1. Overstreet is noting New Gods #2 as the 2nd full appearance of Darkseid.

Jimmy Olsen #135 has the cover date of January, 1971.

1st full appearance of Darkseid
1st appearance of Forever People
3rd appearance Darkseid anywhere
1st cameo of New Genesis

So, Forever People #1 has 7 panels of Darkseid spread out on 4 pages and this apparently constitutes a 1st full appearance. Forever People #1 has recently blown up in past few years, but Jimmy Olsen #134 is still more valuable.

Other than having the first appearance of Darkseid, this comic is full of key issue notations as it is building on Kirby's Fourth World. 

We also have the first appearances of the Forever People. These include the characters of Beautiful Dreamer, Big Bear, Mark Moonrider, Serifan, Vykin, and Infinity Man. Vykin has been noted as the first Black superhero in DC Comics, and preceded Black Racer by around seven months.

They are all young New Gods and oppose the power hungry, maniac Darkseid. The group can come together and utilize the technology of the Motherbox to summon the hero Infinity Man.

Part of Kirby's Fourth World, this issue was written and drawn by the legend himself. Al Plastino also helped with pencils and Vince Colletta inked.

As of now there are a total of 705 registered copies in the CGC Census, and only twenty 9.8s so far. All are Universals for 9.8s.

CGC 9.6s have 74 registered copies, and all are Universals as well. I have no idea why there's more of this issue in CGC Census than Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 so far, but that's just how it is at the moment.

Forever People #1 has the cover date of February, 1971 and the newsstand date of December 1, 1970.

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4th (cameo) appearance of Darkseid
1st appearance of Orion & Highfather
1st appearance of Metron & Lightray
1st appearance of Kalibak
1st appearance of New Genesis & Apokolips

To make clear, there is a very brief glimpse of New Genesis in Forever People #1. It's at the very last page of this issue and it's a blurry or shimmering glimpse.

This comic features more of New Genesis and is considered the planet's 1st appearance. It also has the 1st appearance of Apokolips, the planet that Darkseid is from and rules over.

Yes, this is an important Darkseid key comic for sure and also introduces quite a few characters important to Darkseid's and the Fourth World mythos. Highfather is the chief of the New Gods and is also known as Izaya the Inheritor or The All-Father like Odin is.

He is the adopted father of Orion and father to Scott Free (Mister Miracle). Orion is originally the 2nd son of Darkseid and brother to first born Kalibak. In later comics, it's revealed that Highfather and Darkseid traded their sons Orion and Scott Free to each other.

Despite his lineage, Orion would become a hero of New Genesis, and despite being raised by Darkseid via Granny Goodness on Apokolips, Scott Free would rebel against the system and become the hero Mister Miracle.  

There's a boatload of 1st appearances in this issue. Some other supporting characters that debut in this issue are Claudia Shane, Dave Lincoln, Harvey Lockman, and Victor Lanza.

New Gods #1 has the cover date of February, 1971 and the newsstand date of December 22, 1971.

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5th Cameo appearance

Yes, Darkseid does make a one panel cameo in this issue. According to Mikes Amazing World, Jimmy Olsen #136 hit the newsstands January 14, 1971. New Gods #2 has the 2nd full appearance of Darkseid and hit the stands February 18, 1971 but definitely shows Darkseid more fully than this issue here and Forever People #2.

Here's the panel that has Darkseid in it concerning this issue.
Not a huge key or even considered a Darkseid key in the market currently as it's not being noted. It is an early appearance of Darkseid though and it is currently over-looked.

March, 1971 is the cover date for Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #136 and it supposedly hit the stand January 14, 1971.

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1st appearance of Mister Miracle
1st appearance of Oberon

A deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was recently released by WB and revealed what some are thinking is Steppenwolf, the uncle and lieutenant of Darkseid himself. This deleted teaser also revealed the Motherboxes used by the New Gods. 

So, if Steppenwolf and Darkseid are definitely in the plans to hit the DC Cinematic Universe, will Mister Miracle be a good speculative choice as well?

We already have one relative of Darkseid that will be thrown in the mix of future DC movies. Will the son of Darkseid, Mister Miracle, also be thrown into the mix?

Might have a good chance, but I have no idea how Mister Miracle would fit in actually. Needless to say, this comic and 1st appearance of Mister Miracle might have good speculating potential. He is a New God and connected to Darkseid, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll use him on the big screen. You never know though.

Scott Free has a natural talent for escaping impossible traps. He would flee to Earth and became the world's greatest escape artist, taking the identity of Thaddeus Brown known as the original Mister Miracle. 

Oberon is a dwarf and main supporting character for Scott Free as Mister Miracle. He was once the assistant of Thaddeus Brown, and Brown makes his first appearance and death in this issue.

As stated before, Mister Miracle #1 and the 1st appearance of Scott Free has good potential. Mister Miracle #1 has the cover date of March, 1971 and apparently hit the stands January 14, 1971.

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Yes, Forever People #1 has the first meeting of Superman and Darkseid. I didn't note it, because it already has a lot of key notations already, but it shouldn't be neglected if you like first meetings. Okay, first published meetings. I'm sure it was retroactively rewritten that Supes and Darkseid met earlier in a later comic.

The 1st appearance of the Mother Box or boxes also debuted in Forever People #1. They are important items in the Fourth World and to the characters of Darkseid's universe.

Most of these keys are definitely on the radar in the back issues market with the exception of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #136. That comic seems to be completely neglected by both Overstreet and CGC and maybe for a reason. I dunno, I'm not in their think tanks.

If New Gods #1 is seen fit to be marked as the 4th cameo appearance of Darkseid "anywhere", I don't see why Jimmy Olsen #136 should be ignored. It is an early appearance of Darkseid even if just a cameo appearance.

Here's the deleted scene that WB teased on their youtube. I'm sure it will be shown in the DVD bluray or director's cut when it comes out.

Well, we definitely have more DC Comics Darkseid key comics to go through and more will be seen in Part 2 of this series. Just click the PART 2 link below to continue.


  1. Hey my main man,

    sorry, Darkseid keys are out of my reach. As you now, I dig for the jewels which still have to be noticed. That' s how I came to the first silver age appearance of Paula von Gunther in WW 163. She is somewhat of a classic WW villain from day one, and I wanted to know what you think about this one, before the rumor spreads and a 25 $ book becomes a 100 $ book...

    Max Rebo

    1. I'm confused about that character. There's a few different versions like Paula von Gunta or the silver age version of von Gunther or von Gunta being the Silver Age version. Seriously though, I'm more than confused about that character, but I do think one of those versions be in the WW movie since it is a period type piece or at least flashes back to World War I for the movie.